Samstag, 1. August 2020

VA-Blacklisted The Crab Theory (1999)

01-Tha Bomb (Interlude)
02-NVSO (Feat.The Renegate)
03-Can't Stop (Feat.Danisha Thomas & Angel Duss)
04-Imagine (Feat.Dwayne & Jason)
05-Hater (Feat.Taj)
06-Quit Stressin (Rock Steelo Rmx) (Feat.Ora)
07-Quit Stressin (Feat.Ora)
08-Tha Intrview (Intrelude)
09-Can't Be Stopped (The Blacklisted Anthem) (Feat.Romello Skuggs)
10-Tha Nasty North (Feat.The Renegade)
11-4 Always (Feat.Chantelle)
12-Lay Your Body Next To Mine (Feat.Unique)
13-Hooked (Feat.In Essence)
14-Some Freak Shit (Interlude)
15-I Need A Freak (Feat.Torres & Harold Richard)
16-In My Dreams (Feat.Chantelle)

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