Samstag, 30. April 2011

Devox Featuring Angie Stone-Devox Featuring Angie Stone (Japan Release) (1996)

01-You Can't Hide Love
02-When Will I See You Again
03-Life Story
04-Tell Me
05-Let It Go
07-Simple Song
08-So Beautiful
09-My Lovin' Will Give You Something
10-Seems You're Much Too Busy
11-Taking Care Of Business
12-All You've Been Doing

Dimples-The Man Who Loves Women! (1994)

01-I Wish Mama Was Here Tonight
02-Don't Turn Your Back On My Love
03-Natural High
04-I Do The Job
05-Rainbow '95
06-Good 'N' Plenty
07-I'm Hooked On Your Lovin
08-Meet Me Tonight
09-Freaky Lover
10-You Can Have My Heart
11-Sugar Boom Boom
12-I Want Love In My Sex
13-I'll Try Something New

B Angie B-B Angie B (1991)

01-I Am Angie B
02-Pump It Up
03-A Sweet Thang
04-A Womans Perspective
05-I’m So Sorry
06-I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love
07-Men Get Lonely
08-So Much Love
09-This Is A Jam For You
10-My Prayer To You

David Royal-Mysterious (1994)

02-True Love
03-One And Only Love
04-Tender Love
05-Saturday Night
06-Party In America
07-You Belong To Me
08-Heart Breaker Man
09-When I Kiss
10-Here We Are
11-Lady, Dance With Me Tonight
12-Got To Give It Up
13-Tender Love (Remix)

Ade-Spiritual Soul (1999)

01-Free The Soul (Prelude)
02-Whisper To The Sky
03-Lonely Child
04-Brand New Live
05-Like Lovers Do
06-Blessing In Disguise
08-Way Back When
09-Pure White,Black Life
10-1 Ina 150 Million (Interlude)
11-Redemption Song
12-Hold On
13-Awe (Interlude)
14-Best Times
15-Untitled Track

Freitag, 29. April 2011

Rick Littleton-Deliciously Yours (1998)

01-Just Enough
02-Just One More Chance
03-Bring Back Your Love
05-Your Love (I'm Wrapped Up In It)
06-Men Get Lonely Too
07-Fell In Love Tonight (Love Mix)
09-Make It Right
10-This One'S On Me
11-After The Love
12-Gotta Let One Go Gotta Let One Know
13-Where Is My Love
14-Fell In Love Tonight (#2)
15-Fell In Love Tonight (#3)

Soulfruit-Practise (2002)

03-Too Far
05-Purple Moon
06-How To Love
07-Rich Man
08-Green Grass
09-In Spite
10-Hands Up
12-The Garden,Search (Medly)

Michael Avery-Dear Lover (2000)

01-Dear Lover
02-Back And Forth
03-U-R My Woman
04-It's On Tonight
05-Honey Baby
06-What Love Is
07-Holdin' On
08-Mornin' Noon Night
09-Who's Lovin' You
10-Soul Love
11-Dear Lover (Instrumental)
12-Soul Love (Instrumental)

Donnerstag, 28. April 2011

Kolaboration Of Soulz-Kolaboration Of Soulz (1998)

01-Intro (Kolaboration Of Soulz)
02-Back In My Life
03-Right Here (Whenever You Want It)
04-It's All Because
05-Ease My Pain
06-Need You
07-Tell Me(Feat.Tony Grant)
09-Where The Party At
10-What's Goin On
11-If It Feels Right(Feat.Justin)
12-Still Holdin'
13-We Run Tings(Feat.Sudden Rush & Juneyah Danejah)
14-About You
15-Outro (Tyrone's Song)

David Josias-In My Life (EP) (1996)

01-In My Life
02-In My Life Forever
03-Make It Phatt
04-Second Time Around
05-We Be Chillin
06-Bounce(Feat.Big Woo)
07-Mind Blow In Phatt (Remix)
08-Mind Blow In (Instrumental)
09-Demo Samples (01)-Special (02)-Don´t Tease Me

Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

L.J. Reynolds-The Message (2008)

01-Do It For Me
02-A Set Time
04-So Good
05-You Can Make It
06-A Spoken Message
07-Shout (Intro)
09-We Need A Word From The Lord
10-Jesus Cares
11-Spirit Will Make You..(Move)
12-Never Get Too Busy
13-A Message In This Song

L.J. Reynolds-Love Is About To Start (1999)

01-Didn't Mean To Hurt U
04-Don't Go There
05-Key To The World
06-Love Is About To Start
07-Nobody But You
08-Down On My Luck
09-Everything Is You

Dienstag, 26. April 2011

Remixx-Dear Lord (2001)

01-7 Times A Lady
03-Dear Lord
04-You Make Me Say . . .
05-I'm Ready
06-I Won't Run From You
07-Keep Your Head Up
08-Never Gonna Leave You
09-Without You
10-Don't Mess Around (With My Faith)
11-I'd Rather Be With You

Montag, 25. April 2011

Poetic Lover-Conquête (1999)

01-Conquete (Intro)
02-Call Me Up (Sexlude)
03-L'Avant Gout
04-Exuberes, Immoderes, Attises
05-Space Danger (Sexlude)
07-Quel Est Ton Secret
08-On The Phone (Sexlude)
09-Etreintes & Soupirs
10-Aimons-Nous Comme Il Se Doit
11-Plaisirs Du Corps
12-Freaky Dream (Sexlude)
14-L'Aimer Encore
15-Too Proud (Lovelude)
16-Les Ames Eperdues
17-La Douleur Qui Nous Separe
18-'Til The End (Lovelude)
19-Aux Confins Des Cieux
20-Sexual Healing (Bonus Track)

Poetic Lovers-Amants Poetiques (1998)

01-Personne Ne Saurait
02-Prenons Notre Temps
03-Qu'il En Soit Ainsi
05-Fier d'avoir Ton Love
06-Dernier Pleur
07-Cette Femme
08-Say You, Say Me (Poetic Version)
12-Mi Ange, Mi Démon
14-La Reponse A Leur Priere
15-Espoir (A Cappella)
17-La Marseillaise (A Cappella)
18-Let's Take Our Time
19-Everything'S Over

Nu Beginning And Usher-The Truth (Limited Edition) (1998)

02-I Wanna Be
03-Sweet Baby
05-Dream Girl
06-Jolly Dance
07-Only Human
09-Keep Dreamin
10-Mother´s Luv
11-Dream Girl (Remixx)
12-Interlude Ending

Ray Goodman & Brown-Mood For Lovin (1988)

01-Where Did You Get That Body,Baby
02-Mood For Lovin’
03-Where Are You Now
04-Say It
06-Next Time I'll Know
07-Never Stop Lovin’ You
08-Don't Make Me Wait

Sherrick-Sherrick (1987)

01-Just Call
02-Tell Me What It Is
03-Baby I'm For Real
04-This Must Be Love
05-Do You Baby
06-All Because Of You
07-Let's Be Lovers Tonight
08-Lady Are You
09-Send For Me

Peabo Bryson-Don't Play With Fire (1982)

01-Go For It
02-Give Me Your Love
03-Don't Play With Fire
04-We Don't Have To Talk (About Love)
05-Remember When (So Much In Love)
06-Turn It On
08-Let Me Be The One You Need

Sonntag, 24. April 2011

Terry Tate-Babies Having Babies (1990)

01-Babies Having Babies
02-One Night
03-My Eyes Cry
04-It Never Gets Better Than This
05-In Less Than A Minute
06-Forgive And Forget
07-Don't Be Breaking
08-Count On My Love
09-I Wanna Thank You
10-Inside My Heart

Process & The Doo Rags-Colorful Changes (1987)

01-Colorful Changes
02-Satisfy My Love
03-Call Me Up
05-Sexy Dancer
06-Colorful Changes (Interlude)
07-I Promise To Remember
08-Not That Kinda Guy
09-Change Your Name To Mine
10-Stage Lights
11-Colorful Changes (Interlude)

Diavlo-Another Level (No Release Year)

01-Your Body
03-Something Ain´t Right
04-I Wanna See You (Interlude)
05-Smile For Me
06-Never Again
07-Hey Miss Lady
08-I Can´t Take No More
09-What Can I Say (Interlude)
10-Slide Over
11-Baby You Know
12-Too Late For Love
13-Everyday Everynight (Interlude)
14-Come On Over

Samstag, 23. April 2011

Simple Harmony-Tell Me (CDs) (1995)

01-Tell Me (Original Version)
02-Tell Me (Ghetto Mix)
03-Tell Me (Instrumental)

Adagio-Wednesday (CDs) (No Release Year)

01-Wednesday (CD Edit)
02-Wednesday (Radio Edit)
03-Wednesday (Acoustic Edit)

Freitag, 22. April 2011

Dez-Sing For Me (2001)

01-Give Him Your Life
02-A Miracle
03-I Know That He Loves Me
04-Just Pretending
05-I'm Calling You
06-Diamond Rings
08-Sing For Me
09-Thank You Lord
10-I'm Still Waiting
11-He's Everything
12-How Could You Still Love Me
13-To God I Give The Praise
14-A Song
15-Softly And Tenderly

Kenyatta-Kenyatta (1991)

01-Touch Me
02-Turn Me On
03-Baby Can I Hold You
04-Good Vibes
05-Love Again
06-I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
07-Keep Me Comin'
08-R U Ready
09-Feels So Nice
10-Thank You (For Loving Me Like You Do)
11-I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You (Ragga Mix)
12-Love Again (Joey Negro Remix)

Donnerstag, 21. April 2011

Soundtrack-Precious (2009)

01-I Can See In Color(Feat.Mary J. Blige)
02-He Is The Joy(Feat.Donna Allen)
03-Was That All It Was(Feat.Jean Carn)
04-Did You Ever See A Dream Walking(Feat.Sunny Gale)
05-Come Into My House(Feat.Queen Latifah)
06-Just A Closer Walk With Thee(Feat.Mahalia Jackson)
07-Love Is The Message(Feat.MFSB & The Three Degrees)
08-Now That I Know Who I Am(Feat.Nona Hendryx)
10-Somethin's Comin' My Way(Feat.Grace Hightower)
11-It Took A Long Time(Feat.LaBelle)
12-Letters (From The Original Score)(Feat.Mario Grigorov)

Cool Million-Going Out Tonight (2008)

01-Going Out Tonight(Feat.Nathalie Dorra)
02-Give Me My Love(Feat.C.J.Anthony)
03-Get Up On The Floor(Feat.Donald McCollum)
04-It's Too Late(Feat.Karen Groth)
05-Damn Beautiful(Feat.Laura Jackson)
06-Walk Away(Feat.Eleana)
08-Make Me Yours(Feat.Diane Marsh)
09-Lift You Up (To The Sky)(Feat.Laura Jackson)
10-Pullin' Me Back(Feat.C.Robert Walker)
11-Everything Ain't Everything(Feat.P.A.C.E.)
12-Pride(Feat.Aaron Washington)
13-Leave Me(Feat.Laura Jackson)
14-Closer(Feat.Diane Marsh)
15-Naughty Girl(Feat.Lene Riebau)

Cool Million-Back For More (2010)

01-Sweet Baby(Feat.Me´lissa Morgan)
02-Back For More(Feat.Eugene Wilde)
03-Making Love(Feat.Jeniqua)
05-I See You(Feat.Peggi Blu)
06-Love The Beat(Feat.Laura Jackson)
07-Come To Me(Feat.Rena Scott)
08-Cool To Make A Million(Feat.Leroy Burgess)
09-Stay Close(Feat.Al Bloomfield)
11-Loose(Feat.Eugene Wilde & Dee Dee Wilde)
12-Thought We Had It All(Feat.P.A.C.E.)
13-Just Dance(Feat.Noel McKoy)
14-Hurry Home(Feat.Yvonne Gage)
15-You Got Style(Feat.Clare Evers)
16-Back Together(Feat.Paul Mac Innes)

Claude Deuce-Young Elder (2009)

01-It Aint Over
02-Dont 4 Get
03-What More
04-Got That Stuff
05-4 Who U R
07-The Word
08-Holyghost Gyrl
10-Show Me
11-Got That Stuff (Deucemyx)
12-Never Know
13-Come Home

Anisha Nicole-19 (2005)

01-Intro 19
03-Doin The Damn Thing
04-Wind Your Waist(Feat.Colliebud)
05-Somethin I Just Cant Hide
06-Hey You(Feat.Da Brat)
07-One Track Mind
08-Shouldve Known Better
09-Hang It Up
10-Doin It Well
12-Love Me
13-Dont Talk To Me
14-Brand New
15-Ooooooo We

Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Rufus Troutman-All Things Are Possible (2009)

01-All Things Are Possible
02-Shake The Haters Off
03-I Love My Wife
04-He Was Crucified
05-Just A Test(Feat.Cal-G & Tom Cat)
06-My Cry
07-Isaiah 53,5
08-I Worship You
09-It's Over(Feat.Shirley Murdock)
10-I've Never Seen It
11-Taking Authority
12-Rise Up

Royce-Royce (2002)

01-Star Of My Dreams (Interlude)
02-Cinnamon & Sugar
04-Star Of My Dreams
05-Come Out & Play
06-Bounce Wit Me
07-Gon' Getchya
08-Down 4 Whatever
09-Playin' Round
11-You Feelin' Me
12-Gangsta Grind (Instrumental)
13-Come Out & Play (Remix)

Jeff Floyd-Changing Times (Japan Release) (1993)

01-Changing Time
02-9 To 5
03-Breaking Hearts
04-Miss You
05-Throw Her Love To Me
06-Walking In The Rain
07-Why You Ain´t Funky
08-Little Susie

Kenny Smith-Last Days (2003)

01-Let Us Break Bread Together
02-Thank You 4 Your Love
03-Free Your Mind
04-All Because Of You
05-Who You Like (Skit)
06-How Can You Say
07-I Can't Tell You Why
08-Why Do You Defy Me
09-Read My Book
10-Read My Book (Skit)
11-Last Days
12-Let Me Be The One
13-So Whatcha Think (Skit)
14-New Babylon
15-Just Between Us
16-You Like That Run (Skit)
17-24, 7, 365
18-When You Pray
19-My Soul Cries Out
20-When You Pray (Reprise)
21-I'll Lock Up (Outro)

Sonntag, 17. April 2011

Kevin Williams-Love You The Right Way (2005)

01-Light The Candles
02-Come With Me(Feat.MS.Kris)
06-Love You The Right Way
07-Make The Moment Last
08-There I Go
09-I Wont Let You Go
10-Your Song (My Babies)
11-You Are The One
12-Love You Right Way (Remix)

Keanthony-A Hustlaz Story (2008)

01-Down Girl
02-Thats What Ill Be
03-I Aint Tryna
04-This Feeling
05-My Song
06-My Homie
07-I Thought
08-Everytime Im High
09-A Hustlaz Story
10-Call Me
12-Its Okay

Kansas City Original Sound-K-Otic (1995)

03-Baby It's On
06-I'm Gonna Git Cha'
07-Holler If You Need Me
08-Do You Wanna Go
09-Up And Down
11-Show Me The Way
12-Bounce (Hip Hop Version)

Kaire-Soul Intentions (1995)

02-My Lady's Time
03-I Keep Comin'
04-Body Art
05-In The Life
06-Interlude 1
07-De Ja Vu
08-Interlude 2
10-Lovey Dovey
11-Here With You
12-Rock Witha
13-Your Heart Belongs To Me
14-Want To Be With You

John P. Kee-Colorblind (1994)

01-Watching You
06-I Won't Leave You Anymore
07-It Could Have Been Me
08-I Know You
09-I Want To Love You
10-Loves In Need
11-Let It Go
12-Salt Of The Earth

Jermain Maxwell-Longtime (2005)

02-No Girl
03-Gimme Your Body
04-That Girl
05-So So
06-Get On The Floor
07-Ain't Work Out
08-Tearing Me Apart
09-By Myself
11-Tha Block

Freitag, 15. April 2011

3 Piece-First Come First Serve (2001)

01-3PC Way
02-Fa'Sheeezy (Club Remix)
03-Hands Up
04-Picture Yo' Body
05-How 'Bout It
06-All The Love
07-Give U Everything
09-First Cum (Interlude)
10-First Cum, First Serve
11-Ooh, Aah
12-U 4 Me
13-Then & Know
14-U R Wrong
15-Don't Miss A Good Thang
16-Other Thangs
17-Hands Up (US Remix)

Totally Committed-A Silver Lining (1996)

01-Behind Every Dark Cloud
02-Next Stage
03-In His Presence
04-Saved And Sanctified
05-Never Say Goodbye
06-Your Love
07-Work Don, Caught Up And Free
08-The Path
09-Your Name
10-Saved And Sanctified (Remix)

Darwin Hobbs-Mercy (1999)

01-You're The One
02-Come And Go With Me
03-Hold On
07-I Will Run To You
08-Secret Place
09-I Can't Live Without You
10-Your Will

Destiny-Long Time Comin (1995)

01-Destiny N Da Howze
03-Come Back Home
04-Da-Roostah Spits For Destiny
05-I'll Be There
06-Choosey Lover
07-Long Time Comin'

Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

Honey-Trust Me With Your Dreams (1998)

02-Last Dance
03-Can U Feel Me
04-Playa Hata
07-Trust Me With Your Dreams
08-Tonight Is The Night
09-The Crying Game (It’s Over)
10-I Was The Fool
11-My Sunshine
12-Come Together

KTJ-Are You Ready (2002)

01-Get Crunk Tonight
02-He Don't Deserve You (Interlude)
03-He Don't Deserve You
05-Tell Me What It Feels Like
06-I Apologize
07-Are You Ready (Interlude)
08-How Do You Know
10-Ven aqui
11-Still Waiting
12-Game Player

Rachid-Prototype (1998)

02-Sweet Charity
04-And The Angel Comes
06-Prodigal Pete
07-Kiss & Tell
09-The One To Destroy Me
10-Zöe's World
11-Feed The Pigeons
12-Back To The Room

Dienstag, 12. April 2011

Lamorris Williams-Issues (1999)

01-Interruption (Intro)
02-Non Stop
04-Where U been Hiddin
05-Running In Circle
07-What`s Wrong
08-Missin You (Interlude)
09-Life Of Brandy(Feat.Young Bleed)
10-What You Say
11-Do Me (Interlude)
12-Do Me
13-Oh Sheila
14-Nothing To Good 4 U(Feat.C-Loc)
15-Let`s Play School
16-Pretty Lady
17-Up In My Room
18-Non Stop (Remix)(Feat.Boo The Boss Playa)

Jonathan Jones-Listen (2000)

01-You Are My Life
02-Never Felt This Way
03-The Get Down
04-My Name Is Jonathan Jones (Interlude)
05-Out Of My Mind
07-New Day (Interlude)
09-I Gotta Go
10-Killin It By The Fire
11-Listen (Reprise)