Donnerstag, 21. April 2011

Cool Million-Back For More (2010)

01-Sweet Baby(Feat.Me´lissa Morgan)
02-Back For More(Feat.Eugene Wilde)
03-Making Love(Feat.Jeniqua)
05-I See You(Feat.Peggi Blu)
06-Love The Beat(Feat.Laura Jackson)
07-Come To Me(Feat.Rena Scott)
08-Cool To Make A Million(Feat.Leroy Burgess)
09-Stay Close(Feat.Al Bloomfield)
11-Loose(Feat.Eugene Wilde & Dee Dee Wilde)
12-Thought We Had It All(Feat.P.A.C.E.)
13-Just Dance(Feat.Noel McKoy)
14-Hurry Home(Feat.Yvonne Gage)
15-You Got Style(Feat.Clare Evers)
16-Back Together(Feat.Paul Mac Innes)

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