Donnerstag, 31. März 2011

Double Portion-Pressing On (2003)

01-Pressing On
05-God's Loving Favor
06-Best Life
07-Grace & Mercy
08-Completely Yours
09-Free To Praise His Name

YGB(Young Gifted & Black)-Summertime Groove (CDM) (1994)

01-Summertime Groove (Single Edit)
02-Summertime Chillin With U
03-Summertime Groove (July High Remix)
04-Summertime Groove (Summer Mellow Mix)

K-Rob-K-Rob (2006)

01-Life Of The Party(Feat.Big Boss)
02-Again (Like The First Time)
03-Slow N Sexy
07-Golden Lady
09-Stay As Ur
10-Everybodys Talking
11-The Velvet Room
12-2nite (U.k. Remix)

3 For 3-3 For 3 (1990)

02-Don't Tease Me
03-Don't It Make You Feel Like Makin' Love
04-I Feel Alright
05-Savin' All My Love
06-I'm Lost
07-My Beloved
08-Nothing Without You
09-I Do Love You

Aaron Hall-The Truth (1993)

02-Do Anything
03-Open Up
04-Get A Little Freaky With Me
05-Pick Up The Phone
06-Don't Be Afraid (Jazz You Up Version)
07-Until I Found You
08-You Keep Me Crying (Interlude)
09-Don't Be Afraid (Introduction)
10-Don't Be Afraid (Sex You Down Some Mo' Version)
11-Let's Make Love
12-When You Need Me
13-I Miss You
14-Until The End Of Time

Dienstag, 29. März 2011

Bigg Blue-Color Me Bad (2002)

01-Shake Your Body
02-This 1's Going Out
05-Who's Dat
06-Suga Daddy
07-Get It Started
08-Video Love(Feat.Alleged R. Kelly Tape)
09-Love Isn't Love
10-Movin' On

Poww Brothers(Of UNV) -Faithful (2003)

01-Bring Out The Freak In Me
02-Faithful To
03-1, 2, 3, 4,
04-Move Ya Hipz
05-Say You Wanna Leave
06-You Gotta Believe Me
08-Blown Away
09-Hotta Da Body
10-Another Place Another Time
11-Can't Leave
12-Ya'll Ain't Ready Yet!
13-Clap Yo Hands
14-Remember How Sweet It Was
16-100% Fo Sho
17-Let's Get It On
18-Do You Want Me

Promise-Promises (2008)

01-2nd Thoughts
02-Hold That
04-Caught Up
06-1 Hunnit
07-For Sure
08-Get It
09-I'll Do
12-Take You Out
13-Caught Up (Remix)

QT-Serenade (2007)

4-What's Up
5-Ice Cream
6-My Chick
8-I'll Alwayz
9-She Already Knows
10-Why You Gotta
11-Lookin' For Love
12-Walk Away
13-Ya Body
14-Take It Off
15-Like An Angel
16-Father Forgive Me
17-What We Have
18-You Came
20-Love Letter
21-Is It Gone
22-What Yo Name Is
23-My Chick (Remix)(Feat.Clemm)

R.A.W-Hit Me On The Phone (CDM)(1994)

01-Hit Me On The Phone (Edited Mix)
02-Hit Me On The Phone (Un-Edited Mix)
03-Hit Me On The Phone (Jeep Mix)
04-Get It On (Full Mix)
05-Get It On (Bedroom Mix)
06-Get It On (Sexless Mix)

Rik 'G'-Rik 'G' (1997)

01-Drink Brew
02-Drank On
03-Quarta Ounce
04-On The Slunda
05-Runnin' From The Po Po
06-Kikin' It
07-Ghetto Sexy
08-Time 2 Bone
09-Funny Style
10-Fade Ya
11-Hook Up

Montag, 28. März 2011

Greg O'Quin 'N Joyful Noyze-Conversations (1998)

01-Know You
02-For The Love Of You
03-They That Wait
04-That Name
06-Dry Your Eyes
08-The Conversation
11-I Told The Storm
12-My First Love
13-Follow Jesus

daHookman-Lady Music (2003)

03-Make Love To You (The Hit Single)
04-On My Mind
05-So Emotional
06-Say You´ll Be
07-Love Is Forever
08-All For You
09-Lady Music
10-In Or Out
11-It Left A Long Time Ago

Sonntag, 27. März 2011

True Solace-A New Beginning (1999)

01-Heaven's Glory
02-Let Him In
03-How Did You Know
04-Someone Like You
05-Where You Lead Me
06-The Highest Place
07-Thank You
08-He's Around
09-That's The Kind Of Love
10-It Feels Good 413
13-Believe It
14-Thank You

Bryan Davis-Affirmations (2008)

01-Opening Prayer
02-They Shall Know
03-Pray For Me
04-He Sees (Interlude)(Feat.Quincy Phillips)
05-Is There Anything Too Hard
06-Blessed Assurance
07-Things Unsaid
08-Amazing Grace
09-Benediction(Feat.Quincy Phillips)

Justin Davis-Fear Not (EP) (2008)

01-Fear Not
03-In Your Presence
04-I Just Wanna Say
05-Daddys Little Girl

Samstag, 26. März 2011

Rick Brumfield-Nothing But The Truth (2001)

01-Nothing But The Truth
02-Whenever Your Ready
05-Gotta Move
06-Can You Feel Him
07-I´m Still Standing
09-Lady Lady
10-Prayer To Jesus
12-Mother´s Love

Aziel-Take You Away Version 2 (2007)

01-Try Me
02-Walk In My Life
03-Thug Thang
04-Indi Moanin
05-No Relation
06-What About Me
07-Fall In Love Again
08-Show Me
09-Take You There
10-Keep It On The Hush
11-Fall In Love Again (Acoustic)

Aneel-Little Things You Do (2005)

01-American Idols
02-Club Itch
03-Crazy Thang
04-Little Things You Do
06-Girl Get Away
07-Jumping Da Broom
08-Nasty Girl
09-Believe It Or Not
10-No Enemies
11-Crazy Thang (Radio Edit)

Jesse Graham-Soul Music (1994)

01-(When I) Think Of My Baby
02-Do Me Baby
03-Me And You
04-Trouble In The Water
05-I Lied
06-Mr. Mailman
07-Same Place, Same Time
08-Love Talk
10-Always Say Your Prayers

Marvin Miller-For Sure (2000)

01-Going Out Time
02-Take All Of Me
03-For Sure
04-Do You Really Know
06-First Kiss
07-Ain't Nothing But A Party
09-Gland To Meet You
10-Caught Up
11-Concentrate On Love
12-Diamond Girl

Freitag, 25. März 2011

KaZual-Mixfit Mindz (2002)

02-Oh No
03-Mixfit Mindz
04-Should I
05-Shakin' It On Me
06-Tha Gyrl Iz Mine
07-Only U
08-Dirty South
10-Game Show
11-Dem Chocolate Gyrlz
12-Whatcha Goin' Do
13-Whenever Ur Around Me
14-Sincere (Interlude)
15-Trl (Tru Liez)
16-Shakin' It On Me (Remix)

Twin-Twin (1995)

01-Make U Feel Good
02-My House
03-Beyond Ecstasy
04-Kickback & Unwind
05-Da Flava (Interlude)
06-Gotta Get With U
07-Give Me Ya Number
08-Love Storm (Interlude)
09-All I Need
10-The Way That U Make Me Feel
11-Promise Me
13-In Your Eyes
14-Beyond Ecstacy (Cary's Groove)

Kenny Smith-Don't Give Up (1991)

01-Don't Give Up
02-A Change Is Gonna Come
03-I Must Admit
04-Call Me
05-Good To Know That You Love Me
06-Don't Give Up (Reprise)
07-Jesus Will Never Let You Down
08-He Touched Me
09-This Joy I Have
10-Mercy, Mercy Me
11-I'm Determined

Terell House-Out The Box (2007)

01-You Look So Good
02-The Love Is Gone
03-That's My Baby
04-Can Anybody
05-With Your Bad Self
06-I'm In To You
07-That's My Baby (Remix)(Feat.Charli)
08-Got To Be Real
09-You Ain't No Friend Of Mine
10-Move Your Body
11-My Prayer
12-That's My Baby (Radio)
13-With Your Bad Self (Radio)
14-You Look So Good (Radio)
15-Move Your Body (Radio)

Yuki Koyanagi With Nathan Morris & Shawn Stockman(Of Boyz II Men)-Intimacy (2002)

01-Over The Pain
02-Boyz Don't Cry
03-I Don't Want To Think About It
04-Keep On Loving Me
05-Head Over Heels
06-Been So Long
07-To See You Again
08-Just One More Time
09-Home Again

Gary Lil G Jenkins-The Other Side (2007)

01-The Interview
02-The Other Side
03-Friday Night
04-Everybody Dreams
05-The Sound
06-So Sexy
07-Loving You
08-Dance With Me
09-Goes & Comes
10-So Free
12-The Door
13-Moved On
14-Change Gone Come
15-One & Only
16-You Keep On

D-El-Life Stories (2006)

02-Take U Home
03-Put It On U
04-U Turnin Me On
05-Good Lovin'
06-Gotta Let U Know
08-Lets Make Love
11-Falling Rain
12-Tell Me
13-So Fine
14-Lay It Down
15-Marry Me
17-Tired (Bonus Track)

Penny Ford-Penny Ford (1993)

02-I'll Be There
04-Wherever You Are Tonight
05-Father Time
06-I Lose Control
07-This Love
08-Under Pressure(Feat.Sharon Redd)
09-All I'll Be
11-Send For Love

No Two-No Two (1989)

01-My Heart Is In The Game
02-Listen To The Words
03-More Than A Minute
04-Give Me Your Verdict
05-You Can Never Go Home
07-Several Exceptions
08-Part Of It
09-Take It Or Leave It
10-Funky Beat
11-Did I Hurt You

Ysj-Jubes Medley (2004)

01-Hide Away
02-Lustful Night
04-Rock Ya Body
05-I Love The Lord
06-Too Close
07-Whole Towns
08-I Love It When
09-Don´t Rush
10-Jubes Medley
11-Only Love
12-What Shall I Render

Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

Kristine-Tenderness (1998)

01-I Need A Little Tenderness
02-I'Ll Hurt You
03-Move On
04-I Can Do Lonely
05-My Love
06-Too Weak To Walk Away
07-Your Used To Be
09-Don'T You Know
10-I'm Still Feeling You
11-I Need... Tenderness (Re-Mix)
12-Bonus Track

Dienstag, 22. März 2011

Just Us Carl & Eddie-Don'cha Ever Leave Me (1995)

01-Don'cha Ever Leave Me
02-In Love
04-No More Tears
05-I Found Love
06-Friends To Lovers
07-I Wanna Make Love To You
08-Rhythm & Rhyme
09-Rock Steady Rock
10-Don'cha Ever Leave Me (Instrumental)

Lou Mosley-Finally (2002)

01-Slow Dance
02-If It Makes You Feel Good
03-It's Your Love
04-(It's You) Forever More
05-Don't Go
06-Every Time I See You
07-No Lie
08-If You Let Me
09-Makes You Wanna Holla
10-All I Wanna Do
11-Can We Share Love
12-I Wanna Give You All My Love
13-A Step Away
14-Me And You
15-Slow Dance (Radio Edit)

Montag, 21. März 2011

Bobby-Drawn Out (2004)

01-Drawn Out
02-Divine Destiny
03-Not The Spot
04-See Your Face
05-Walk By Faith
07-Nothing Left
08-Believe Me Father
09-Crazy Praise
10-U Might Not Know(Feat.Disciple)
11-Rep The Body
12-Changed My Melody
13-Thank You Lord

Black Coffey-Black Coffey (2002)

01-It`s On
03-Hard To Get
05-Number One A Nupkin
06-Luv Anyway
07-Calling You
08-Country Boyz
09-Just Want You To Know
11-There She Goes
12-Let You Go
13-Beautiful Lady
14-Rocket Lady

Billy Porter-Untitled (1997)

01-Show Me
02-True Love
03-Love Is On The Way
04-Ill Do Anything
05-And All I Do
07-I Am A Spy
08-Ill Be There
09-For Your Love
10-Borrowed Time
11-Maybe Im Amazed

Roundtree-Anytime (2000)

01-Let Me Feel Your Pain
02-On The Rebound
04-Shut Your Mouth
05-Don't Change The Game
07-Dance, Dance, Dance
08-Who Do You Think You're Foolin'
09-Be A Man
10-U Wanted To Wait
11-U Waited Too Late
12-The Lady In My Life

Samstag, 19. März 2011

Ol' Heads-Before You Go (1998)

01-Before You Go
02-Memory Of You
03-Pain Of Love
04-Hurt Somebody You Love
05-Caught Up In The Rapture (Let's Stay Together)
06-Doesn't Have To Be Like This
07-Nobody Makes Me Feel Like You
08-Daddy Don't Live Here No More
09-Runnin' Wild
10-One In A Million You
11-Memory Of You (Remix)

Lenny Williams-Chill (1994)

02-Baby You Caught My Eye
03-Sarah Smile
05-Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
06-It Could Have Been You
07-Has Anybody Seen My Heart
08-Baby Take It Off
09-No One's Ever Loved Me More
11-I Do
12-There's No Hiding Place

Brothaz By Choice-Brotha 2 Brotha (1997)

01-Brotha 2 Brotha
02-Caravan Of Love
03-And I Love Her
04-By Your Side
06-A Long Goodbye
07-From Monday Thru Sunday

Brutha-Brutha (2008)

01-Bang Bang
02-Cant Hear The Music(Feat.Fabolous)
03-She's Gone
04-Set It Off
05-Like This
06-Afraid To Love
08-What If
09-Just Being Honest
10-Make You Love It

Day 26-Day 26 (2008)

01-I'm The Reason
02-Got Me Going
03-In My Bed
04-Silly Love
05-Come With Me
06-Co Star
07-Come In
08-Are We In This Together
09-What It Feels Like
10-Since You've Been Gone
11-If It Wasn't For You
12-Don't Fight The Feeling
13-Ain't Going(Feat.Danity Kane & Donnie.J)
14-Exclusive (No Excuses)

Freitag, 18. März 2011

Steve Ivory-Fantasy (EP) (2005)

02-Close To You
03-Tound The Club
04-Everything´s Changed
06-Make It Right

Risk-You Are My Joy (1999)

01-You Are My Joy
02-Hanging Out (With My Girl)
03-When A Man Loves A Woman
04-Best Love Around
05-Hold Your Head Up
07-Hanging Out (With My Girl) (Instrumental)
08-Cozy (Instrumental)

Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

R.P.M.-Peace In The City (2000)

02-I Want Your Body
03-Got To Get Over You
04-Yo Love
05-She Never Calls
07-When You're Mine
08-Down Low
09-Bump In Your Ride
10-U Don't Really Know
11-On & On
12-Peace In The City

Shomari-Every Day Has A Sun (1992)

02-Are You Ready
03-If You Feel The Need
04-Got To Go Get Ready
05-Let It Be Me
07-Stand For Something
08-Shout Out
09-Give Me Love
10-It Started
11-Closer To You
12-Good Love
13-Hurts Me Inside
14-Every Day Has A Sun
15-Keep The Faith In God

Thyrd Ave-The E.P. Project (1999)

02-You & I
03-Can't Get Over
04-It's Over (Early In The Morning)

Terry Garmon-Stand For Something (1995)

01-Stand For Something
02-Leaning And Depending
03-Any Way
05-Bought With A Price
06-Salt Of The Earth
07-Something 'bout Jesus
09-Would You Be Ready
10-Over And Over
11-Stay On The Cross

Nujoi-Nujoi (1995)

01-Unto The Lord
03-I Tried
04-I Wanna Be Yours
05-Giving My Love
06-Come Along
07-Shout Outs (Interlude)
08-God Says Wait
09-Out Of The Rain
10-Fact Of Life
11-Share The Love
12-Harvest Time
13-Giving My Love (Reprise)
14-God Says Wait (Bonus)