Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Flooded With Soul-Flooded With Soul (2001)

01-My Men And My Woman(Feat.Keya Smith & Josh)
03-That´s How It Goes(Feat.Sherrie)
04-To Say I Love You(Feat.Mr.Red)
05-Misunderstanding(Feat.Keya Smith)
06-What You Like(Feat.Emerald Al)
07-Let Me Know(Feat.Mr.Red)
08-God Forgiven(Feat.Keya Smith)
09-My Wisdom(Feat.Mr.Red)
10-You Don´t Know(Feat.Keya Smith)
11-Diggin You(Feat.Mr.Red)
12-Rock The Sheets(Feat.Mr.Red)
13-I Seen It All(Feat.Emerald Al)
14-Roll With Me(Feat.Mr.Red)

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