Montag, 31. August 2020

T.Wells-Incredibal Man (2012)


03-No More
04-2nite (Higher)
06-Go Hard
07-Oooh (Feat.Voyage Band)
08-Incredibal Man
09-Want U Now
10-Workin Wit Sumthin (Feat.Lil Jamie)
11-Can I Tuch U
12-Luv Maker (Tyree Neal)
13-Ain`t My Fault
14-1st Tyme
15-Oooh (Remix)

Sonntag, 30. August 2020

Ralph Dudley-Ralph Dudley (EP) (1993)

01-Love Me Don't Leave Me
02-I'm Gonna Show You
03-Keep Dreamin' On
04-We Keep In Touch

Samstag, 29. August 2020

DeMarcus Bennett-Reason Why (1998)

01-The Reason Why
02-Roll With Me
03-If You Wanna (Blow My Mind)
04-Come With Me
05-Rebound (Skit)
06-Feeling Fine
07-I Adore You
08-All My Life
09-In And Out
10-Me And You

Freitag, 28. August 2020

C.N.C-Chill Thang (1995)

01-Maxi Chilling
02-Last Call
04-One Night
05-Love On
06-Way Down South
07-Last Call (Radio Mix)
08-Love On (Prophet Mix)

Donnerstag, 27. August 2020

3 'Till 3-Come On In (EP) (199X)

01-Come On In
02-The Taste Of Your Love
03-Don't Ya Wanna Know
04-If It Feels Allright

Mittwoch, 26. August 2020

Oliver Cheatham-Saturday Night (1983)


01-Get Down Saturday Night (Remix)
02-Make Your Mind Up
03-Something About You
04-Bless The Ladies
05-Do Me Right
06-Never Gonna Give You Up
07-Throught It All
08-Just To Be With You
09-Get Down Saturday Night (Remix)

Dienstag, 25. August 2020

Angela Bofill-Too Tough (1983)


01-Too Tough
02-Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
03-Tonight I Give In
04-You Could Come Take Me Home
05-Love You Too Much
06-Is This A Dream
07-Song For A Rainy Day
08-I Can See It In Your Eyes
09-Accept Me (I'm Not A Girl Anymore)
10-Rainbow Inside My Heart

Montag, 24. August 2020

Angela Bofill-Tell Me Tomorrow (1985)


01-Generate Love
02-Tell Me Tomorrow
03-Midnight Shine
04-Don't Wanna Come Down (From Love)
05-First Time
06-This Change Of Yours
07-Still In Love
08-Woman's Intuition
09-(If You Wanna Love Me) You're On

Sonntag, 23. August 2020

Xpression-Xpression (1997)

02-Watchin Me
03-Ride With Me
04-Geniune Lover
05-I Wanna Know
06-Bring It To Me
07-Candy Store
08-Keep Your Material Thing
09-Let Me Dry Your Eyes
10-Let`s Chill

Samstag, 22. August 2020

Saint-C U Groove (1996)

01-Lil Extra
03-Come On
04-C U Groove
05-All I Do
07-Cut 4 U
08-Who's Dat Lady

Freitag, 21. August 2020

PLFD-Plainfield Live (1997)

02-Saturday Night
03-Diamond Ring
04-Lady (La La La Ooh)
05-Temptation Is A Bitch
06-It Don't Matter To Me
07-PLFD Live
08-Give Up The Funk
10-I Want You Back
11-Saving My Love
12-Packing My Bags
14-People Of The World

Donnerstag, 20. August 2020

Monet-Mood Swings (1996)

01-Still Feels Good
02-Let Me Be That 1
03-Please Don't Walk Away
04-Hurt So Bad
05-No Other Love I Know
07-Some Tenderness
11-Because You Stayed
12-Through The Storm
13-Out The Door

Mittwoch, 19. August 2020

John Jones-My Story (2010)


01-Lover`s Prayer
02-Penny Colored Lady
03-Better Man
04-Teddy Bear
05-My Story
07-Thinking About You
08-Turkey Wings

Dienstag, 18. August 2020

John Butler-The Tribute Phase III (2009)


01-Forever Thankful
02-Matters Of The Heart
03-Get Up!
04-I Won't Complain
05-I'm Living The Good Life
06-We Fall Down
07-Everything's Gonna Be Alright
08-Love Lifted Me
09-Forever Thankful-Reprise

Montag, 17. August 2020

Isaiah Hogan-Isaiah (2007)


02-She's A Freak
04-If I Was Your Man
05-Come Back To Me
08-Wait No More
09-To The Roof
10-What If
11-Crush On You
12-Getto Kama Sutra

Sonntag, 16. August 2020

Kris Nelson-Right Here (2006)

02-Dig On U
03-Bring It
04-Right Here
06-Summer Love
07-Baby Tonight
08-All Night
09-Do U Wanna Make Love
10-Bring Your Body
12-Tammy's Song
13-Daddy's Love

Samstag, 15. August 2020

Kitrel Williams-Vintage Soul (2008)

01-1st Day
02-Blue Diamond (Feat.Legga Aka Lord)
04-Money Is The Name Of The Game
05-Love & Happiness
06-Work It Out (Intro)
07-Work It Out
08-Old Fashion Love (Interlude)
09-Old Fashion Love
11-Love List (Feat.Sonny King)
12-Music Bio
13-Show Me The Love
14-For The Good Times
15-Favorite Girl

Freitag, 14. August 2020

Karyn White-Ritual Of Love (1991)

02-Ritual Of Love
03-The Way I Feel About You
04-Hooked On You
05-Walkin' The Dog
06-Love That's Mine
07-How I Want You
08-One Heart
09-Tears Of Joy
10-Beside You
11-Do Unto Me
12-Hard To Say Goodbye

Donnerstag, 13. August 2020

John P. Kee-Level Next (2015)

01-Level Next
03-Teach Me How To Love
04-Never Let Me Fall
05-Norma Jean
06-Amazing Your Grace
07-Great God You Are
08-I Be Like
09-God Of All Nations
10-Our Love Will Last

Mittwoch, 12. August 2020

The Unifics-Unifics Return (2004)


01-I Want You To Have It
02-Anything For My Everything
03-Any One Can Tell You
04-Gypsy Woman
05-My One And Only
06-Something Make It With You
07-You Gotta Let Me Know
08-A Lifetime And A Half
09-Long Way To Forever
10-What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted
11-This Is The Night We Love
12-Just As You Are
13-Victims Of 9-11

Dienstag, 11. August 2020

The Persuaders-Love Lessons (EP) (2013)


01-P- Whipped
02-We Can Write A Book
03-Stayed Away Too Long
05-Love Sick

Montag, 10. August 2020

Carl Thomas-So Much Better (2007)


01-If I Could (Interlude)
02-Another You (Steppers Mix)
03-2 Pieces
04-Thought You Should Know (Feat.Lalah Hathaway)
05-Somethin Bout You (Feat.Brandy)
06-If That Ain't Love
07-Late Night Rendezvous
08-Get You Back (Interlude)
09-So Much Better
10-Oh No (You Can't Be Serious)
11-Can't Get Over (Feat.Dave Hollister)
12-How Can We
13-If You Ever
14-Say I Do
15-I Miss You (Interlude)
17-Late Night Rendezvous (Feat.E-40)
18-Oh No (You Can't Be Serious (Bonus Track) (Feat.Baby Cham)

Sonntag, 9. August 2020

L-Amentz-L-Amentz (2001)

01-Intro (We Are The L-Amentz)
03-Work It Girl
06-All I Want Is You
07-She Love Me
08-Make Believe
10-Where Were You
11-Outro (l-Amento)

Samstag, 8. August 2020

J.Parker-Feeldafunk (200X)

01-Can You Feel This Funk
02-Don't You Know
03-Let's Groove To It
05-Shake It. Shake It
06-Can You Feel This Funk (Rap Edit)
07-Shake It. Shake It (Extended Edit)
08-Shake It. Shake It (Techno Dance Edit)

Freitag, 7. August 2020

IV Play-Got It Going On (1996)

01-Love Will Never Let You Down
02-Today's Inspirational Song
03-We Got It Going On
04-Day Dreaming
05-Cry For Help
06-Should Have Known Better
07-Good Lovin
08-Friends Forever

Donnerstag, 6. August 2020

Harry Johnson-Slow Dance (1994)

01-Come Close To Me
02-Lost Inside
03-How Deep
04-What About You
05-Tender Touch
06-Bone Up
07-That Smile
09-My Girl
10-This Is The Way

Mittwoch, 5. August 2020

Frank Nitty-Temptations Of The Flesh (2000)


01-Temptations Of The Flesh
02-Satisfy Your Love
03-Come With Me
04-Grass On The Other Side
05-Ana's Little Secret
06-Let It Go
07-Sweet Love Thangs
08-Caught Up
09-Grass II (Intro)
10-Grass II
11-I'll Be Waiten (Intro)
12-I'll Be Waiten

Dienstag, 4. August 2020

Frank LeGree-My Life (2004)


01-Goodness Of The Lord
02-Lord's Prayer
03-My Life
04-Citizens Of Heaven
05-I'm Gonna Praise Him
06-Feel Good
07-You're All I Need
08-Keep On Blessin Me
09-I'm Missin You
10-Make This Paradise
12-You On My Mind
13-I'm Love He's Love
15-Keep On (Reprise)
16-God's Paradise
17-C.o.h. (Chrismix)

Montag, 3. August 2020

Ex-Girlfriend-X Marks The Spot (1991)


01-Exterlude Intro (The Lesson)
02-You (You're The One For Me)
03-Why Can't You Come Home
04-Cold Blooded
05-With All My Heart
07-Exterlude Give Me A Man
08-Fellas In The Area
09-Exterlude Boy Gone Cuckoo
10-Don't Knock On My Door
11-I Found That Guy
12-For All The Right Reasons
13-Exterlude The Man (According To Ex - Girlfriend)
14-I Love My Man
15-What Will I Do To You
16-Searching To Find The One

Sonntag, 2. August 2020

Vision A.D.-Bind In Love (199X)

01-Slow Motion
02-Wounded Soldier
03-Anoint Me
04-Follow Me
06-Bind In Love
07-Blessed Are They
08-Amazing Grace
09-We Need You

Samstag, 1. August 2020

VA-Blacklisted The Crab Theory (1999)

01-Tha Bomb (Interlude)
02-NVSO (Feat.The Renegate)
03-Can't Stop (Feat.Danisha Thomas & Angel Duss)
04-Imagine (Feat.Dwayne & Jason)
05-Hater (Feat.Taj)
06-Quit Stressin (Rock Steelo Rmx) (Feat.Ora)
07-Quit Stressin (Feat.Ora)
08-Tha Intrview (Intrelude)
09-Can't Be Stopped (The Blacklisted Anthem) (Feat.Romello Skuggs)
10-Tha Nasty North (Feat.The Renegade)
11-4 Always (Feat.Chantelle)
12-Lay Your Body Next To Mine (Feat.Unique)
13-Hooked (Feat.In Essence)
14-Some Freak Shit (Interlude)
15-I Need A Freak (Feat.Torres & Harold Richard)
16-In My Dreams (Feat.Chantelle)