Dienstag, 28. September 2021

Levert-I Get Hot (1985)



01-I'm Still 02-I Get Hot 03-I Want Too 04-Exciting Lady 05-All In The Way You Dance 06-Dancing With You 07-Melt 08-Jam

Montag, 27. September 2021

Lakeside-Rough Riders (1979)

01-From 9-00 Until (Remix) 02-Rough Rider 03-All In My Mind 04-If You Like Our Music (Get On Up And Move) 05-I Can't Get You Out Of My Head 06-Pull My Strings 07-I'll Never Leave You 08-From 9-00 Until (Original)

Sonntag, 26. September 2021

Robi Rivers-His Promise (2005)

01-Wonderful Counselor 02-Jehovah Jireh 03-Believers Promise 04-Better 05-Thou Art Worthy 06-I Adore You 07-Call Jesus (Intro) 08-Call Jesus 09-More Than Conquerors 10-Lead Me To The Rock 11-Live So Medly (Intro) 12-Live So Medly 13-Heaven A Beautiful Place 14-See You Again

Samstag, 25. September 2021

Robert Earl Wilson-Never Give Up (2000)

01-Dreams Of Yesterday 02-Twice Done 03-Partymen 04-Lost You Forever 05-Cry It Out 06-Rock Your Baby 07-Never Give Up 08-You Got Me Crazy 09-Broken Lady 10-Hold On To My Love 11-Twice Done

Freitag, 24. September 2021

RL-Return Of The Voice II (2011)

01-The Return II (Intro) 02-Motion Picture 03-Gangster Of Love II 04-Bump 8X 05- Freaky Girls 06-Jodeci Shit 07-Do It To U 08-Everybody 09-Ain't U 10-Money Can't Buy U Love 11-All Nite (Prelude) 12-Mixup II

Donnerstag, 23. September 2021

Robert Moe-Calling You


01-Forever 02-Everyday 03-Try God's Love 04-Be Alright 05-I Love You Lord 06-Nothing Shall Separate Me 07-Calling You 08-So Glad 09-If It Had Not Been 10-Finally 11-Redeemed 12-Refreshing 13-I Found The Way

Mittwoch, 22. September 2021

M.L.V.-M.L.V (2006)



01-I Got Your Back 02-27 Days 03-Be Real With Each Other 04-4 Seasons 05-Somethin About You 06-Beautiful A Million Times 07-No Better Love 08-Thought I Had Her 09-A Woman's Touch 10-Rusty's Revenge 11-Diggin It Out

Dienstag, 21. September 2021

LovHer-LovHer (Advance CD) (2002)



01-How It's Gonna Be (Intro) 02-Your Man 03-Girls Gonna Do 04-Girlfriend (Interlude) 05-Girlfriend 06-Love 07-Do You Know Me 08-Don't Leave 09-I Don't Wan't Your Man 10-What Could've Been 11-Commitment 12-Club (Interlude) 13-You Don't Know Me(Feat.Sisqo) 14-Happy Days

Montag, 20. September 2021

London Jones-For You (1994)

01-Intro 02-Joi 03-Save Our Love 04-You Said 05-Middleman 06-Love Means We 07-I Lust 4 You 08-Baby Get Yours Tonight 09-You're So Special 10-Over And Over 11-Your Nature 12-Give And Take 13-What Makes A Man 14-Flip The Script 15-Little Miss Thang 16-Joi (Remix)

Sonntag, 19. September 2021

Kali-Giving The Best Of Me (1999)

01-Kaldance 02-I Found 03-Luv 2 Ya 04-Tell Me 05-Some 1 Like U 06-Smile 07-Best Of Me 08-Feeling You 09-You Ain't My Friend 10-Where Do We Go 11-Together Now 12-Interlude

Samstag, 18. September 2021

F.L.O.W-So Scandalous (EP) (1997)

01-Don't Tease 02-Nobody In The World 03-Make It Right 04-Loves Taken Over Me 05-So Scandalous

Freitag, 17. September 2021

Ephee Cohen-All I Want To Do Is Love (1994)

01-Do She Love Ya Do She Care 02-Dry Your Eyes 03-All I Want To Do Is Love 04-Don't Try And Play Me 05-Human 06-I can't Live Without You Girl 07-Kappa 08-Eemma 09-Enea Ya Halomeem 10-Leebee Neeshbar 11-Ketsev 2000-Rhythm 2000 12-Golda 13-Tribute To A Jewish Nation

Donnerstag, 16. September 2021

Double Action Theatre-D.A.T (EP) (1993)


01-It's Only Love 02-Killing Her Softly 03-Never Again 04-Sweet Little One 05-When I Say I Do 06-Who Would Have Thought 07-You Changed

Mittwoch, 15. September 2021

H.Clay-Date Knight (EP) (2014)



01-Love Song 02-Hanging Around You 03-Shadows 04-Dancing On U Tube

Dienstag, 14. September 2021

Ginuwine-A Mans Thoughts (2009)



01-Interlude 02-Show Off 03-Trouble 04-Last Chance 05-Interlude 06-One Time For Love 07-Open The Door 08-Get Involved 09-Orchestra 10-Touch Me 11-Lying To Each Other 12-Even When Im Mad 13-Bridge To Love 14-Used To Be The One 15-Show Me The Way

Montag, 13. September 2021

Felicia Cumbus-Why You Wanna Hurt Me (EP) (1997)

01-I Think It's Time 02-Why You Wanna Hurt Me 03-Hold Me 04-Sometimes 05-Why Must We Fight 06-Sometimes (Remix) 07-Why You Wanna Hurt Me (Intro)

Sonntag, 12. September 2021

Jean Carn-Trust Me (1982)

01-Steady On My Mind 02-Don't Let Me Slip Away 03-Trust Me 04-Super Explosion 05-My Baby Loves Me 06-If You Don't Know Me By Now 07-Completeness 08-Better To Me

Samstag, 11. September 2021

James'D-Train' Williams-In Your Eyes (Expanded Edition) (1988)

01-In Your Eyes 02-Order In The House 03-With All My Heart 04-If You Know What I Know 05-Shadow Of Another Love 06-Runner 07-Curious 08-Child Of Love 09-Diamond In The Night 10-My Friend 11-Smile 12-Runner (7') 13-Runner (Dub Mix) 14-In Your Eyes (7') 15-In Your Eyes (Dub Mix)

Freitag, 10. September 2021

Howard Johnson-The Vision (1985)

01-Stand Up 02-Knees 03-So Tuff 04-Outta My Head 05-You´ve Got A Lot To Learn 06-Show Me How 07-All We Have Is Love 08-Older Girl

Donnerstag, 9. September 2021

Howard Johnson-Keepin Love New (1982)


01-Keepin' Love New 02-Forever Falling In Love 03-Take Me Through The Night 04-Jam Song 05-So Glad You're My Lady 06-So Fine 07-Say You Wanna 08-This Is Heaven

Mittwoch, 8. September 2021

J.Williams-Young Love (2009)



01-Intro 02-Ghetto Flower 03-Set It Off 04-Blow Your Mind 05-Flavour 06-Soldieress 07-Vanilla Ladies 08-Stand With You 09-Beautiful 10-Why 11-Crazy Love 12-Your Style 13-Till Itaes Gone

Dienstag, 7. September 2021

J. Isaac-Welcome To The Planet (2006)



01-The Gift (Intro) 02-Happy Birthday From Jamecia (Interlude) 03-Baby Ez Up 04-The Promotion 05-It's Just Game 06-It's Your World 07-How I Roll 08-Just Like That 09-Do Or Die 10-Fish Outta Water 11-This Doe 12-Time Machine 13-X Stripper 14-Gimme A Beat (Interlude) 15-Happy 2 B Here 16-Trip A Lit' Bit 17-Praise God Not Me (Interlude) 18-Snap 19-Heal The Hood 20-Finally Home 21-Nothin'

Montag, 6. September 2021

Fanta-C-NRB Music (2013)

01-Nrb (New Rhythm And Blues) (Intro) 02-We're Back 03-Pocket Watching 04-Do What It Do 05-Love Zone (Interlude) 06-Fed Up 07-Save Me 08-50/50 Love 09-Closer Than Close 10-You Mean The World To Me

Sonntag, 5. September 2021

JD73- Make Your Move (2015)

01-Make Your Move 02-Believe In Love (Album Version) 03-What You Got 04-Marimba Dance (Instrumental) 05-Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling 06-All Night Long 07-Tripping Out (Instrumental) 08-Gimme A Chance 09-Don't Forget My Love 10-Show Me (Album Version)

Samstag, 4. September 2021

Jay-El-Get Closer (2007)

01-Perfect 02-Don't Stop (Interlude) 03-Repeat 04-Jerk Ya Body 05-Memories 06-Get Closer 07-Compliments 08-You'll Never Find 09-Reverse (Prelude) 10-Reverse 11-Breakin All Tha Rules 12-Body Talk 13-Dream Girl 14-Can't Let Go 15-Painkiller 16-Dance Close (B-Rock Mix) 17-Bonus Track

Freitag, 3. September 2021

Jay-El-Dance Close-Reverse (CDM) (2005)

01-Dance Close (B-Rock Bass Mix) 02-Dance Close 03-Reverse 04-Can't Let Go (Snippet) 05-Jerk Ya Body (Snippet) 06-Dance Close (B-Rock Bass Mix) (Instrumental) 07-Dance Close (Instrumental) 08-Dance Close (Accapella) 09-Reverse (Instrumental) 10-Reverse (Accapella)

Donnerstag, 2. September 2021

Jay-El-Be About Yours (CDM) (2003)


01-Be About Yours (Radio) 02-Be About Yours (Album Version) 03-Be About Yours (The III Remix) 04-Be About Yours (Bad Wolfe Remix) 05-Be About Yours (Instrumental) 06-Be About Yours (A Cappella) 07-He Don't Care (Snippet) 08-Breathe You (Snippet) 09-Sittin On Dubs (Snippet

Mittwoch, 1. September 2021

The Chi-Lites-Bottom's Up (1983)



01-Bottom's Up 02-You Take The Cake 03-I Just Wanna Love You 04-Making Love 05-Changing For You 06-Touch Me 07-Bad Motor Scooter 08-I Love 09-Bottom's Up (Extended Version) 10-Bottom's Up (Groove)

Dienstag, 31. August 2021

The Chi-Lites-A Lonely Man (1972)



01-Oh Girl 02-Living In The Footsteps Of Another Man 03-Love Is 04-Being In Love 05-A Lonely Man 06-The Man & The Woman (The Boy & The Girl) 07-Ain't Too Much Of Nothin'' 08-Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) 09-The Coldest Days Of My Life 10-Oh Girl (From The Flip Wilson Show)

Montag, 30. August 2021

The Chi-Lites-(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People (1970)

01-Yes I'm Ready 02-We Are Neighbors 03-I Want To Pay You Back 04-Have You Seen Her 05-Give More Power To The People 06-Love Uprising 07-Trouble's A Comin' 08-You Got Me Walkin' 09-What Do I Wish For

Sonntag, 29. August 2021

Shirley Lewis-Passion (1989)

01-Realistic 02-Love Somebody 03-Boy Meets Girl 04-Passion In The Heart 05-You Can't Hide 06-Heartbreaker 07-The Best In Me 08-Where Do We Go From Here 09-Life After Love 10-Save Me 11-Don't Burn Your Bridges

Samstag, 28. August 2021

Rose Royce-Strikes Again! (1978)

01-Get Up Off Your Fat 02-Do It, Do It 03-I'm In Love (And I Love The Feeling) 04-First Come, First Serve 05-Love Don't Live Here Anymore 06-Angel In The Sky 07-Help 08-Let Me Be The First To Know 09-That's What's Wrong With Me

Freitag, 27. August 2021

Rose Royce-Rainbow Connection IV (1979)

01-I Wonder Where You Are Tonight 02-Is It Love You're After 03-Shine Your Light 04-What You Waitin' For 05-Bad Mother Funker 06-You Can't Run From Yourself 07-Lock It Down 08-Pazazz

Donnerstag, 26. August 2021

Rikki Patrick-Break Point (1985)


01-I Never Thought It Would Come To This 02-Night Moves 03-So Much In Love 04-Take A Raincheck 05-Save Us 06-Breakpoint 07-Clear The Way 08-Don't You Wanna 09-You've Got It All 10-Never Too Late

Mittwoch, 25. August 2021

J. Feel-Forbidden Conversations (2005)



01-Shinning Starr 02-Howfar 03-Hem 04-Compares 2 U 05-Forrbidden Conversation 06-Then Came U 07-I Come 08-No One's Home 09-Love Lesson 10-U've Changed 11-Beaware

Dienstag, 24. August 2021

Faith Evans-R&B Divas (2012)


01-Lovin' Me 02-Tears Of Joy 03-Mr.Supafly 04-Too High For Love 05-Sisterfriend 06-Dumb 07-Sometimes 08-True Colors 09-Stonewall 10-She's Me 11-Soon As I Get Home (Live In LA) 12-Jesus Loves

Montag, 23. August 2021

Don-E-Natural (2008)

01-Addictive Love 02-Love Shine In 03-Kool 04-Stay A While 05-Writing's On The Wall 06-Waiting In Vain 07-You And I 08-Get Off 09-E-Scape (Interlude) 10-Drive 11-Like I Like It 12-So Cold 13-Holla At Me 14-Natural 15-The Time Is Now

Sonntag, 22. August 2021

Karisma-Turn It Up (200X)

01-Little Of This A Lot Of That 02-I Want You Baby 03-Over You 04-Gotta Know 05-Turn It Up 06-I Remember 07-Didn't Have To Lie To Me 08-What Is Love 09-Hard To Get 10-For You 11-Let Go Of My Head 12-Dance With Me 13-All About Me 14-Not What You Said 15-Reflections

Samstag, 21. August 2021

Deekay-Dermo (Unreleased) (200X)

01-1 On 1 02-Come Round 03-Ohh Girl 04-Not My Girl 05-She Belongs To Someone Else 06-How Do I 07-All I Ever Wanted 08-Girl 2 Girl 09-I Don't Mind 10-No Love 11-This Girl

Freitag, 20. August 2021

Club Debonnaire-Welcome To (2002)

01-Intro 02-Player's Joint 03-Come Close To Me 04-Grown Man Cry 05-Reign Down On Me (Interlude) 06-Crazy 07-Symbol Of A Lady 08-69 09-Stronger (Interlude) 10-Stronger 11-Let It Flow 12-Nothing Goin On 13-A Better Me 14-Outro 15-Crazy (Remix)

Donnerstag, 19. August 2021

Baby Lee-How I Feel (1997)


01-Goodbye 02-True Lies 03-I Fell For You 04-Round N' Round 05-Not This Time 06-Rain 07-Goin' Away 08-How I Feel 09-How I Feel (Instrumental)

Mittwoch, 18. August 2021

Jeff Hendrick-Soul Celebration (2005)



01-Celebrate 02-Old School Party 03-I Just Wanna Dance 04-I Like The Way 05-Summertime 06-You're All I Ever Wanted 07-She's So Sexy 08-Love U Down 09-One Ya Want 10-Old School Party (feat. Spek)

Dienstag, 17. August 2021

Jamal Evans-Versatile (2011)



01-Morning Mash Up (Promo) 02-Pump 03-It's Not A Dream 04-You're The One 05-Sweet Love OS90 06-Versatile 07-Without You 08-Loving You 09-It's Alright 10-Stay Together 11-Where's Your Man 12-Let's Take A Ride

Montag, 16. August 2021

Jake & Papa-Somethin' Soulful (2012)

01-Intro (My Soul) 02-My Baby 03-Sex Education 04-Somethin' Soulful 05-Gets No Better (Sisi's Interlude) 06-Kiss Em Off 07-Rain 08-Trill Love 09-Nasty 10-Bad Decisions 11-B.A.P.S. 12-In Love With Makin Love 13-Summer Beneath The Trees (Ashley's Interlude) 14-Pretty Black Bird 15-Freedom 16-Ashes (Outro)

Sonntag, 15. August 2021

Helen Baylor-My Everything (2002)

01-Lord, You're Holy 02-Harambee 03-My Everything 04-The Potter's Hand 05-How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) 06.It's Ok To Cry 07-Take It Up 08-Move Another Mountain 09-Jesus, Jesus, Jesus 10-Outside These Walls

Samstag, 14. August 2021

Elaine Stepter-The Women I Am (2007)

01-The Woman I Am 02-Come See About Me 03-Dim The Lights 04-What Am I To Do 05-Be Good To Me 06-Our Love 07-Selfish One 08-Love Overnight 09-Promises 10-Quality Time

Freitag, 13. August 2021

Bo Roc-My Music My Soul (2010)

01-Everyday 02-Boulevard Nights 03-On Fire 04-I Love You 05-Oh Daddy 06-Freak Of The Week 07-Peace Of Mind 08-I Don't Bang No More 09-A Soldiers Song 10-Just Surrender 11-Happiness 12-Summertime In The LBC (Remix)

Donnerstag, 12. August 2021

Akia-Atruprncss (EP) (2003)


01-California 02-I Still Miss You 03-Little Bit 04-Agenda 05-Pink Panties 06-California (Remix)

Mittwoch, 11. August 2021

Michael Bolton-The One Thing (Japan Release) (1993)



01-Said I Loved You...But I Lied 02-I'm Not Made Of Steel 03-The One Thing 04-Soul Of My Soul 05-Completely 06-Lean On Me 07-Ain't Got Nothing If You Ain't Got Love 08-A Time For Letting Go 09-Never Get Enough Of Your Love 10-In The Arms Of Love 11-The Voice Of My Heart

Dienstag, 10. August 2021

Michael Bolton-One World, One Love (2009)



01-Ready For You 02-Just One Love 03-Need You To Fall 04-Hope It's Too Late 05-Can You Feel Me 06-The Best 07-Murder My Heart 08-You Comfort Me 09-Sign Your Name 10-Invisible Tattoo 11-Survivor 12-Crazy Love