Dienstag, 20. August 2019

Eric Moore-God Is Good All The Time (2003)


01-Bless His Holy Name
02-Tis So Sweet
03-Blessed Assurance
04-Anything You Want
05-Gotta Move On
06-With Our Love
07-Forever And Ever
08-Lord Youre Worthy
09-Show Love
10-Don't Give Up
11-God Is Good All The Time

Montag, 19. August 2019

Enois Scroggins-Real-E (2017)


01-I Just Wanna Sing (Radio Edit) (Feat.J.Marie)
02-Coody Funk (Feat.Lonnie Barker Jr)
03-You Got To Boogie (Feat.Tysmizzy)
04-This Is What I Do
05-Miracle Potion (Feat.Shwan Biel & Hic Box)
06-You Whisper Another Man's Name
07-What Can I Do (Main Version)
08-Get Down (Interlude)
09-This Is For The B-Boys
10-Rewind Time (Feat.MNMsta)
11-Let's Fall In Love Again Tonight (Feat.Black Los)
12-Steppin' Out (Main Version)

Sonntag, 18. August 2019

Bervin Harris-In The Mood (1990)

01-The Choice Was Mine (Love Told Me So)
02-Gotta Funny Feeling
03-No Show
04-Take Me Back
05-Got To Be Real
06-Believe It Or Not
08-In The Mood
09-The Choice Was Mine (Love Told Me So) (House Mix)

Samstag, 17. August 2019

Ca'ya-Fantasies Of You (199X)

01-You And I (Trippin' & Slippin')
02-The Reason Why
03-We Can Do
04-Fantaisies Of You
06-Lazy Dayz
07-I Just Wanna Dance
08-Give Love A Chance
09-Can't Let You Go
10-Memories Of Yesterday

Freitag, 16. August 2019

Dee Dee-Changes In Time (1995)

01-Misty Blue
02-Party's Boucing
03-Still Waiting
04-Early In The Moring
05-Another Woman
06-Can I Be The Only One
07-Tell Me How You Feel
08-One And Only
09-Some Come Running
10-Count On Me

Donnerstag, 15. August 2019

CWJ (Carl Washington Jr.)-Flex With Me (EP) (2000)

01-Flex With Me
02-Humpin & Bouncin
03-Radio (Interview)
04-Gettin It
05-What About Your Man
06-Sex Me
07-Millenium Funk

Mittwoch, 14. August 2019

Danielle-Different Flavas (2005)


01-Games (Feat.Swaby.G)
02-Best Friend
03-Silent Treatment
04-This Love
05-Prove Your Love
06-Thank You (Part 1)
07-Music In My Soul (Feat.Tino)
08-Get Right
09-The Lord Is With You (Feat.Necole Dejoie)
10-Thank You (Part 2)