Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2014

Color Blind-Crazy (EP) (1984)

01-Just Like In The Movies
02-On My Radio
03-Come See The Band
05-The Best In Me

Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2014

Will Wheaton-Consenting Adultz (1998)


01-Let Me Ride
02-Jiggy Love
04-Love Thang
05-Let's Do This
06-Love's Here
07-Baby It's On
08-Let Me Love You
09-Stop Waisting Time
10-Show You The Way To Love
11-I Belong To You
12-My Promise

Montag, 28. Juli 2014

Gap Band-V (1983)


01-Where Are We Going (Instrumental)
02-Shake A Leg
03-I'm Ready (If You're Ready)
04-You're My Everything
05-Jammin' In America
07-Party Train
08-Jam The Motha'
09-I Expect More
10-You're Something Special
12-Party Train (Special Dance Mix)

Samstag, 26. Juli 2014

Anthony Payton-Is This Love (2004)

01-Baby It's You
02-Peaches And Cream
04-When You're Alone
05-Start New
06-All My Love Is For You
07-Come Back Home
08-Never Thought I'd Fall In Love
10-Everlasting Love
11-She's All I Need
12-For Your Love
13-Swept Me Off My Feet
14-I Love You
15-It Doesn't Matter
16-Is This Love?
17-This Song's For You

Freitag, 25. Juli 2014

Quest-Introducing Quest (2004)

03-Ova Me
04-Worship You
05-I Need You
07-Christ Is All
08-Christ Is All(Reprise)
09-Your Love
10-My Love`s For You
11-Love Is The Key

Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014

Terry Black-Selfish (2007)


01-Sound Of Making Love
02-Amazing (Feat.Bump Chill & Suello)
03-Losing Control
05-First-Message (Feat.Traci Smoot)
06-So Deep In Love
07-As I Am
08-I Ain't The One
09-Second-Message (Feat.Bootsy G)
10-Roll Wit Me 2nite
12-Club 83 (Feat.Michael Mack & Genia.B)
13-Make It Hot 4 Me
17-Breathe In My Atmosphere

Dienstag, 22. Juli 2014

Dazz Band-Keep It Live (Expanded Edition) (1982)


01-Let It Whip
02-Gamble With My Love
03-I'll Keep On Lovin' You
04-Just Can't Wait' Till The Night
05-Shake What You Got
06-Keep It Live (On The K.I.L.)
07-Just Believe In Love
08-Can We Dance
09-Let Me Love You Until
10-Let It Whip (12' Version) (Bonus Track)

Montag, 21. Juli 2014

Yvette Michele-My Dream (1997)


01-The Way I Feel
02-Summer Love
03-All I Really Want
05-Everyday & Everynight
06-Let's Stay Together
07-Only Wanna Be With You
08-Something In The Way (You Make Me Feel)
09-My Dreams
10-The First Time
11-So We Can Get Down (Yea Yea)
12-I'm Not Feeling You
13-D.J. Keep Playin' (Get Your Music On)

Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014

Kindred Praise-He's Greater (2007)

01-God Of Mercy
02-He's Greater
05-Give God An Answer
06-Jesus, We Love You
08-Don't Go That Way
09-You Are
10-Get It Right
11-So Many Things

Samstag, 19. Juli 2014

Serieux- I Can Give You Love (2009)

01-Serieux (Intro)
02-Do-Da-Damn Thang
03-I Keep Running Back
04-Nobody Like You
05-Fix Me
06-My Hearts On Fire
07-I Can Give You Love
08-Sarah Smile
09-Bring Your Body
10-Liars And Haters
11 Da-Da-Da (Serieux Outro)

Freitag, 18. Juli 2014

TruSol-Worth Tha Wait(EP) (2007)

01-3 Am
03-Obsessed With Love
04-No One
05-Give Me One More Chance

Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

Terry Klientell-Everything You Need (2004)

01-All My Love
02-Special Just Want To Be
03-Everything You Need
04-Lately Our Love
05-My Heart, My Love
06-Love You Everyday
08-Steppin' Out The Door
09-When My Baby Needs Me

Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2014

Willie Clayton-Gifted (2006)


01-Boom, Boom, Boom
03-Can I Change My Mind
04-When I Think About Cheating
05-A Little Bit More
06-My Lover My Friend
07-Running Out Of Lies
08-She's Holding Back
09-Missing You
10-Sweet Lady
12-My Miss America

Dienstag, 15. Juli 2014

Willie Clayton-Soul & Blues (2008)


01-I Feel A Cheatin' Coming On
02-Strong Love
03-Body Talk
04-Triple Diamond Slot Machine
05-All Day Blues
06-Sweet Thing
07-Another Man's Gain
08-It Hurts So Much
09-I Can't Stand The Rain
10-Do What I Gotta Do
11-Your Body (Remix)

Montag, 14. Juli 2014

Willie Clayton-Full Circle (2005)


01-Going Crazy
02-If You Ever Get Lonely (Call Me)
03-Stay Together
04-All My Love
05-Playing Your Game
06-Can We Talk
07-I'll Make It Good To You
08-Take It 2 Da Club
09-It's A Good Feeling
10-Meet Me Tonight
11-Georgia On My Mind
12-Hold Me

Sonntag, 13. Juli 2014

Storm Deisel-The Perfect Storm (2010)

01-The New Son Of R&B
03-60 Seconds
04-Whatcha Wanna Do
07-The Plane Song
08-Quiet Storm
09-Monster (Radio Mix)

Samstag, 12. Juli 2014

Renee Diggs-Oasis (1993)

All My Love (Feat.Phil Perry)
03-Is It Wrong, Is It Right
04-If You Still Want Me
05-You Didn't Know
06-Someone To Love Me
09-You Are Somebody
10-I'm In Love
11-Oasis (Island Mix)
12-Rising Above It All

Freitag, 11. Juli 2014

Ramel-Closure (EP) (2004)

01-Show Me
02-Stay With Me
03-Back In The Day
04-Put It On Me
05-Baby Without You
06-Hidden Track

Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Kenne Wayne-Love On Me (1997)

1-A & B Conversation
02-Love On Me
03-Nothing But Love
04-Good Days
06-Live As One
07-Players Card
08-Can't Get Enough
10-Two Wrongs
11-Higher Ground
12-House Party
13-Caught (Hip-Hop Rap Version)

Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014

Anne G.-On A Mission (1989)


01-If She Knew
03-Heart Donor
04-Love's Here
05-Do You Love Too Much
06-Give Me All Your Lovin'
08-Love At Dawn
09-Your Eyes Say It
10-Good Girls Wear Black
11-Time's Up

Montag, 7. Juli 2014

Special Generation-Butterflies (1992)


01-I Still Care
02-Why You Wanna Talk About Me
03-Lift Your Head (And Smile)
04-I Won't Give Up
05-She's Mine
06-You Can Tie Me Down
07-The Right One
09-Silly Me, Silly You
10-Who Makes The Choice
11-You Run Away
12-I Wanna Be Closer

Sonntag, 6. Juli 2014

1 SoL-So Good (EP) (2011)

01-Nite Prayer
02-He's Worthy
03-Give Him Glory
04-So Good

Samstag, 5. Juli 2014

Audrey Wheeler-Im Yours Tonight (1991)

01-If You Need Someone (Prelude)
02-If You Need Someone
03-Try A Little Harder
04-I'm Yours Tonight
05-All About You
06-Let's Take It Back
07-Somewhere In Time
08-As Time Goes By
10-All By Myself
11-It's You
12-Can You Stop The Rain
13-If You Need Someone (Reprise)

Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

Sexx-You Bring The Freak Outta Me (CDM) (1995)

01-You Bring The Freak Outta Me (Extended Club Mix)
02-You Bring The Freak Outta Me (Smooth But Rough Remix)
03-You Bring The Freak Outta Me (Lick It Mix)
04-You Bring The Freak Outta Me (Instrumental)
05-Do You Right (The Sexx Way) (All The Way Mix)
06-Do You Right (The Sexx Way) (5 Alarm Mix)
07-Do You Right (The Sexx Way) (Instrumental)
08-You Bring The Freak Outta Me (A Capella)
09-You Bring The Freak Outta Me (Bonus Beats)

Dienstag, 1. Juli 2014

Gerald Levert-School Me (CDS) (1992)


01-School Me (Radio Edit)
02-School Me (Live Version Edit)
03-School Me (Full Live Version)
04-School Me (LP Version)

Aurra-Like I Like It (1985)


01-Like I Like It
02-Hooked On You
03-Talking In Your Sleep
04-Bedtimes Story
05-Keep On Dancing
06-Living Inside Myself
07-Happy Feeling
08-I'll Keep Waiting
09-I Love Myself