Donnerstag, 6. August 2020

Harry Johnson-Slow Dance (1994)

01-Come Close To Me
02-Lost Inside
03-How Deep
04-What About You
05-Tender Touch
06-Bone Up
07-That Smile
09-My Girl
10-This Is The Way

Mittwoch, 5. August 2020

Frank Nitty-Temptations Of The Flesh (2000)


01-Temptations Of The Flesh
02-Satisfy Your Love
03-Come With Me
04-Grass On The Other Side
05-Ana's Little Secret
06-Let It Go
07-Sweet Love Thangs
08-Caught Up
09-Grass II (Intro)
10-Grass II
11-I'll Be Waiten (Intro)
12-I'll Be Waiten

Dienstag, 4. August 2020

Frank LeGree-My Life (2004)


01-Goodness Of The Lord
02-Lord's Prayer
03-My Life
04-Citizens Of Heaven
05-I'm Gonna Praise Him
06-Feel Good
07-You're All I Need
08-Keep On Blessin Me
09-I'm Missin You
10-Make This Paradise
12-You On My Mind
13-I'm Love He's Love
15-Keep On (Reprise)
16-God's Paradise
17-C.o.h. (Chrismix)

Montag, 3. August 2020

Ex-Girlfriend-X Marks The Spot (1991)


01-Exterlude Intro (The Lesson)
02-You (You're The One For Me)
03-Why Can't You Come Home
04-Cold Blooded
05-With All My Heart
07-Exterlude Give Me A Man
08-Fellas In The Area
09-Exterlude Boy Gone Cuckoo
10-Don't Knock On My Door
11-I Found That Guy
12-For All The Right Reasons
13-Exterlude The Man (According To Ex - Girlfriend)
14-I Love My Man
15-What Will I Do To You
16-Searching To Find The One

Sonntag, 2. August 2020

Vision A.D.-Bind In Love (199X)

01-Slow Motion
02-Wounded Soldier
03-Anoint Me
04-Follow Me
06-Bind In Love
07-Blessed Are They
08-Amazing Grace
09-We Need You

Samstag, 1. August 2020

VA-Blacklisted The Crab Theory (1999)

01-Tha Bomb (Interlude)
02-NVSO (Feat.The Renegate)
03-Can't Stop (Feat.Danisha Thomas & Angel Duss)
04-Imagine (Feat.Dwayne & Jason)
05-Hater (Feat.Taj)
06-Quit Stressin (Rock Steelo Rmx) (Feat.Ora)
07-Quit Stressin (Feat.Ora)
08-Tha Intrview (Intrelude)
09-Can't Be Stopped (The Blacklisted Anthem) (Feat.Romello Skuggs)
10-Tha Nasty North (Feat.The Renegade)
11-4 Always (Feat.Chantelle)
12-Lay Your Body Next To Mine (Feat.Unique)
13-Hooked (Feat.In Essence)
14-Some Freak Shit (Interlude)
15-I Need A Freak (Feat.Torres & Harold Richard)
16-In My Dreams (Feat.Chantelle)

Freitag, 31. Juli 2020

Tony Mac-Tony Mac (1997)

01-Can We Chill
03-Living For Your Love
04-Stop Jerking Me
05-Oooh Baby
07-The Rain
08-Pretty Girl
09-Without You
10-Spread Love