Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011

Jimmy Hodges-Insatiable Drive (1997)

01-If Loving You Is Wrong... I Don't Want To Be Right
02-Take It Or Leave It
03-Super Freak
05-Fine Young Thing
07-Love Zone
09-You Make Love Easy
10-Talk To Me
11-Back To Love

Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Verge Of Life-You Don't Have To Cry (2007)

01-You Don't Have To Cry
02-Clap Your Hands
03-Call On Him
05-He May Not Come
07-This Is Me
08-Gotta Keep Holding On
09-Nick Of Time
10-What Is Love
11-You're My Saviour
12-Clap Your Hands (Rap Version)
13-I'll Praise Your Name

Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Charles C-Bring R&B Back (EP) (2007)

01-Everything I Want
02-Hey Mami
03-Im Callin You
05-Mmm Mmm Mmm
06-Shawty Patrol

Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

Arijinale-Arijinale (1994)

01-911 Arijinale In Da House
02-Come Back Home
03-Don't Be Scared
04-I'm The Man
05-This Is My Boy
07-Give It To You
08-Dry Your Eyes
09-Shake It Baby
10-Grass Is Greener
11-What's Wrong With Me
12-Run To You
14-Cold Outside
15-Loneliest Man

T'ee-Love Me Tender (CDM) (1998)

01-Love Me Tender (Bodean's Radio Edit)
02-Love Me Tender (Peter's Flavour Radio Edit)
03-Love Me Tender (Benztown Mixdown)
04-Love Me Tender (Benztown Club Mix)
05-Love Me Tender (Unplugged)

Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

Ray Greene-It's All About Me(All About You) (1997)

01-It's All About Me(All About You)
02-I Need You
03-More Love
04-Life Is So Much Better
06-Sweet Talk
08-All For Love
09-Giving It Up To Love
10-Bodies In Motion
11-Missing Each Other
12-Love Is All I Have

Wayne Marshall-Ninety Degrees & Rising (1994)

01-90 Degrees (Interlude)
02-Hump Tonight
03-King Of Sex And Soul (Interlude)
04-Sexual Thing(Remix Doggy Style)
05-Your G Spot
06-Kinky Sex
07-Shake It
08-Touch And Kiss You
09-Goodie Goody
10-Cinema Intermission (Interlude)
11-Quick Interval
12-Slow Down
13-Love Life Satisfaction
14-So Bad (Till You Like it)
15-For Those Who've Got The Juice
16-Juice Me

Wayne Marshall- Censored (1995)

01-The Prophecy (Prologue)
04-Slow Grind
05- It's Gonna Be Wicked
06-The Message (Interlude)
07-What About Sex
08-Hump Tonite
09-Ooh La La La
10-Lighter in the Air
12-Sexual Thing
13-My Cherie Amour
14-The Prophecy (Epilogue)

Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011

Dee Heron-Total Satisfaction (CDM) (1995)

01-Total Satisfaction (Bass Satisfaction)
02-Total Satisfaction (Original Mix)
03-Total Satisfaction (Grand Daddy G's Turntable Mix)
04-Total Satisfaction (Wilton Farnell's Club Mix)
05-Total Satisfaction (Radio Edit)

Deep 3-Blueprint 2 Love (2010)

02-Shorty, Shorty
03-Turn It On
04-Put It On Ya
05-Love Doctor
06-U Like It
07-Baby Stay
08-Oh Why
09-Nothin' 2 Somethin'
10-Good Love
11-Angel 4 Me
12-Yo Body

Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2011

Faze-Cold Sweat Again (1997)

01-Call Me
02-Let's Get It On
03-Lately (Radio Edit)
04-I'm Not Gamin'
05-Cold Sweat Again
06-Love You So Crazy
07-You Did Me Wrong
09-Cold Sweat 89
10-Mama's Song
11-Lately (Extended)

D'Maestro-Sanctuary (2002)

01-Sanctuary (Intro)
02-Who's That
03-Treat Yo Man
04-B4 We Lay Down
05-If I Tell
08-Get Over Me
09-Afraid To Say Me
10-In My Place(Feat.Greta Price)
11-You Don't Wanna
13-Just A Kiss
14-Let Go
15-Bitter Spring
16-All I Need
17-Sanctuary II (Outro)

Cquence-Rugged N' Buckwild (2001)

01-Sex Ed
02-Rugged N' Buckwild
03-Bi Sugar Babe
05-Freak Like U(Feat.Misbehavin)
06-Writer's Block
08-I Wanna F...K You
10-No Drama Mama
11-Keep Your Panties On
12-Sugar Coated Kisses
13-Latex Dreams
14-Don't Want To Say I Love You
15-Sugar Coated Kisses

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Times X3 Three-Genuine Love (1995)

01-I've Been Born Again
02-Genuine Love
03-God Gave Me You
04-I Recommend Jesus
05-Christ Is Coming Again
06-Innocent Man
07-911 To Heaven
08-Hold On My Brother
10-Since You Came
11-Genuine Love (Instr.)

Tyga-Tyga (2000)

01-Tell Me (Quiet Storm)
03-Born Again
04-Jazzy Woman
06-Luv Jones
07-Before Now (From Movie Soundtrack)
08-Tell Me (Remix Version)

Julius Petty-Thank You Next Plateau (2008)

01-Thank You
03-Get Out Of My Way
04-Press On
06-Thank You (Remix)
07-Keep Pressing On
08-Make A Way
11-Get Your House In Order
12-FSG Freestyle

Lamorris Williams-U Live & U Learn (2003)

01-As The Record Goes Round
02-Something Bout Your Love
03-One Blessing
04-Walk With Me
05-Whatever Kind Of Love
06-Thank You For Loving Me
07-Nobody´s Gonna Love Me Like You
08-I Got My Mind On It
09-When Ever I Feel
10-U Live And U Learn (To Be Continued)

Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Franklin Thompkins-Tonight Is The Night (EP) (2000)

01-Tonight Is The Night (Soulful R&B)
02-Tonight Is The Night (Instrumental Jazz Version)
03-You Made Me Want It
04-You Made Me Want It (Instrumental)
05-Tonight Is The Night (Lover´s Remix)
06-You Made Me Want It (Dance Remix)
07-Tonight Is The Night (Instrumental Jazz & Background)
08-You Made Me Want It (Background)

Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Dan Fordham-To Whom It May Concern (2000)

01-Reservoir Park
02-Mr. Big
04-Mom's Worried
05-Quiet Moment
06-Just Ask Me
07-Spend The Night
08-Too Hard To Cry

Derek-I`m In The Mood (1999)

01-Getcha Groove On
02-I Wanna Get To Know You
03-I'm In The Mood
05-I Need Your Lovin
07-Talk To Me
08-Listen To The Music
10-Baby I'm Sorry
11-I Love You So
12-We Need Unity

Sherwood-My Heart (1998)

01-Eye Surprise
02-In Your Life
03-Do You Love This Man
04-We Were Together
05-Sexual Beings
06-So Cold
08-Whatcha Gonna Do
10-No Future
11-I'm Through
12-My Heart
13-One Less Bell To Answer (Radio Mix)
14-One Less Bell To Answer
15-Secure Reprise

Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

Touchè-Playtime (EP) (1996)

02-Only You
03-Lay You Down
04-Something To Look Forward To
05-Playtime (Remix)
06-Lay You Down (Remix)

Colour Perfect-Should've Been Good (CDM) (1995)

01-Should've Been Good (Extended Version)
02-Should've Been Good (Radio Version)
03-Should've Been Good (Instrumental Version)
04-Should've Been Good (Acapella Version)
05-Lay It On Me

Danny B. Smooth-Pure Satisfaction (1992)

01-Girl Ya Slammin'
02-Let's Spend The Night
03-Only The Strong Will Survive
04-Pure Satisfaction
05-You Turn Me On
06-Sugar & Spice
07-Rock You
08-Nobody But You
09-Let's Get Busy
10-One Nation

Freitag, 17. Juni 2011

Selections-Our Message (1999)

01-Set Me Free
02-Love Will Conquer All
03-Thank You
05-Reason Why You Live
07-Keep On
08-Within (Interlude)
09-Never Leave
10-Wait For It
12-The Same
13-Our Message (Interlude)

Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Kashif-Love Changes (1987)

01-Love Changes(Duet With Meli´sa Morgan)
02-Loving You Only
03-It All Begins Again
04-Love Me All Over
05-Midnight Mood
06-Fifty Ways (To Fall In Love)
08-Who's Getting Serious
09-Reservations For Two
10-Vacant Heart

Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

Marc Dorsey-Crave (1999)

01-If You Really Wanna Know
02-Break It Down
03-Tell Your Man (He's Gotta Go)
05-Can You Ever Love Somebody
06-All The Way
07-As We Lay
08-All I Do
09-In The Ghetto
10-Love You Again
11-If You Really Wanna Know (Remix)(Feat.Jane Blaze)

For Lovers Only-For Lovers Only (1994)

01-Closer I Get To You (Interlude)
02-I Ain't Stuck On Stupid
03-The Closer I Get To You
04-Anything You Want
06-Calling Out Your Name
07-Nasty Groove
08-Just Because You're Fine
09-I Don't Wanna Let (You Love Go)
10-I Just Wanna Be
11-Take Me (Interlude)
12-Take Me
13-Was Sex All We've Had
14-Do What You Wanna Do

Montag, 13. Juni 2011

Earl Campbell-Unlimited (2002)

01-Why Did You Leave
02-Fairytale Lovers
03-Can We Try Again
04-Wait For Love
07-Last Forever
08-All My Love
09-Song Of Appreciation
10-Last Forever (Instrumental)

Drakkari Black-Storyteller (2001)

01-Enter My World (Intro)
02-Once Upon A Dream
03-Ms. Lady
04-Shall We Dance
05-Holla Back
06-Menage 'et Suite
07-That Way
08-Game Recognize
09-Do You Think About Us
10-My Prayer
11-Shall We Dance (Remix)
12-Darkest Hour (Intro)
13-Darkest Hour
14-Bonus Track

Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011

Ol' Heads-Sweet Surrender (200x)

01-Sweet Surrender
02-Choose You
03-Dirty Mind
04-Do You Wanna
05-Don't Say a Word
06-I Belong to You
07-Down On My Knees
08-Ordinary Love
09-Candy Sweet
10-Pack Your Bags
11-Honey Love
12-Have You Seen Her
13-Special Blend
14-Makes Me Feel Like You (Club Mix)
16-Hot Summer Night

Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Brodeeva-The Late Show (2000)

01-The Flow
02-From This Day On
03-Friend Of Mine
05-Late Show
06-Lady Of The Night
07-Peace Of Mind
08-Show Me Some Love
10-Beautiful Rain(Feat.Smokey Robinson)
11-Player Haters

By All Means-It´s Real (1992)

01-Love Lies
02-The Feeling I Get
03-Don't Change
05-Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
06-In Your Arms
07-I Wanna Be Loved
08-Say You'll Never Leave Me
09-Never Give Up
10-Hello Goodbye

Freitag, 10. Juni 2011

Don-e-Unbreakable (1992)

02-Welcome To My World
03-Oh My Gosh
04-Love Makes The World Go Round
06-Somebody Somehow
08-Undercover Lover
09-Stop What You're Doing
10-Me Oh My
11-Emancipate Your Love
12-Peace In The World
13-Never Ever
14-So Fine
15-U Don't Have 2 Cry

Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

The Katzz-My Everything (1992)

01-Do It To Ya
02-Bambi Eyes
03-My Love For You
04-Gold Mercedes
05-My Everything
06-Tic Toc
07-I'll Be Your Lover
08-If Walls Could Talk
10-Sweet As Can Be (Instumental)
11-Just Me (Interlude)

Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

Clinton Daniel-Life Is Too Short (1997)

01-Love Of My Life
02-Time To Have A Good Time
03-Something Between Us
04-Tell Me
05-Mount Me
06-What Is It About You
08-What R We Waiting 4
09-Weekend Thang
10-I Never Knew
11-Cum On Over
12-Give Me A Chance
13-Train Me
14-Life Is Too Short
15-Get U Off

Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011

David Cobb-Close To You (1991)

01-Step By Step
02-Found A Love
03-Been Born Again
04-Listen (Interlude)
05-Close To You(Duet With D.J.Rogers)
06-Holding On(Duet With Kenny Smith)
07-I´ll Never Let You Go
08-He That Has An Ear
09-Close To You (Reprise)

Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

Darnerien-A Piece Of Me (2009)

02-Come On Dance
03-Forbidden Fruit
04-Gotta Let Go
05-She Already Said Goodbye
06-Lonely D-Mix
09-Turn The Lights Down Low
10-Long Good-Bye
11-When I Fall In Love

Eric Idohl-4 The Grown & Sexy (2007)

01-Life (interlude)
03-She So Fly
04-Get To Know Ya
05-If He Don't Know
07-4 The Grown & Sexy
08-How Can U Say
09-My, My, My
10-Lay U Down

Carmichael-Fantasy Rain (2010)

01-Always Come Back
02-Angel In The Sky (Live)
03-That's My Song
04-The Most Beautiful
05-Holding On To You
06-It Was All Good
07-What Goes Around
08-More Than Wonderful
09-I Got You
10-Time To Love Somebody
11-Good Morning Love
12-All We Need Is Love
13-What If
14-Every Morning
15-Pole In The Bedroom
16-Our Song
17-The Break Up
19-You Know (Interlude)
21-Mercedes Sunshine
23-See A Way Out
25-Rain Dance

Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

Wendell Stone-Wait 'Til You Come Home (2001)

01-Wait 'til You Come Home
02-Talkin' To You
04-Catchy Phrase
05-Want To Be Something Special
06-For All Times
07-Sending You A Melody
08-Never Given Up On Love
09-Missing You
10-Artificial Heart

Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011

Algebra-Purpose (Japan Release) (2008)

01-At This Time
03-Run & Hide
04-U Do It For Me
05-(ABC's & 123's) Happy After
06-My Pride
07-(Holla Back) Simple Complication
08-What Happened
09-No Idea
10-Tug Of War
11-Can I Keep U
12-I Think I Love U
13-Come Back
14-Now & Then
15-Tug Of War (Bonus Track)(Feat.Fat Joe)
16-Some Kind Of Wonderful (Bonus Track)

Beverlei Brown-Next To You (2001)

01-Somebody Knows How You Feel
02-Love You Yes
03-Could Be You(Feat.Dennis Taylor)
04-Part Time Lover
05-Keep On Doing (What I'm Doing)
07-In The Summertime
08-Best Friend
09-Gonna Get Over You
10-Tell Me
11-Unhappily Ever After
12-I've Had Enough
13-Somebody Knows How You Feel (VRS Mix)
14-Gonna Get Over You (Full Flava Mix)

Bear-Bear Necessities (2006)

01-Enter Pt.1
03-Late Night
04-Dor Or Die
05-Enter Pt. 2
06-Back Of The Club
07-Round And Round
09-Lace You
10-Miss My Love
11-Missing You
12-Don't Leave
13-My Rose

Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

Bruce Takara-They Call Me Bruce (2002)

01-Put It Down
02-Running Game
03-Full Of Yourself
04-You Should Know
05-Up And Down
06-Hot Girl
08-Ride With Me(Feat.Rakkatearz)
09-Get Love Back
10-Let It Go
12-Tonight (Blue Note Remix)(Feat.Gemini)