Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2021

The Malemen-Express Male (1984)



01-Party Time 02-Take You Out 03-Over The Rainbow 04-Hard On It 05-Shake Down 06-Baby Doll 07-Squeeze Play 08-The Love We'll Share

Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2021

R.J.'s Latest Arrival-Truly Yours (1988)



01-Broken Heart 02-Off The Hook 03-Truly Yours 04-Could Have Been You 05-I'll Always Love You 06-Miracles 07-Time 4 Love 08-Nights 09-Water Pump 10-Terri's Place

Montag, 25. Oktober 2021

Peabo Bryson-Turn The Hands Of Time (1981)

01-I've Been Down 02-My Life 03-A Fool Such As I 04-Man On A String 05-Turn The Hands Of Time 06-Friction 07-Why Don´t You Make Up Your Mind 08-Another Love Song 09-Piece Of My Heart 10-Dwellers Of The City

Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2021

Farsheau-Outta Sight (1999)

01-Outta Sight 02-Why Do We Cry 03-What's Your Name 04-Your'e My Only 05-Alright 06-Too Late 07-Lonely Man 08-Fa Sho 09-Dedications 10-Don't You Know

Samstag, 23. Oktober 2021

Emel-Can We Talk (1996)

01-Knock (Interlude) 02-(I Love) The Way You Smile 03-Jump In The Water 04-Slowly 05-Impossible To Resist 06-Music To My Eyes 07-Sunshine 08-Can We Talk 09-Round And Round 10-Happy To See You Again 11-Let You Go 12-Where Chocolate Grows 13-Village Ghetto Land

Freitag, 22. Oktober 2021

Donell Jones-My Heart (1996)

01- In The Hood [Playas Version] 02-Knocks Me off My Feet 03-No Interruptions 04-Waiting On You 05-I Want You To Know 06-My Heart 07-Yearnin' 08-Wish You Were Here 09-All About You 10-You Should Know 11-Natural Thang 12-Believe In Me 13-In The Hood [Remix] 14-Don't Cry 15-The Only One You Need

Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2021

D-Manwell-Changes (2008)


01-N2U 02-Drop It 03-Indecision 04-If U Were Mine 05-Stay 06-Good Love 07-Silver & Gold 08-Let's Rendezvous 09-Rendezvous (Intrumental)