Sonntag, 3. März 2013

Various-Soul Chasers Vol.1 (1993)

01-Got To Get Away (Feat.Sheree Brown)
02-Be For Real (Feat.Cat Miller)
03-Do It Any Way You Want (Feat.Robert Winters)
04-Trying To Get To You (Feat.Velerie Carter)
05-(A Case Of) Too Much Love Makin (Feat.Gloria Scott)
06-Top Of The Stairs (Feat.Collins & Collins)
07-I Want To Be Your Everything (Feat.High Fashion)
08-Would You Believe In Me (Feat.Jon Lucien)
09-All Of My Love (Feat.Genobia Jeter)
10-Looking Up To You (Feat.Michael Wycoff)
11-And So It Begins (Feat.Syreeta)
12-Never Stopped Loving You (Feat.Tyrone Davis)
13-Hold Tight (Feat.Magic Lady)
14-Call Me (Feat.LJ.Reynolds)