Montag, 18. Januar 2021

Leonard Julien III-Reflections Of Soul (2007)

01-I Wanna Get Close To You 02-I Can't Believe 03-And I Love You 04-The Love I Let Slip Away 05-Since The Day I Met You 06-Never Give Up 07-Just Because 08-This Time It's Real 09-What She Don't Know 10-You're Gonna Miss Me

Sonntag, 17. Januar 2021

True 2 Society-Bow Down (1997)

01-Steppin' Inta '97 02-Player Fo Ya 03-Soldier 04-Da Bomb 05-Bow Down 06-Something Goin' On 07-These Walls 08-Flame On 09-Blessed Be 10-Praises Due 11-Happy Days

Samstag, 16. Januar 2021

True 2 Society-All Up In Yo Face (2000)

01-Around The World 02-Show Yo Move 03-Throw Yo Hands Up 04-All Up In Yo Face 05-Touch 06-Bring It On 07-My Time 08-Take Yo Time 09-It's All Right 10-Blasphemy 11-I Know 12-Precious Boys N Girls 13-I Remember 14-My Everything

Freitag, 15. Januar 2021

To Be Continued-Free To Be (1993)

01-Interlude # 1 02-Can I Get My Flow On 03-Interlude # 2 04-Can I Get My Flow On (Hype Mix) 05-Interlude # 3 06-Free To Be 07-Yo Mr. President 08-Hard Times 09-Interlude # 4 10-Don't Forget Yo Hat 11-When The Lights Go Out 12-Interlude # 5 13-One On One 14-Believe In Me 15-Who Do You Call 16-Interlude # 6 17-Block Party

Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2021

That Nigga Winfree-Something 2 Ride To (1997)


01-Charlie Mack Intro 1 (Feat.DJ Charlie Mack WJUC 107.3FM) 02-It's The Juice (Feat.Milki & The Mad Wun) 03-If I Roll The Blunt (Feat.The Mad Wun) 04-Pyramids Of Gold (Feat.Tony Ray) 05-Forecast(Feat.The Mad Wun) 06-Crazy (Feat.Catfish) 07-Interlude 08-The Party(Feat.Hell's Kitchen) 09-Rum, Coke And Smoke (Feat.Catfish) 10-Thunder(Feat.Catfish,Tony Ray & The Mad Wun) 11-Glass City(Feat.The Mad Wun, Catfish, Smoke & Angel) 12-Charlie Mack Intro 2(Feat.DJ Charlie Mack WJUC 107.3FM) 13-Friday Night Again(Feat.Halfbreed & Catfish) 14-Street Life (Interlude) 15-The Glass City(Feat.Dasit) 16-On The Come Up(Feat.Catfish)

Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2021

DNS-Do Not Sleep (2007)



01-Do Not Sleep 02-Gum 03-I Remember 04-Plane Skit 05-When I Touch Down 06-Man The Myth 07-She Sings Out Loud 08-Cuckoo Clock 09-Calling Out Your Name 10-Go Get Your Thang On 11-Passport 12-Pass The Peas 13-The High 14-For You

Dienstag, 12. Januar 2021

Danyel-If Walls Could Talk (2002)



01-A Love So Deep 02-Walls 03-The Coolest 04-Pain Killer 05-I Love What Cha Do 06-Fool In Love 07-Gotta Go 08-Interlude 09-Get Down 10-After I Knew 11-I Miss You 12-Funky Lullaby 13-Indifferent Places 14-Mixed Up 15-If Walls Could Talk 16-Thank You Lord