Montag, 31. Januar 2022

Oleta Adams-Moving On (1995)

01-Never Knew Love 02-Once In A Lifetime 03-I Knew You When 04-You Need To Be Loved 05-Slow Motion 06-We Will Meet Again 07-This Is Real 08-Life Keeps Moving On 09-Long Distance Love 10-Love Begins At Home 11-If This Love Should Ever End 12-New Star

Sonntag, 30. Januar 2022

Woods Empire-Universal Love (1981)

01-Party Down 02-Sweet Delight 03-So Hot 04-The Boogie's Gonna Get You 05-In Your Ear With It 06-Destiny 07-Misty Eyes 08-In The Night Air 09-Universal Love 10-The Boogie's Gonna Get You (Single Version) 11-Come On Give Me Love 12-Love Makes The World Go 'Round 13-Sweet Delight (Special Version)

Samstag, 29. Januar 2022

Skyy-From The Left Side (1986)

01-Givin' It (To You) 02-Love Attack 03-Non-Stop 04-Song Song 05-Big Fun 06-Love Illogical 07-Tell Her You Care 08-Jealousitis 09-Rock It 10-Givin' It (To You) (Special Mix) 11-Love Illogical (Dance Edit) 12-Non-Stop (Remix) 13-Givin' It (To You) (Dub Version) 14-Non-Stop (Dub Version)

Freitag, 28. Januar 2022

Patti Austin-Every Home Should Have One (1981)

01-Do You Love Me 02-Love Me To Death 03-The Way I Feel 04-Every Home Should Have One 05-Baby, Come To Me 06-The Genie 07-Stop, Look, Listen 08-Symphony Of Love 09-Oh No, Margarita 10-The Island

Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2022

Oliver Cheatham-The Boss (1982)


01-Everybody Wants To Be The Boss 02-Lady 03-I Gave Myself To You 04-Make Up Your Mind 05-I Want Your Love, I Need Your Love 06-Boogie Stomp 07-Don't Take Your Love Away

Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2022

Marc Sadane-Exciting (1982)



01-One Minute From Love 02-Exciting 03-Forever 04-Message From Me To You 05-Baby Won't Cha 06-Believe Me Girl 07-Love You Right 08-Never Had A Love Like You 09-Promise I'll Never

Dienstag, 25. Januar 2022

Lynch-A Pinch Of Lynch (1989)



01-I Found Out 02-Change My Mind 03-No One Ever Will 04-I'm So Glad 05-Heartbreaker 06-Sarah 07-Could It Be 08-Magic Spell 09-In To My Life 10-Scooby Doo 11-A Pinch Of Lynch

Montag, 24. Januar 2022

Light Of The World-Check Us Out (1982)



01-Famous Faces 02-I Can't Stop 03-Don't Run 04-Check Us Out 05-Tubbs In The Carribean 06-Soho 07-No.1 Girl 08-(Everybody) Move 09-Easy Things To Say

Sonntag, 23. Januar 2022

Gap Band-Magician's Holiday (1974)

01-I Like It 02-Backbone 03-After All Is Said & Done 04-Fontessa Fame 05-You Can Always Count On Me 06-Bad Girl 07-Easy Life 08-Loving You Is Everything 09-Tommy's Groove 10-Magician's Holiday

Samstag, 22. Januar 2022

Foster Sylvers & Hy-Tech-Prime Tyme (1990)

01-I'll Do It 02-Boy Vs Girl 03-Prime 04-Live My Fantasy 05-Weekend 06-What About What I Need 07-Pretty Baby 08-Hard To Resist 09-Love Conquers All 10-I Can Love You Better

Freitag, 21. Januar 2022

Five Star-Rock The World (Special Edition) (1988)

01-Another Weekend 02-Rock My World 03-Godsend 04-Are You Really The One 05-Let Me Be Yours 06-Free Time 07-Physical Attraction 08-Someone's in Love 09-There's A Brand New World 10-Rescue Me 11-Another Weekend (Saturday Night Mix) 12-Rock My World (Extra Terrestrial Dub) 13-Another Weekend (Saturday Night Mix) 14-Another Weekend (Friday Night Dub) 15-With Every Heartbeat 16-With Every Heartbeat (Extended Version) 17-There's A Brand New World (12'' Version)

Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2022

Fat Larry's Band-Breakin Out (1982)


01-Act Like You Know 02-Traffic Stoppers 03-Zoom 04-House Party 05-Breakin' Out 06-Be My Lady 07-Golden Moments 08-Video 09-Get Down, Get Funky 10-Act Like You Know (Instrumental) 11-Act Like You Know (Radio Mix) 12-Zoom (Radio Mix)

Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2022

Will Downing-Euphoria (2014)

01-Turn Off The Lights 02-Too High 03-You Can Bring Me Flowers 04-If I Were A Magician 05-Meu Bem Querer 06-Lush Life 07-Heaven In Your Eyes 08-She's Gone

Dienstag, 18. Januar 2022

Wanya Morris (Of Boyz II Men)-Collaborations (2010)


01-I'll Be There (Feat.Mariah Carey) 02-They Must Know 03-Can You Feel It 04-You Make Me Feel Like 05-Brokenhearted (Feat.Brandy) 06-Wait 07-Come For More 08-Tampered With 09-When Your Body Gets Weak 10-50 Ways 11-Living In The Past 12-Special 13-A Lover's Prayer (Feat.Robin Gibb & Lance Bass) 14-Are You Sure 15-Testify (Feat.Faheem) 16-Warranty (Feat.Faheem & Priceless) 17-Let It Out

Montag, 17. Januar 2022

3xotic-Hidd3n Colors (2017)

01-Hidd3n Colors (Intro) 02-Sav3 M3 (Interlude) 03-Should I 04-Outta My Ch3st (Hurt) 05-What You Gon3-Do 06--Playin 07-Monst3r 08-N3w Bitch 09-Singl3 10-Pullin Up 11-Don't Touch 12-F33l It (Interlude) 13-Lips 14-R3dd Room

Sonntag, 16. Januar 2022

Ol Skool-Ol Skool (1997)

01-Don't Be Afraid (Interlude) 02-Set You Free 03-Come With Me 04-Slip Away 05-I'm Still Here 4 U 06-Without You 07-Just Between You & Me 08-It Won't Let Go 09-Don't Be Afraid 10-Am I Dreamin' 11-Touch You 12-Set You Free [Outerlude]

Samstag, 15. Januar 2022

Koffee Brown-Mars-Venus (2001)

01-Intro 02-Weekend Thing 03-After Party 04-Didn't Mean To Turn You On 05-Chick On Da Side 06-Fingerpointing 07-Blackout 08-All I Need (Bonnie And Clyde) 09-All Those Fancy Things 10-Quickie 11-View (Interlude) 12-I Got Love (Scars) 13-Hater's Disease 14-Qualified 15- Mars-Venus (Interlude) 16-Do U See

Freitag, 14. Januar 2022

III From Tha Soul-What Cha Missin (1993)

01-What Cha Missin' 02-Crazy About You 03-Swing That Money 04-He Said, She Said 05-It's Time 06-Interlude 07-I Can't Wait 08-Let Me Make Love To You/Turn Off The Lights (Medley) 09-Distant Lover 10-I Get Lonely 11-Still Your Friend 12-What Cha Missin' (Smooth Mix) (Bonus Track)

Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2022

Drea-Dream Come True (1998)


01-Drea Lude (Interlude) 02-Love You 03-Shame 04-Get Ya Back 05-Is This Real (Interlude) 06-So Far Away 07-Love Is Love 08-You Gotta Know 09-As We Proceed (Interlude) 10-Traitor 11-Body Rock 12-Me Or Her 13-Not Gonna Letcha 14-Piece Of Mind 15-So Thankful

Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2022

H-Town-Date Night (EP) (2021)



01-Super Love 02-Lay U Down 03-First Date 04-Lose Control 05-Body Right 06-In 2 U 07-Green Light 713 08-Internet Love

Dienstag, 11. Januar 2022

Heather Headle-In My Mind (2006)



01-In My Mind 02-Am I Worth It 03-Wait A Minute 04-I Didn't Mean To 05-How Many Ways 06-Back When It Was 07-What's Not Being Said 08-Losing You 09-Rain 10-The Letter 11-Me Time 12-Change

Montag, 10. Januar 2022

Guy-Groove Me- The Very Best Of Guy (2002)

01-Groove Me 02-Round And Round (Merry Go 'Round Of Love) 03-Teddy's Jam 04-I Like 05-Spend The Night 06-Piece Of My Love 07-My Fantasy 08-Wanna Get With U 09-Let's Chill 10-Do Me Right 11-D.O.G.Me Out 12-Let's Stay Together 13-Teddy's Jam 2 14-Tell Me What You Like 15-Why You Wanna Keep Me From My Baby 16-Dancin' 17-Rescue Me

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2022

Attitude-Pump The Nation (1983)

01-Pump The Nation 02-I Wanna Get To Know You Better 03-Love Me Tonight 04-We Got The Juice 05-If You Could Read My Mind 06-It's Good For Me 07-We're Gonig Off 08-Pump The Nation (Extended Version) 09-We Got The Juice (Dub Version)

Samstag, 8. Januar 2022

Ant-You're In Good Hands (199X)

01-Tonight 02-Don't Tease Me 03-It Ain't Cool 04-Nothin Like A Cadillac 05-Do U Love Me 06-Spread Love 07-Sleepless Nights 08-Finally 09-You're In Good Hands

Freitag, 7. Januar 2022

Alfonzo Hunter-Demo (200X)

01-My Heart 02-Could Of Been U 03-High School 04-I Was Wrong 05-Sexy Mama 06-I Am What I Am 07-Gangsta 08-Im A Hustler 09-Contact 10-Girlfriend

Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2022

Al Jones-Al Jones (1995)


01-Whatever It Takes 02-Spend The Night 03-For You 04-Giving You All My Love 05-Bye Bye Baby 06-Something I Wanna Say 07-Be My Lover Girl 08-I'm Glad, I Found Somebody 09-Mama

Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2022

Here And Now-I Can Deliver (1993)



01-Are You Ready 02-Ten Times The Power 03-The Here And Now Sound 04-I Can Deliver 05-Let's Start Over Again 06-Tastin' Love Again 07-Come Home 08-I Am That I Am 09-She Loves Me (Not) 10-Hip-Hop-Jazz-Religion

Dienstag, 4. Januar 2022

G-Sleep-G-Sleep (1998)



01-You Knew Me 02-Goin Out With A Bang 03-R.IP 04-Trick Baby 05-I've Been Here Before 06-In The Game 07-Deep In The Ghetto 08-Ghetto Child 09-Sign Of The Times 10-Mission Impossible 11-187 12-Ghetto Showbiz 13-Master Of Ceremonies 14-Roll On

Montag, 3. Januar 2022

Gospel Gangstaz-The Exodus (2002)

01-Intro 02-Gangstaz Dont Dance 03-Watch, Pray, Live Holy 04-A-O 05-Interlude 06-Caught Up 07-Gangsta'd Up 08-Trouble Dont Last 09-Heaven Awaits Us 10-Scream 11-Bounce With Us 12-Interlude 13-My Lesson 14-Bad Company 15-Change

Sonntag, 2. Januar 2022

Leela James-A Change Is Gonna Come (2005)

01-Intro 02-Music 03-Good Time 04-Ghetto 05-Slappy (Interlude) 06-Soul Food 07-Rain 08-Married (Interlude) 09-When You Love Somebody 10-Mistreating Me 11-Don't Speak 12-Bummy (Interlude) 13-My Joy 14-It's Alright 15-Didn't I 16-Prayer 17-I Know I've Been Changed (Interlude) 18-A Change Is Gonna Come 19-Long Time Coming

Samstag, 1. Januar 2022

Brenda Russell-Soul Talkin (1993)

01-Matters Of The Heart 02-Soul Talkin' 03-In Over My Heart 04-No Time For Time 05-You'll Fall In Love Again 06-10 000 Words 07-Life Is Waiting 08-Got To Love 09-The Universe Is Calling You 10-Who Are You