Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

Remixx-The Beginning (2004)

03-Feel Me
04-Until The Day
05-Complete Me
06-When Will I See You Again
07-To Be With You
08-Neo Love
09-Girl What´s Up
10-Secret Lovers
11-Feel Me (Remix)
12-Girl What´s Up (Remix)
13-Everyday Lover

Isaac Adams-Bodywork (1994)

01-Make Time For Love
04-Let´s Make Love Tonight
05-How´s Your Love Life
06-Stickin My Love
07-Tease Me And Please Me
08-Nothing´s Better Than Loving You
09-Catch A Grip
10-Same Difference
11-Bodywork (Bonus Track)

Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Jacovia-Cove-rt Operations (2001)

01-Freaky (Intro)
02-Cover-Rt Op
03-On Mo Chance
04-Sweet Variety
05-Nasty Girl
06-Sex You Body
08-So Hard
09-Giving All My Love
10-The Tris
11-Good Love
12-Tongue Twistin' (Outro)

Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Ra'se-Memories (2005)

03-Last Night
04-She Wants(Feat.Lil Digg)
05-Scared Of Love
08-Love Of Money(Feat.D.G.)
10-I'll Go
12-Good Time
13-Been Waiting
14-No More
15-The Wait
16-It's Alright
17-My Prayer

Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

Joe II Tex-The Legacy Continues (Volume 1) (2002)

01-I Want You The Way You Are
02-Really,Really Didn´t Now
03-You´re My Star
04-Do You Still Love Me
05-Do Everything For You
06-Put Your Heart In My Hands
07-Something´s Going On
08-What You Gonna Do With It

Cory Robinson-Tell Me (1998)

01-Turn Me On
02-Don't Let Go
03-Tell Me
04-Sexy Lover
05-I'll Cry Over U
06-Your Love Is On My Mind
07-Ghetto Luv
08-Wind U Up
09-Eye On The Sparrow
10-One More Try
11-Woman 4 Me
12-T.M.A... Tell Me Again
13-Lift Every Voice

Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

Richie Stephens-Pot Of Gold (1993)

01-Everytime You're There
02-Body Slam
03-Black Cinderella
04-Move On
05-In Love With You
06-Go For Number One
07-Love Ain't No Holiday
08-Pot Of Gold
10-Baby (Got To Let You Know)

Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Auto & Cherokee-Naked Music (1992)

01-Introduction To Our World
02-Naked Music
04-Indian Summer
05-So Good To Be In Love
06-Best Of Friends
07-Interlude (Breed Of The Apple Children)
08-She Eats Like A Lion
09-Hack Your Bed
10-Hook You Up
11-Forever Yours
13-Taste (Street Single Mix)

Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

Jackie Boyz-The Beginning (Japan Release) (2008)

01-Callin' Me
02-Perform For Ya
03-She's Not Perfect
04-Met Her In The 'A'
07-Like A Wrestler
10-Gimme That Back
13-And The Band Played

André Lee-So Good (1997)

01-Take Hold Of Your Life
02-I'm Going Crazy
03-Something About Your Loving
04-Don't Take Your Love Away
05-That Look In Your Eye
06-So Good
07-Love Ballad
08-Can This Be Real
09-My Shining Star
10-Tell Me That You Want My Love

Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

On Cue-Jiggy (CDM) (1997)

01-Jiggy (Lest Is Best Remix)
02-Jiggy (Radio Mix)
03-Jiggy (Street Mix)
04-Jiggy (Jeep Mix)
05-Jiggy (Instrumental)

LSO-What's A Girl To Do (1994)

01-Get It Right
02-Second Hand Love
03-Down, Down, Down
05-What's A Girl To Do
06-Prisoner Of Love
07-Blue Skies Brown Eyes
08-Secret Admirer
09-If I Were Your Lover
10-I Can't Control

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

Ali Ollie Woodson-Never Give Up (2009)

01-Walk Away From Love
02-Never Give Up
03-Misty Morning
04-My Na Na
05-Do Yo Dance
06-Give Me One More Chance
07-Family Reunion
08-Dance With Me
09-Heaven Chose You To Be My Valentine

George St. Kitts-Never Stop (1995)

03-Wanna Be With You
04-It's Alright
05-Every Little Thing
07-Never Stop
08-Anything You Want Me To
10-Do You Remember
11-Run Back To Me
12-Can't Live Without You
13-Cheek To Cheek(Feat.Debbie Johnson)
14-Can't Live Without You (Reprise)

David Josias-Ghetto Love (2001)

01-Ain't Gone Trip
02-It's Ashame
03-What Goes Around(Feat.Shaki & Tonye)
04-Get Off 10
05-Ghetto Love
06-Handle Dat
07-I Got U
08-Anythang 4 U
09-Young Love
10-Mindblowin (Live)
11-Much Love
12-Don't U Forget (Roger Troutman)
14-In My Life Forever (Bonus Track)

David Josias-Special Time (2001) CDs

01-Special Time
02-In My Life (Remix)
03-Til We Get Married

JHJ-Shine (2005)

01-Come With Me
02-Playa (Beware!)
04-1 Chance Rd.
05-Let's Get It On
06-So Glad
07-You're The One
08-Good Love
10-Been So Long
11-If I'm Your Man
12-Come Here
13-So In Love
14-Thank You

Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

Erick Matthews-No Fear In Me (2001)

03-Get Out My Face
04-Angel Song
06-War Clothes(Feat.Prime Minister & Chris Fa' Real)
07-I Will Not Bow Down
08-Callin' Me
11-Get Out My Face (Remix)(Feat.Randie Matthews)

3 A.M-Past Your Bedtime (2003)

01-Countdown (Intro)
02-So Sexy
03-So What
05-Sexaholic (Interlude)
06-Sex You
07-Can't Wait
08-U Got Me
09-Can U Feel Me
10-Dance To This
11-In Time
12-Let Me Know Girl
13-Ohh Girl (Interlude)
14-Freak U Right
15-What's Up
16-Our Love
17-Come Back To Me
18-Fly With Me

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011

Mr Alexander-From Friday Night 'Till Monday Mornin' (2000)

02-I Don't Wanna
03-She Knew Me From Around The Way
04-Niggaz Don't Know Me
05-Friday Night 'Till
06-I Should Be Groovin'
08-Don't Tell Me That You Can't Tell
09-Mrs Alexander
10-Let's Stay Together
11-Monday Mornin'
12-Oh Shit!

Derick Hughes-All For Love (2000)

01-(Intro) All For Love
02-I Think About
03-Love And The Lady
04-More Than Love
05-All For Love
09-Way U Love
10-Can You Say Love
11-Want & Desire
13-Sho Nuff In Love
15-Hip City
17-Ebony Child
18-All For Love (Outro)

Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011

D'n'G of Shai-Worldwide (2008)

02-Perfect 10
03-I Be Sexy
05-Tell Me Why
06-Like A Boss
07-About You
09-My Cherry
10-Something About You
11-Never Fall In Love
12-Catch Me If You Can
14-Recipe For Love

D'Maestro-Sanity (2010)

01-Sanity Pt.I
02-What Happened
03-She Needs To Know
05-What I Want(Remix)(Feat.Supe)
06-She Is
07-Somethin' Bout Us
08-Bigg Boi Swagg(Feat.Bigg Ben)
09-Sanity Pt.II
11-I Know You Like Me(Feat.Teagy Rum)
13-2ce Alone(Feat.Mike.B)
14-Sanity Pt.III
15-Situations (Live From Atlanta)

Carmichael-You Cant Break Me (2003)

01-I Know
02-What Have We Become
03-You Can't Break Me
04-Light Shine
05-Only You
07-Let's Get Together
08-It's Over
09-I'll Make You Say
10-The Way.......Plus 9 Additional Songs

Barrio Boyzz-Crazy Coolin (1992)

01-A Chance For Love
02-The Love That You Deserve
03-I'll Treat You Right
04-Crazy Coolin'
05-With You
06-Thought You Were Mine
07-Latin Groove
08-Whisper To Me
09-Taste Of Love
10-O' My Goodness
12-Muy Suavemente
13-Y Eres Tu
14-The Love That You Deserve (Spanish Version)

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

TWB (The Wardlaw Brothers)-Only Believe (2003) (EP)

01-Man In The Mirror
02-Don't Worry
03-You Gave Me
04-Jesus, You're The Reason
05-Only Believe
06-Together We Can

Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Natural Behaviour-Lovers Lane (1999)

01-Uptown Girl
02-Behind These Walls
03-Lovers Lane
04-Baby I'm Sorry
05-Part II More Than You Should Know
07-I C U Make'n Eyes At Me

Hami-Good Thangz (Promo) CDs (1995)

01-Good Thang

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

Soultry-Soultry (1995)

02-I'll Get Mine
03-What I Want
04-Sex In The Rain
05-Where Do Broken Hearts Belong
06-I Know All Along
07-Cash Money
08-Relax Your Mind
09-Can I Get Too Know You
10-Temperature's Climbing

Smooth Approach-One Kiss (2004)

01-Let Em Go
02-Break Dat Back
03-Call On Me
05-One Kiss
06-Nothin' But A Party
08-You're The One
09-Secret Lover (Hush Baby)
10-Try Again
11-Gotta Go
12-Take You Home
13-Break Dat Back (Remix)

Sho-Sho Me Love (2005)

01-Your Day Your Hour(Feat.Gaz Nightandday)
02-Me Love(Feat.Obie Trice)
03-Gotta Luv Her
04-Lets Make Love
05-Sex Talk
06-Lets Ride
07-P.I.M.P. (Remix)(Feat.Lu 75 Pharmacy Records)
08-Who Do I Choose
09-Thank You
10-Someone Special
11-Comeandget It
12-Keep Ya Head Up(Feat.Tone)
13-Its So Hard(Feat.1000 Bars)

Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

Liberty City-Liberty City Fla (2000)

01-Dirty Shame
02-What's A Man To Do
03-I Met Her In Miami
04-Everybody C'mon
05-Even Good Girls Go Bad
06-Who's She Lovin' Now
07-Interlude (I Can't Go On)
08-Come On Back
09-More Than I
11-Lovin' On Your Body
12-Get Away
13-Out The Door
14-Thank You

Klockwerk-Masters Of Time (1996)

01-Smooth It Out
02-I Will Still Love You
04-Let Me Love You
06-Missing You
08-Why Should I Kick It
09-On You Like Klockwerk
10-The Love That I Have
11-I'll Do
12-We Can Do This

J.Rowe-Enter The Life (2008)

01-Intro (Who Ya'll Want)
02-Are U Ready
04-Club U N Me
05-My Body
06-Assume Da Position
07-Like You Want It
09-Leave This Planet
10-Fantasy Island
11-Sick Of Lovin U
13-Love Out This Box
14-Come Back 2 Me
15-One Of Dem Thangz
16-Party Til Dawn

Gary Taylor-Love Dance (1998)

01-Love Dance
02-You Can Have It All
03-Holding On
04-You Complete My Dreams
05-Will You Come Back
07-Flirting With An Angel
08-Don't Say No
09-What Kind Of Fool
10-Love Dance (Conversation Remix)

Freitag, 13. Mai 2011

N.T.C.-The Journey (A Quest For Luv) (1994)

01-Try My Luv
02-Candi Luv
03-Saving My Luv 4 You
07-Peace Unity Love And Having Fun
08-In Your Eyes
09-April Fooled Ya
10-Jimmi Don't You Cry
11-Journey (Luv Mix)

LaTanya-LaTanya (2000)

01-What U On(Feat.Twista)
02-This House(Feat.Memphis Bleek)
04-If You Play Your Cards Right
05-Why You Acting Shady
06-Make You Moan
07-Yes You're My Baby(Feat.Al Hudson)
08-Mornign Love
09-I Gets High
10-He Will
11-Baby Be True To Me
12-Was She
13-In The Rain
14-Whatcha Gonna Do

Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011

Oscar Snow-She Talks To Me With Her Body (2000) (EP)

01-She Talks To Me With Her Body (Radio Mix)
02-She Talks To Me With Her Body (Instrumental Radio)
03-Strip Bizz History(Feat.Bernie Mack)
04-Snow Ho (Club Mix)
05-Strip Club (Re-Mix)
06-Strip Club (Instrumental Re-Mix)
07-Just The Way I Feel About You (Bonus Trax From Snow´s Groove Vol 1)
08-Just The Way I Feel About You (Re-Mix)

Mondrae' Williams-Word Up (2009)

01-Word Up
03-Forgive Me
04-I Cry Out
05-So In Luv
06-So Glad
07-If It Had Not
08-I'm All You Need
09-I'm Calling
10-All My Love (Wedding Song)
11-Let's Start
12-Word Up (DJ Mix)

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Eddie Howard-Power Under Control (2003)

01-Im Feelin U
02-Everything I've Wanted To Say
03-This Room
04-I´ve Got The Party
05-Talkin In Your Sleep
06-One Love
07-Another Sleepless Night
08-More Woman
09-I´ll Be The Man
10-In The Bad Times
11-We´re Alone Now
12-I´m In Love
13-Let Freedom Ring
14-Im Missing You
15-Waiting On Your Return

Jesse Graham-Deepah (1996)

02-Call Me
03-The Power Is In The Microphone
04-What You Want
05-Sanctified Friend
06-Anything Goes
08-Down Lo
09-Brighter Days
10-Mailman (Dance Version)

Everis-With Love...From Me 2 U (1999)

01-One Of A Kind
02-Love Me Back
03-I Like The Way (Jeep Mix)
04-Hooked On Lovin You
05-From Me 2 U
06-I Like The Way
07-Lets Make It Gentle(Feat.Trichelle)
09-You Turn Me On
10-Sweet Guitar
11-Summer Time
12-This Time
13-Better Love
14-From Me 2 U (Ballad Remake)
15-My Friend

Montag, 9. Mai 2011

D'Nessa-All About You (Japan Release) (1997)

01-Lesson I´ve Learned
02-All About You
03-It´s Too Late
04-Take A Little Time
06-Believe In Love
07-Come Over
08-Love Won´t Let Me Wait
10-Can´t Take No More
11-My Love Is Not For You

Devyn Austin-The One For Me (2000)

01-Shake It
02-Can't Get Over U
03-Lay'd Back
04-Hello It's Me (Chicago Smooth)
05-One For Me
06-Looking For A Lover
07-All The Time
08-Time Is Now
09-Freaky Night For 2
10-I Need You Tonight
11-Nobody Loves Me Like You Do
12-Hello, It's Me (Old School)

Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

James Robinson-Guilty (1987)

01-Can We Do It Again
04-Feel Like Going On
05-Seems So Long
06-The Lord's Prayer
07-A Kind Of Love
08-Just What I've Been Missing
09-When You'll Be Mine
10-You're The One I've Been Dreaming Of

Mac Band-The Real Deal (1991)

02-Whenever You're Ready
03-The Good Groove
04-Miss Used
05-Take My Heart Away
06-I Belong To You
07-You Don't Know
08-Don't Keep Me Waiting
09-Think About You
10-One Step To Ya'
11-Take The Time

Tease-Remember (1988)

02-I Can't Stand The Rain
04-Somewhere Somebody
06-Bad Reputation (U're Ruinin' My)
07-Hangin' On
08-Let's Stop Pretending
09-With All My Love
10-A Love Of Your Own

Ee-De-A.K.A. Mr.Up And Down (2004)

01-Let's Get to it (The Krunk Love Song)
02-Tell Me Your Secrets
03-Sex Center
05-Up And Down
07-You Better Take Care
08-See You Again
09-Shakewine (Remix)
10-Radio Bounce(Feat.Mark Curry)
11-Gospel (outro)

Diversiti-Diversiti (2002)

02-There For You
03-Lady In My Life
04-Love's Alright
05-She Used To Love Me
06-Do You Wanna Be With Me
07-Don't Wanna Live (Without You)
08-What Would You Do
09-First Love
10-Believe In Love
11-The Story Begins
12-Still In Love
13-Gone Away

Chevalier-Geek Or Genius (2008)

02-Cry (Remix)
03-U Need Some
06-Cry (House Mix)
08-Knite Ryder
10-U No Dat