Montag, 30. Juni 2014

Karyn White-Secret Rendezvous (CDs) (1989)


01-Secret Rendezvous (Edit)
02-Secret Rendezvous (Zanzibar Mix)
03-Secret Rendezvous (12'' White House Remix)

Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

Rodney Poe-Love Games (2003)

01-A Yo
02-Love Games
03-Going Down Tonite (Feat.Ronnie Jones)
04-Player's EP
05-Can I Be The One
08-Sho Thang
09-Where Is The Love
10-Needing You

Samstag, 28. Juni 2014

Derrick Horne-Servant (1995)

01-What He's Done
02-Other Side
04-Where It All Began/My Whole Heart
06-Song Of Worship
07-Couldn't Live Without You
08-Come Ye Disconsolate
09-Every Step Of The Way
11-Song Of Worship (Testimony)
12-It Is Finished

Freitag, 27. Juni 2014

Anjel-Street Merchant (2005)

01-Got No Time
03-M.P.D. Sex - Money, Power, Dro, Sex
04-Been Around
05-The Conversation (Six Months)
06-Love Train
07-I Think (I'm Fallin In Love)
10-Spare Him Over
11-How Can I

Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014

T.R.-Feel This (2002)

01-Macology (Feat.Knapp)
02-Sit Back
04-Bling Bling
05-Ghetto Queen
06-Remember In The Days
07-Down Again
08-Xplicit (Feat.Knapp & April Smith)
09-Go Please
10-Do Your Thang

Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2014

Shola Ama-Supersonic (2002)


01-Emancipation (I'm Back)
02-My Future
04-U & Me
05-This I Promise U
06-Here On Earth
07-Electro High (Supersonic)
08-My Name Is... (Break)
09-Blood From A Stone
10-B 2Getha
11-Like 2 Watch
12-Granny's Yard
13-This I Promise You (Remix) (Bonus Track)

Dienstag, 24. Juni 2014

Truce-Eyes Don't Lie (CDs) (1998)


01-Eyes Don't Lie
02-Key To The World (Feat.Damage)
03-Eyes Don't Lie (Colour System Inc Classic Vical)
04-Eyes Don't Lie (Colour System Inc Amber Dub)

Montag, 23. Juni 2014

Christopher Williams-Come Go With Me (CDS) (1993)


01-Come Go With Me (Radio Edit)
02-Come Go With Me (Album Version)
03-Come Go With Me (Unplugged Version)

Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Agee-You`Re The Reason (2000)

01-I Am
02-Love Will
04-You're The Reason
05-Be Ready
06-Never Give Up
07-This Is The Day
08-Find My Way
09-Never Alone
10-Worship Medley
11-Victory Is Mine
12-Just For Me

Samstag, 21. Juni 2014

Fourtune-Fame And Fourtune (2006)

02-I Don't Want Your Man
03-Don't Be Mad
04-Sticky Situation
06-Let Me Be
08-Holla Holla (Remix)
09-In Lust
10-Holla Holla
11-I Got U
12-Amazing Grace

Freitag, 20. Juni 2014

ELO (Elements Of Life)-Love Stories (Advance CD) (1997)

01-Take A Chance (Intro)
02-Sweet Love
03-Not Afraid To Love
04-Make Sure You're Right
05-On My Mind (Interlude)
06-I Fall So Deep
07-Get It On
08-Making Love
09-All I Need Is Our Love
10-Gift Of Love
11-What About Our Love
12-I'll Take A Chance
14-Spend My Life With You
15-Boulevard (Interlude)

Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

Kevin Strickland Aka Krook-What You Know About (2000)

01-Passions End
02-What Would You Do
04-All My People
05-What'cha Think Ya Know Bout Krook
06-Shake That Thang
07-I Can Be Good To You
08-Talk Good Game
09-Breakin Rules
10-Ain`t Nothin Changed

Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

3LW-A Girl Can Mack (2002)


01-I Do (Wanna Get Close To You)
02-Neva Get Enuf (Feat.Lil Wayne)
03-I Need That (I Want That) (Feat.Lil Kim)
04-Ain't No Maybe
05-Ghetto Love & Heartbreak
06-Good Good Girl
07-Put 'Em Up
08-This Goes Out
09-Leave Wit You (I Think I Wanna)
12-One More Time

Dienstag, 17. Juni 2014

3LW-Point Of No Return (Unreleased) (2006)


01-After This
02-Feelin You (Feat.Jermaine Dupri)
03-Can I Talk 2 U (Feat.DJ Envy)
04-Do U
05-Bout It (Feat.Young Joc)
06-Hate 2 Luv U
07-So Young So Good
08-Act Like You Know (Feat.Raz-B)
09-Strictly Business
10-Fall Back
11-Do You Ever (Feat.Bristol)
12-Things You Never Hear
13-It's Not All About Me

Montag, 16. Juni 2014

Zakiya-Zakiya (1997)


02-I'm Ready To Love You
03-Love Like Mine (Partee Mix)
04-Zakiya & Vic (Interlude)
05-Time Of Your Life
06-My Love Won't Fade Away
07-Because Of You
08-In My Eyes (Interlude)
09-All The Man
11-If You Stay
12-Calling Out My Name
13-Best Friend
14-Whenever You Need Me
15-When The Last Teardrop Falls
16-Thank You (Outro)
17-My Love Won't Fade Away (Future Audio Mix With Rap)
18-I Wanna Be Where You Are (Underground Mix)

Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Cedric D'Vine-Touchin' Me (EP) (1999)

01-Bring It On
02-U Touch'In Me
03-Let Me Solve Your Problems
04-It's Gotta Be Real

Samstag, 14. Juni 2014

Strawberri-Nothing Better (1999)

01-Saddle You Up
03-Nothing Better
04-How Low
05-1 Thing 2 Another
06-Play If You Wanna Play
07-What Am I Gonna Do
08-The Daddy Song
09-I Know
10-What Ever
11-Ooh Wee Baby
12-All The One

Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

H20 Phlo-H20 Phlo (1996)

01-It`s So Good
02-You`ve Got It Goin On
03-New Jack Blues
04-Let`s Stay Together
05-Since You`ve Bee Gone
06-Thanks For Loving Me
07-Will You Be There
08-Oh No
09-Heaven`s Bond
10-Do You Know
11-Since You`ve Been Gone (Remix)

Donnerstag, 12. Juni 2014

Forbidden-Three's Company (1999)

01-Let It Rain (LP Version)
02-Till The Day I Die
03-I Don't Care
04-I Never
05-Never Again
07-Tell Me Why
08-The Way U Move
09-Second 2 Nothing (Feat.Kurupt)
10-This Time (Feat.Viv)
11-Let It Rain (Remix)

Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2014

Zakiya-My Love Wont Fade Away (Promo, CDM) (1997)


01-My Love Wont Fade Away (Future Audio Mix With Rap)
02-My Love Wont Fade Away (Future Audio Mix Without Rap)
03-My Love Wont Fade Away (Future Audio Mix Instrumental)
04-My Love Wont Fade Away (A Cappella)
05-My Love Wont Fade Away (Album Version)

Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

Zakiya-Love Like Mine (Promo, CDM) (1996)


01-Love Like Mine (Album Version)
02-Love Like Mine (Real Character Remix With Rap)
03-Love Like Mine (Partee Radio Mix)
04-Love Like Mine (Phil T.- Dennis J. Remix)
05-Love Like Mine (Partee Instrumental)
06-Love Like Mine (Instrumental)
07-Love Like Mine (A Cappella With Rap)

Montag, 9. Juni 2014

Ram-Z-Trickin' (CDs) (2001)


01-Trickin' (Radio)
02-Trickin' (Extended Mixshow)
03-Trickin' (Instrumental)
04-Trickin' (Acapella)

Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

D`Loe-Time 2 B Serious (199X)

01-Watching You
03-It`s You
04-U R My Girl
05-Ring My Bell
07-Should Have Been Me
08-Honey Bunny
09-Who`s Gonna Love
10-Can`t Let Go

Samstag, 7. Juni 2014

D`Loe-Start Over (199X)

01-Start All Over
02-You`re So Crazy
03-Come Back
04-Mad About You
05-God Gave Me You
06-Do It Like This
07-Tell Me What
08-Honey Island
09-Bring Me You
10-Watching You
11-Movin On

Freitag, 6. Juni 2014

D`Loe-Looking Up (1999)

01-Stack Cutie
02-God Gave Me You
03-Slow Girl
04-Stop Tripping
05-Why Oh why
06-Day By Day
07-Watching You
08-Touch That Body
09-Strange Desire
10-Here We Go

Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014

Jonathan Dunn -Another Level (2004)

04-Another Level
05-A Great Feeling (In This Place)
06-Keep On Blessin
07-Keep On Blessin(Reprise)
08-Have Mercy
11-Gotto Keep Movin
12-Be Exalted
13-Trust You
14-La La
16-Back To The Garden
18-Be Exalted (Reprise)

Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2014

Tony Terry-My Best (2001)


01-I Don't Wanna Stop
02-Freaky Little Game
03-Better Man
04-Easy To Love
05-In My Heart
06-Not Tonight
07-Keep It On The Real
08-Every Moment
09-Judas Kiss
11-In The Shower
12-This Is How We Roll
13-Keep On Walkin'

Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

Toni Braxton-Seven Whole Days (CDM) (Promo) (1993)


01-Seven Whole Days (Radio Edit)
02-Seven Whole Days (Live Radio)
03-Seven Whole Days (Album Version)
04-Seven Whole Days (Live Version)
05-Seven Whole Days (Ghetto Vibe)
06-Seven Whole Days (Quiet Mix)
07-The Christmas Song

Montag, 2. Juni 2014

Cheryl Lynn-Whatever It Takes (1989)


02-Every Time I Try To Say Goodbye
03-Whatever It Takes
04-Good For Me
05-Overworked 'N' Underloved
06-I Surrender
07-Most Of All
08-The Bottom Line

Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

Smoke E. Digglera-Personal, Pain & Pleasure (2006)

02-Luv U Down
03-Get It, Get It
04-Just Don't Stop It, Baby (Feat.Jadakiss)
05-Sustain (Interlude)
07-Ride (Interlude)
08-Gotta Hit Tha Road
09-Hennesey & Pepsi
10-At Tha Club (Interlude)
12-Freak Me Pt. 1 (Interlude)
13-Freak Me Pt. 2 (Interlude)
14-R U Wet
15-Where Do U Want Me To Put It
16-We Can Call It Off
17-Kool Aid (Interlude)
18-Poppin' Pills
20-Y U Keep Runnin' Away
21 U Changed My Lonely Nights That Lovely Day
22-Get Away
23-Breaks Me Down (Interlude)
24-Thru It All
25-2nd Chance
26-Fake Roses
27-Wishin' Well
28-We Can't (Interlude)
29-C U Soon