Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2020

Beal Street-Speechless (2000)

01-FM (Intro)
02-The N Of U
03-J's Mood
05-Come Touch My Funky
06-Ooo La La (Not Quite)
07-The Digital Journey
08-How Do I
09-Nobody Told Me
10-Like You Like Me
11-Ooo La La (Louis)
12-Tonight Is Your Night
13-The Morning After
15-Scream (Remix)
16-West End Ballad
17-Ooo La La (Sexy)

Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2020

Mija-The Woman N U (2009)


01-A Chichen Itza Girl
02-Tongue Kiss Me
03-Your Sex
04-Boom Boom Belinda
05-A Wet Mystery
06-Dive In It
07-I'll Take Care Of You
08-Egyptian Cobra
10-Hit Dat G Spot
11-Ms. Oriental
12-Hot 2 Def
13-The Woman N U
14-Baby It's Me

Dienstag, 7. Juli 2020

Michael Sterling-Time (Deluxe Edition) (2011)


01-Time Intro
02-Tricking (Feat.Norrell)
03-Love Theory
04-Between The Raindrops
05-You Can Get It
06-Lover's Reign
07-U Like That There (Feat.Dj.Mr.Xx,Pm & J.Norrell)
08-Heaven Again
09-I Love U
10-Come 2 Me
11-If You're Loving Me Back
12-Just Know Getting Over U
13-Lonely One
16-Me & You
18-Time Outro

Montag, 6. Juli 2020

Michael Sterling-Made In Miami (2019)


02-Watching You
03-That Part
04-Bougie Girl
07-Is It Still Good To Ya
08-Functionally Broken
09-Until You Know
10-When Somebody Loves You Back
11-Thing's Can't Get Better
12-She Looks Good
13-Life Goes Around

Sonntag, 5. Juli 2020

Brothers In Unity-Stand (2008)

02-Yes Lord
04-Night After Night
05-Holy Ghost Party (Feat.Deacon Reg)
06-Come To Me
07-Stories (Feat.Danille Saunders)
08-Let Me Hear Some Old School (Interlude)
09-Heaven (Feat.Evelyn Grifin)
10-Im Gonna Make It
11-I Love You (A Wedding Song)
12-There Is A Lamb (Feat.Feed)
13-You Are The One
14-Call To Salvation (Feat.Apostle Sharon Edmond)

Samstag, 4. Juli 2020

Big Rome-Diamond N' Da Rough (2005)

01-Midwest (Intro)
02-Diamond N' Da Rough (Feat.June Bugg)
03-Get It (Feat.BranDo & June Bugg)
04-Bottom 2 Da' Top (Feat.BranDo & Christy)
05-Introduce U 2 Da' T.O.P. (Feat.Logic & Bizzy.B)
06-Heart On Fire 1 (Interlude) (Feat.Marissa)
07-Alone 2 Nite (Feat.Marissa)
08-What's Luv (Feat.Logic & Spade)
09-Heart On Fire 2 (Interlude) (Feat.Marissa)
10-Come 2 My House (Feat.Reggie.B)
11-Say What U Want
12-Before I Met Ya
13-I'm Coming Over
14-All My Love
15-What's Happen In

Freitag, 3. Juli 2020

Barry-Volume One Soul Of A Man (2001)

01-Your Loves Enough
04-In Love
05-Onion Love
06-Early From Work
07-Good Thing
08-Let's Start Over
09-That's My Wife
10-I Do
11-Don't Play This Track