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Various-Luxury Soul 2013

Luxury Soul 2013-CD-1

01-What I'm Gonna Do For Your Love (Feat.ReGrooved & Kerrie Manuel)
02-Dime (Feat.Kloud 9)
03-Taste Of Your Love (Feat.The Valentine Brothers)
04-Time For The Party (Feat.Sheree Brown)
05-Here In My Heart (Feat.Tim Owens)
06-So Inspired (Feat.Big Brooklyn Red)
07-Try Me (Feat.Dezmond Meeks)
08-Go Slow (Feat.Natasha Watts)
09-I Won't Worry (Feat.Bashiyra)
10-Morning Light (Feat.Personal Life)
11-Blown Away (Feat.Kevin Leo)
12-Practise What You Preaching (Feat.Patti Austin)

Luxury Soul 2013-CD-2

01-Believe (Feat.Lady Alma)
02-She (Jazzfunkelectroboogieremix) (Feat.Kre8tiv 4rce & Noel McCoy)
03-Far Away (Feat.Real)
04-Less Than A Minute (Feat.Victor Haynes)
05-Maybe I Can Be (Feat.Gianna)
06-Loving You (Feat.Soul Talk)
07-Just Like Me (Feat.Junk Funk & Wray)
08-Major Bossa (Feat.Khari Cabral Simmons & Sabrina Malheiros)
09-Key To My Heart (Feat.Marc Staggers)
10-Sticking With You (Feat.Kindred The Family Soul)
11-Someday We'll All Be Free (Yam Who Remix) (Feat.Diplomats Of Soul)

Luxury Soul 2013-CD-3

01-Very Last Drop (Feat.Bobby Thurston)
02-Thank You (Feat.D-Train)
03-On The Rebound (Feat.Dave Appell & Friends)
04-Closer Than Close (Feat.Jean Carne)
05-When I Think Of You (Feat.Holloway & John Whitehead)
06-Stuck In The Middle (Feat.Lew Kirton)
07-Inside Love (Feat.Dira)
08-Rise (Feat.Beggar & Co)
09-Suddenly (Feat.Adriana Evans)
10-Tell Me What You Want My Love (Feat.Keni Burke)
11-Grateful (Feat.Maysa)
12-Say Goodbye (Feat.Howard Hewett)

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