Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

Smoke E. Digglera-Personal, Pain & Pleasure (2006)

02-Luv U Down
03-Get It, Get It
04-Just Don't Stop It, Baby (Feat.Jadakiss)
05-Sustain (Interlude)
07-Ride (Interlude)
08-Gotta Hit Tha Road
09-Hennesey & Pepsi
10-At Tha Club (Interlude)
12-Freak Me Pt. 1 (Interlude)
13-Freak Me Pt. 2 (Interlude)
14-R U Wet
15-Where Do U Want Me To Put It
16-We Can Call It Off
17-Kool Aid (Interlude)
18-Poppin' Pills
20-Y U Keep Runnin' Away
21 U Changed My Lonely Nights That Lovely Day
22-Get Away
23-Breaks Me Down (Interlude)
24-Thru It All
25-2nd Chance
26-Fake Roses
27-Wishin' Well
28-We Can't (Interlude)
29-C U Soon

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