Dienstag, 8. August 2017

Atlantic Starr-Love Crazy (1991)


01-I Can't Wait
02-If You Knew What's Good For You
03-Love Crazy
04-Hold On
05-Lookin' For Love Again
06-Come Lover
07-You Hit The Spot
09-Girl, Your Love's So Fine
10-My Special Lover
11-Unconditional Love

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  1. Hi,I have little request :)
    Do You have something from this?

    Carolyn Malachi - Chapter 1: Where You Are EP
    Carolyn Malachi - Rise Story 1

    J1 Aka The Deer - The Yellow
    Yahzarah - Black Star
    Natalie Williams - Secret Garden
    Linn & Freddie - Waiting For Spring
    Debórah Bond - Dayafter (2003)
    Ayah - 4:15
    Tiombe Lockhart - Tiombe Lockhart #1
    Yolanda Johnson - Violet Flower
    Coultrain - Jungle Mumbo Jumbo
    Tawiah - In Jodys Bedroom
    Brittany Bosco ‎– Spectrum EP
    Debra Debs - Lifecycles
    Innosphere - Shine
    Maryanne Ito - Waking Up
    Dinner At The Thompson's - Off The Grid
    Fertile Ground - Seasons Change
    Cecilia Stalin - The Love EP

    320kb as far as possible.