Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2019

United We Funk All Stars-United We Funk (2000)

01-Party Time (Bounce Mix) (Feat.United We Funk All Stars)
02-Girls Night Out (Feat.The S.O.S. Band)
03-Shake It Easy (Feat.Con Funk Shun)
04-She's My Lady (Feat.Dazz Band)
05-Messin' With My Flow (Feat.The Gap Band)
06-Who Do You Tell (Feat.The S.O.S. Band)
07-The Way You Shake (Feat.Bar-Kays)
08-Nuthin' But A Party (Feat.The Gap Band)
09-It's Not Unusual (Feat.Dazz Band)
10-Hello (Feat.The System)
11-Table Dance (Feat.Rick James)
12-You Can Lean On Me (Feat.Con Funk Shun)
13-Hold On (Feat.The S.O.S. Band)
14-I Used To Be The One (Feat.Con Funk Shun)

Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2019

H-Town-Imitations Of Life (2004)


02-Nothin In Common
03-Let's Just Make It (Feat.Crystal Conner)
04-My Pink Sky
05-Back To Loving You
06-Strip Club Junkies
07-The Thrill Is Gone
08-Here We Go Again
09-Crying Out My Heart To You
10-Your Body (Intro)
11-Feel Like Fire
12-Sex Dance
13-More Ways To Love A Woman
14-Champagne Bubble Bath & Me
15-The Day I Die
16-Stop Living In Colors
18-She's Actin Bad
19-Slow & Easy (Feat.Zapp)
20-Spank Me

Dienstag, 21. Mai 2019

H-Town-I Appreciate You (EP) (2015)


01-She's Actin Bad
02-Slow And Easy
03-Girl You Are
05-Knockin Your Heels (Baby Making Remix)
06-I Appreciate You (Remix)

Montag, 20. Mai 2019

H-Town-Beggin' After Dark (1994)


01-H-Town Intro '94
02-Sex Bowl
03-One Night Gigolo
04-Prelude To Emotion
06-Cruisin' Fo' Honeys
07-Full Time
08-1-900-Call GI
09-Tumble & Rumble
10-Much Feelin' (And It Tastes Great)
11-Beggin' After Dark
12-Indo Love
13-Back Seat (Wit No Sheets)
14-Buss One
15-Baby I Love Ya'
16-Sticky Lee Presley
17-Rockit Steady
18-The Last Record

Sonntag, 19. Mai 2019

Infiniti-Will You Be My Baby (CDM) (1996)

01-Will You Be My Baby (Radio Mix)
02-Will You Be My Baby (Remix)
03-Will You Be My Baby (Instrumental)
04-Will You Be My Baby (Daddy's Mix) (Feat.Grand Puba)
05-Will You Be My Baby (Daddy's Hip Hop Mix) (Feat.Grand Puba)

Samstag, 18. Mai 2019

Howard Johnson-Keepin' Love New (EP) (2012)

01-Keepin Love New (Remix)
02-Keepin Love New (Instrumental)
03-Next To You
05-Running Out Of Time

Freitag, 17. Mai 2019

Howard Hewett-Allegiance (1992)

01-To Thee I Pray (Intro)
02-Save Your Sex For Me
04-Can We Try Again
05-How Fast Forever Goes
06-Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
07-To Thee I Pray (Interlude)
08-Say You Will
09-Take It To The Highest
10-From This Day On
13-Just Like A Woman
14-To Thee I Pray