Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2015

Boxx-Digital Funk (2007)


01-The Boxx
02-Interlude Never Fear
04-Are You Single (Feat.P.Bass.Jones)
05-Break It On Down
06-Pop It (Feat.Dominator & Mr Creeps)
07-Interlude Pimp Civil WAr
08-Just To See You Smile (Feat.Jon Mykal)
09-Do You Wanna (Feat.Jon Mykal)
10-Ur All That
11-West Coast Pimp'n (Feat.P.Bass.Jones)
12-Got To Know You Girl
14-Goin Out Tonight (Bonus Track) (Feat.Sara.S & Dominator)
15-Good Times Bad Times (Bonus Track)(Feat.Crazy Boy & Dominator)
16-Get With U (Bonus Track)(Feat.Lil' Rome & Terry"Zapp"Troutman)
17-Baby I'm Moving On (Bonus Track)(Feat.Andre)
18-Take It Off (Bonus Track)(Feat.Andre)
19-Sexy Mutha Funker (Bonus Track)(Feat.Clarence"Doc"Sutton)

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