Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2015

Various-Kimberlite (2004)

01-Tell Me How Much (Feat.China & Christopher Williams)
02-Elle Represente (Feat.LS,Afrodisiac & Kim Rae)
03-Tonight Is The Night (Feat.Vibe & Mark Middleton)
04-Make Me Say (Feat.Riverside)
05-Can't Walk Away (Feat.Busta Flex & Darria Reed)
06-No Time 4 Love (Feat.Welcome Charles & Lovey)
07-Be My Girl (Feat.K.Reen & Avon Marshall)
08-Weekend (Feat.Leah & JJ)
09-Come To Party (Feat.Melgroove & Das EFX)
10-This Is Love (Feat.Trade Union & Michelle Valentibe)
11-I Don't Know (Feat.Jalane & Cedric)
12-Bad Boy (Feat.Wallen & Shamlee)
13-Prisonnier Du Temps (Feat.Abysse)
14-Say Bye Bye (Feat.Aaron Skyy & Lady Laistee)
15-Can't Walk Away (Club Version)(Feat.Busta Flex & Darria Reed)
16-Tonight Is The Night (Club Version)(Feat.Vibe & Mark Middleton)