Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Oscar-Spotlight (1992)

01-I'm Calling You(Do-Po-Liddle-Lo-Le-Yeah)
02-Give A Little More
03-Just For You
05-Let Me Make It Better
06-I'll Be There For You
08-Baby You
09-Keep Touching Me
11-How I Spend My Time
12-Give Me A Reason

Jasmine Guy-Jasmine Guy (1990)

01-Try Me
02-Another Like My Lover
03-Don't Want Money
04-Johnny Come Lately
05-More Love
06-Tuff Boy
07-Everybody Knows My Name
08-Just Want To Hold You(Feat.James Ingram)
09-I Don't Have To Justify
10-I Wish You Well

B.M.U.(Black Men United)-U Will Know (CDS) (1995)

01-U Will Know (US Radio Mix)
02-U Will Know (C.J. Mackintosh 7'' Edit)
03-U Will Know (C.J. Mackintosh R&B Lyric)
04 - U Will Know (US Bass Mix)

RAab-You're The One (1993)

01-Try My Love
03-Where She At
04-Feel Me
05-Give In To Me
06-Give It A Try
07-You're The One
08-Close The Door
09-Can't Let Go
10-Good Lovin'
11-It's Just Like That

Remedy-Remedy (1993)

01-Tiniest Grain Of Sand
02-I Am Of Color
03-Can We Spend Some Time Together
04-(This Is) What The Morning Could Bring
06-Slip Slide Lover
07-All I Ask
08-Relax Your Mind
09-If I Only Knew Then
10-Shake It 'Til It's Ripe
11-Let's Hold On To What We Got

Bryan Loren-Music For The New World (1992)

01-Ain't That What 'chu Want
02-For You
03-Troublin´ Up Paradise
04-Got To Be Right
05-Make You Mine
06-Gotta Be Love (The Way You Make Me Feel)
07-Leave A Light On
09-Doesn't Mean That I Don't Love You
10-The You Are
11-To Satisfy You(Feat.Michael Jackson)

Active Force-Active Force (1983)

01-Keep On Rockin'
02-Cold Blooded Lover
03-I Never Thought I'd Love Again
04-Coo Coo Kachu
05-Give Me Your Love
06-Bottom Line
07-Rise Up
08-My Sunshine

Miles Jaye-Humanity (2003)

02-No More Mr.Nice Guy
03-Sweet Honey, Sweet Cream
04-Promise Me
05-Should Have Been Strong
06-Love Affair
09-Kiss The Bed
10-Forget About The Other Night
11-I Cry For You
12-The Kissing Song
13-New York

Miles Jaye-Odyssey (1997)

01-I'll Never Go
02-Can I Come Over
03-Love Story
04-Step By Step
06-Marry Me
07-Irresistible (Instrumental)
08-Free Me
09-I've Been A Fool For You (Instrumental)
10-Man On A Corner
11-Can I Come Over (The Call)
12-I'll Never Go (Remix)
13-Love Story (The Story)
14-Superstar (Instrumental)

Blak Ice-Next To You (2008)

01-Next To You
02-Please, Don't Go
03-I'm Tired
04-2 Women
05-Friday Nite
08-Don't Play With My Love
09-Make Love To Me
10-Full Time Woman
11-Conversation Of A Pimp
12-Chicken Head
13-I'm Tired (Radio Mix)
14-Stalker (Instrumental Body Snatcher Mix)
15-Don't Play With My Love (Instrumental)

Wendell B-Southern Soul (2010)

01-Don't End Up Like Me
02-Everything Gon' Be Alright
03-Mississippi Girl
04-I Can Deal With The Leaks
05-I'm Stayin'
06-The Best Time I Ever Had In My Life
07-Workin' On The Building
08-Put'em Down On The Table
09-When I Did What I Did
10-Superlady Superman

Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

Boyz II Men-The Remedy (2006)

02-Gonna Have
03-Here I Come
04-Perfect Love Song
06-Booed Up
07-You Dont Love Me
08-The Last Time
09-Just Like Me
12-Morning Love
13-Muzak (Exile)(Feat.Atsushi)

Boyz II Men-The Remix Collection (Europe) (1995)

01-Under Pressure
03-I Remember
04-Water Runs Dry
05-U Know
06-Hey Lover
07-I'll Make Love To You
08-Uhh Ahh
10-On Bended Knee
11-Broken Hearted

E. Bland-Soulcentric (2008)

01-Soulcentric(Feat.Sarah Ashley)
03-Talk To Me
04-Funk That(Feat.Bomani Armah)
05-Wash The Mirror (Love Yourself)
06-Right On Time
07-Sugar High(Feat.Wayna)
08-Sneak Tip
09-For The Love(Feat.Soulpro)
10-West Side Willie
11-Open(Feat.Vinnie Cutro)
12-Backstage (Outro)

Aaron Hall-Inside Of You (1998)

01-You Make Me Feel Good Inside
02-I'll Do Anything
03-If You Leave Me(Feat.Faith Evans)
04-All The Places (I Will Kiss You)
05-What Did I Do
06-Move It Girl
07-I Want Your Body
08-None Like You (Album Version)
09-Going Down
10-Baby I'll Be By Your Side
11-Don't Rush The Night
12-Thinkin' Of You
13-None But The Righteous
14-None Like You (Remix)(Feat.Big Punisher,Fat Joe,Cuban Linx & Unique)

Al B.Sure-Honey Im Home (2009)

01-Nite And Day (interlude)
02-I Love It
03-Im Glad
04-Top Of Your Lungs
05-All I Wanna Do
06-Lady In My Life
07-Dedicate My All
08-Bye The Way By The Way
09-Only You
10-Whatcha Got
12-4 Life

Trina & Tamara-Trina & Tamara (1999)

01-What'd You Come Here For
02-Nothin' New
05-Let's Go
07-Makin' Love
08-Settle For My Love
09-How Could This Be The End

Terri & Monica-Suga (1996)

01-Sexuality (If You Take Your Love) (Remix)
02-Hey Babe
03-Never Forget
05-It's Alright
06-I Don't Mind
07-Round And Round
08-Shake Your Body
09-Who You Gonna Love
10-Things You Do For Me
11-Everything's Alright

Soundtrack-Soul Men (2009)

01-Soul Music(Feat.Anthony Hamilton)
02-I'm Your Puppet(Feat.John Legend,Samuel L. Jackson & Bernie Mac)
03-Private Number(Feat.Chris Pierce & Leela James)
04-Water(Feat.Meshell Ndegeocello)
05-Never Can Say Goodbye (Soul Men Redux)(Feat.Isaac Hayes)
06-Boogie Ain't Nuttin' (But Gettin' Down)(Feat.Samuel L. Jackson & Bernie Mac)
07-Just Dropped In(Feat.Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings)
08-Memphis Train(Feat.Ryan Shaw)
09-Comfort Me(Feat.Sharon Leal)
10-You Don't Know What You Mean (To A Lover Like Me)(Feat.The Sugarman,3 Lee Fields)
11-I've Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)(Feat.Eddie Floyd)
12-Do Your Thing(Feat.Samuel L. Jackson, Bernie Mac & Sharon Leal)

Silk-Silktime (2003)

03-Take Control
05-My Girl
08-You (The Baby Song)
09-Check My Story
12-Side Show
13-The End
14-Band Skit

New Edition-Heart Break (1988)

02-That's The Way We're Livin'
03-Where It All Started
04-If It Isn't Love
05-N.E. Heart Break
07-You're Not My Kind Of Girl
09-Can You Stand The Rain
11-I'm Comin' Home
12-Boys To Men

4U-For You (2005)

01-Don't Like
03-Up In The Club
04-All I Need
05-Say Yeah
06-I'm Sorry
07-Hands Up
10-Stop & Drop
11-All In My...
12-Don't Like (Remix)
13-When The Light Go Out
14-Don't Mean A Thing

24 Karat-My Time Is Your Time (CDM) (1997)

01-My Time Is Your Time
02-My Time Is Your Time (Remix)
03-Quiet Storm (Remix)
04-I'm In The Mood For Thangz
05-Quiet Storm (Jazz Version)
06-Quiet Storm

Funky Poets-True To Life (1993)

01-Born In The Ghetto
03-Lessons Learned
04-It Doesn't Have To Be This Way
05-Never Say Never
06-Set It Off
07-We As A People
08-Can You Feel The Love
09-When Will We Learn
10-How Can You Leave Me Now
11-I Only Have Eyes For You

Felicia Adams-Read My Lips (2005)

01-I Love You
02-Share My Love
04-Dont Take Your Love
06-Only You
07-Feels Good
08-No One Else
09-Save Your Love
10-I Found Love
11-Only You
12-Because Of You
13-Oh Why
15-Thinking About You

Cherrelle-The Woman I Am (1991)

01-Never In My Life
02-7 Days A Week
03-Baby, It's You
04-Still In Love With You
05-Love Me Tonight
06-Woman I Am
07-Tears Of Joy
08-Gee Whiz
09-Nothing's Ever Gonna Stop (The Way I Feel)
10-Where Do We Go From Here

Tina Moore-Tina Moore (1995)

01-Never Gonna Let You Go
02-All I Can Do
04-At Last
05-Love Don't Feel Like Love
06-Nobody Better
07-Tell Me How You Like To Be Done
08-Color Me Blue
09-Follow Your Heart
10-Never Without Love

Tina Moore-Time Will Tell (2002)

01-Time Will Tell
02-Going Away
04-The More Things Change
05-I've Come Too Far
06-All In My Vibe
09-Wreck Yo' Body
10-Can I Come Home

Virtue-Virtuosity (2001)

01-We're Virtue (Intro)
02-He's Been Good
03-Something About The Way
04-Gotta Worship
05-Great Is Thy Faithfulness
06-You've Been Merciful
07-Till You Believe
08-He's Been Good (Uncle Freddie's Remix)
09-God Is Your Source
10-I Am God
11-You Are My Everything
12-Can't Believe
13-Down On My Knees
14-Never 2 Late

Virtue-Virtue (1997)

01-Let The Redeemed
02-Your Love Lifted Me
03-So Good To Know
04-Greatest Part Of Me
05-Quiet Times
06-Lord You Are Worthy (Interlude)
07-Take It by Force
08-Through Your Name
09-I Must Tell Jesus
10-Cry No More
11-Be With You

Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

Nicci Gilbert-Grown Folks Music (2005)

01-Stop Messin Around
02-Woman In Need
03-Think Again
05-Can't Forget
06-This Woman
07-Rhythm And Blues
08-Grey Skies
09-Hint Of Love
10-She'll Never(Feat.Dave Hollister)
11-My Side Of The Story
12-I Got It Bad
13-Down With This
14-It Is What It Is

Blaaz-Premonition (EP) (2007)

03-What if
04-Diggin U
06-Get Her

Aaron Hall-Get A Little Freaky With Me (CDM) (Remixes) (1993)

01-Extended Freaky (Club Mix)
02-Get A Little Freaky With Me (Freaky Club Version)
03-Get A Little Freaky With Me (Refreaked Rough & Ready Club Version)
04-Freaky (Radio Edit)

III Frum Tha Soul-III Frum Tha Soul (1998)

01-You Played Me
02-Black Superman
03-Come On
05-Treat You Right
06-Take It Slow
07-My Body
09-Diamond In The Sky
10-That Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady
11-Denying My Love
12-Break Me Off A Piece
13-This Ring

Soundtrack-The Brothers (2001)

01-Love Don't Love Me(Feat.Eric Benét)
02-Lay It Down(Feat.Jermaine Dupri & R.O.C.)
03-Good Love(Feat.RL)
04-Let It Go(Feat.Jaheim)
05-Two Of A Kind(Feat.Eddie Levert Sr. & Gerald Levert)
06-Hi 2 U(Feat.Snoop Dogg)
08-2night(Feat.Somethin' For The People)
09-Teach Each Other(Feat.Maze & Frankie Beverly)
10-Wheel Of Fortune(Feat.L'il Johnny)
11-I'm Through(Feat.Cassie)
12-I Put It Down(Feat.Duganz)
14-Forever(Feat.Dave Hollister)
15-Remember Us(Feat.No Question)
16-The Love Theme(Feat.Marcus Miller)

Soundtrack-(Tyler Perrys) Why Did I Get Married (2007)

01-Love U Better(Feat.Keith Sweat & Keyshia Cole)
02-Sorry For The Stupid Things(Feat.Babyface)
03-You Belong To Me(Feat.Anita Bake)
04-Why(Feat.Kelly Price)
05-DJ Don't (Remix)(Feat.Gerald Levert & Jaheim)
06-Betterman(Feat.Music Soulchild)
08-Who Am I To Say(Feat.Hope)
09-Flaws And All(Feat.Beyoncé)
10-Mmm...(Feat.Laura Izibor)
11-No One Else(Feat.Amel Larrieux)
12-Why Did I Get Married(Feat.Tamika Scott (Of Xscape)
13-L-O-V-E(Feat.Michael Bublé)
14-Givin' Up(Feat.Jennifer Holliday)

Soundtrack-Two Can Play That Game (2001)

01-Real Love(Feat.Mary J Blige)
02-Kitty Kat World(Feat.Melky & Sedeck)
03-Go Ahead With All That(Feat.Chanté Moore)
05-Bend Over(Feat.Jersey Ave)
06-Ooh Aah(Feat.Avant)
07-Godzilla Like(Feat.Chico & Coolwadda)
08-So Hot(Feat.Rashaan Patterson)
09-Everyday's A Party(Feat.Damozel)
10-The Next Movement(Feat.The Roots)
11-Poppin' Up(Feat.Yasmeen Sulieman)
12-Don't Have To(Feat.Pam & Dodi)
13-If Only You Knew(Feat.KeKe Wyatt)

Midnight Star-Work It Out (1990)

01-Do It One More Time
02-Work It Out
03-All I Want
04-Money Can't Buy You Love
05-Love Of My Life
06-Luv U Up
07-Red Roses
08-One Life To Live
09-If Walls Could Talk

Gap Band-The Best Of Gap Band (1994)

01-Early In The Morning (12'In Version)
03-Outstanding (12'In Version)
04-Burn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)
05-Yearning For Your Love
06-Open Up Your Mind (Wide)
07-You Dropped A Bomb On Me
08-You Can Count On Me
10-Steppin' (Out)
12-The Boys Are Back In Town
13-Party Train

Gap Band-Gap Band III (LP, Album 1980) (CD, Album 1993)

01-When I Look In Your Eyes
02-Yearning For Your Love
03-Burn Rubber On Me
04-Nothing Comes To Sleepers
05-Are You Living
06- Sweet Caroline
08-The Way
09-Gash, Gash, Gash

L.R. Superstars-Sayin' It (1990)

01-I Just Can't Say It
02-Say Yeah
03-A Little Bit Selfish
04-Nice Guy
05-Give Me All Your Love
06-Do You Love Me
07-Come To Me
08-Slow Down
09-I Don't Believe It's True
10-Beautiful Things

Con Funk Shun-Burnin' Love (1986)

01-Do Ya
02-Burnin' Love
03-How Long
04-Jo Jo
05-She's Sweet
06-She's A Star
07-It's Time Girl
08-You Make Me Wanna Love Again

Eboneé-Count On My Love (1992)

01-Let's Not Make The Same Mistake
02-Hurt Me
03-Count On My Love
04-Can't Stop My Heart From Falling
05-Just One Night
06-She's Just Right
07-Forgive & Forget
09-Get Together
10-Fire Not Smoke

Bobby Brown-Don't Be Cruel (1988)

01-Don't Be Cruel
02-My Prerogative
04-Rock Witcha
05-Every Little Step
06-I'll Be Good To You
07-Take It Slow
08-All Day All Night
09-I Really Love You Girl

Bobby Ross Avila-My Destiny (1993)

02-Smoove Young Lady
03-La La Love
04-Up And Down
05-Closer To The Luvin'
07-I'm Hooked On U
10-It's The Madness
11-Soy Mexicano
12-All That I Do
13-Undercover Lover
14-U R The 1
15-My Love
16-Joyful Noise
17-Tu Amor (La La Love)

The Wooten Brothers-Try My Love (1990)

01-Try My Love
03-Tell Me
04-We Could Be Together
05-I'll Wait
06-I'd Rather Be With You
07-Closer (Never Too Close)
09-Physical Contact
10-Love Or Lust
11-I'd Rather Be With You (Dub)
12-Friendz (Extended)

The Winans-Heart & Soul (1995)

02-Heart & Soul
03-Count It All Joy
04-Smile On Me
05-Yeah Yeah
06-The Question
07-Please Believe In Me
08-Universal Love
09-I Need You
10-Next To Me
11-Standing On Promises
12-Prone To Wander

The Transitions-Back In Da Days (2001)

01-Ghetto Laws (Prelude)
02-Ghetto Laws
03-5th Of Gin
04-Back In Da Days
05-2 Train
06-Straight Fucking
07-Fat Ass Pam
08-Off The Meter
09-I'm Not Crazy
10-A Rainy Night (In Harlem)
11-New York, Ny

The Temptations-For Lovers Only (1995)

01-Some Enchanted Evening
02-I've Crown Accustomed To Her Face
03-At Last
04-Night & Day
05-Time After Time
06-Melvin's Interlude
07-Life Is But A Dream
08-What A Different A Day Makes
09-I'm Glad There Is You
10-South Shell Interlude
11-That's Way( I Love You So)
12-For Your Love You Send Me(Medley)
13-Night & Day(Remix)

The Temptations-Ear-Resistible (2000)

01-I'll Just Go Crazy (Intro)
02-I'm Here
03-Your Love
04-Elevator Eyes
05-Selfish Reasons
06-Kiss Me Like You Miss Me
08-It's Alright To Be Wrong
09-Proven & True
10-Got To Get On The Road
11-I'll Just Go Crazy
12-Little Bit Lonely
13-One Love One Worls (Interlude)
14-Error Of Our Ways