Sonntag, 4. Januar 2015

Stan Patterson-It's Your World (2001)

01-Do I Look Like A Fool (Feat.David Day)
02-Girl I See You Here (Feat.Ramasees Brown)
03-Dancing In The Rain (Feat.Vernon Neilly)
04-It's Your World (Feat.David Day)
05-I'm Falling In Love (With You)
06-It Gives Me Joy
07-My Pleasure (Rap By Daryl Reynolds)
08-Windstorm (Your Love Blows Me Away) (Feat.David Day)
09-Feels So Good
10-I Give My Love To You (Feat.David Day)
11-Alexandria's Song (You Are Love)
12-I Want You So Bad (Feat.Vernon Neilly)
13-Thru The Storm
14-Just Let Me Go (Feat.Vernon Neilly)

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