Mittwoch, 26. September 2018

L.A. Wee-Vo-Gotta Maintain (2000)


01-Intro (L.A. Wee-Vo)
02-It's Time To Ride
03-Spyke Gee (Feat.Spyke Gee)
04-Dip To Tha Eastside
05-Gotta Maintain
06-Hittin' Curves (Feat.M'Po)
07-Diane's Interlude
08-5 West Affair (Feat.D-Mac,M'Po & Spyke Gee)
09-Whoop Whoop
10-You Don't Have To Be A Star
11-Playa'z Just Wanna Play (Feat.M'Po,Redd & Spyke Gee)
12-Toi's Interlude
13-Hood Ratz (Feat.Tony)
14-Daja's Interlude
15-If You Don't Like My Music
16-What Goes Up
17-Get It Right (Feat.D-Mac,Spyke Gee &The Group Fortune)
18-Posse On 5 Street (Feat.RB,Spyke Gee & Tony)
19-Interlude (Survival Commercial)
20-Sippin' On My 40ty (Feat.Diane Special D Wells)
21-Keep It Jumpin'(Feat.Diane Special D Wells)
22-Rollin' On The Westside
23-Susan's Interlude
24-Paper Chase (Feat.D-Mac,M'Po & Spyke Gee)

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