Samstag, 30. September 2017

Boyz II Men-Cooleyhighharmony (1991)

01-Please Don't Go
02-Lonely Heart
03-This Is My Heart
04-Uhh Ahh
05-It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday
07-Under Pressure
09-Little Things
10-Your Love

Freitag, 29. September 2017

Jon B-Stronger Everyday (2004)

01-Everytime (Feat.Dirt McGirt)
03-One More Dance
04-I'm Right Here
05-Hands On U
07-What I Like About You (Feat. BabyFace)
08-Part Two (Feat.Tupac)
09-Stronger Everyday (Feat.Tank)
10-Through The Fire (Feat.Scarface)
11-What In The World
12-Az U
14-Lay It Down
15-Before It's Gone
16-Everytime (Remix) (Feat.Beenie Man & Farena)
17-Lately (Mastermind Street Mix)

Donnerstag, 28. September 2017

Jon B-Cool Relax (1997)

02-Bad Girl
03-Don´t Say
04-They Don´t Know
05-Can´t Help It
06-Cool Relax
07-Are U Still Down
08-Pride & Joy
09-Do (Whatcha Say Boo)
10-Let Me Know
11-I Aint Going Out
12-Let´s Gon (Interlude)
13-Can We Get Down
14-Love Hurts
15-Tu Amor

Mittwoch, 27. September 2017

Lewis Anderson-Love Songs (2004)


01-Be Your Lover
02-All My Love
03-Just Can't Help It
04-Next To You
05-The Next Level
06-The Little Girl In You
07-I Wonder
08-The Only One For Me
09-As I Stand Here
11-Remove The Sting Of Lonliness
12-I Never Stopped Loving You
13-I Will Always Love You

Dienstag, 26. September 2017

Demo-Hot Chocolate Wax (2003)


01-W.U.n (Feat.Hobo)
02-You Don't Know The Game (Feat.Fiasco)
03-I Can Only Do Me
05-Inhale Exhale (Feat.Shorty Mac)
06-City Of Lost Angels
07-Angels Eyes
08-Try My Love (Feat.Ijahman)
09-Love Me Right Do Me Wrong
10-Open It Up
11-This Time
13-Love Is A Key To Zion
14-Feel Me Now

Montag, 25. September 2017

Dalia-It Ain't Easy (1996)


01-It Ain't Easy
02-Touch Me In The Morning
03-I'm All Right
04-It's Not Over
05-My Baby
06-I Wouldn't Do That To You
08-Father's Hand
09-Eye To Eye
10-My Baby (House Mix)
11-I Miss You

Sonntag, 24. September 2017

Ray J-Everything You Want (1997)

01-Feel The Funk
02-Let It Go
03-Everything You Want
04-Good Thangs
05-The Promise
07-Thank You (Feat.Brandy)
08-Let It Go Part 2
09-Cant Run Cant Hide
10-Rock With Me (Feat.Keith Crouch)
11-Love You Form My Heart
12-High On You
13-Because Of You
14-Feel The Funk 2

Samstag, 23. September 2017

Brandy-Never Say Never (1998)

02-Angel In Disguise
03-The Boy Is Mine (Feat.Monica)
04-Learn The Hard Way
05-Almost Doesn't Count
06-Top Of The World (Feat.Mase)
07-U Don't Know Me (Like U Used to)
08-Never Say Never
10-Have You Ever
11-Put That On Everything
12-In The Car (Interlude)
14-One Voice
16-(Everything I Do) I Do It For You

Freitag, 22. September 2017

Ara Veney-B.O.L.D (2006)

01-Servant ( Intro )
02-American's Most Wanted
03-As I Pray
05-My Life For You
06-Through Your Eyes
07-Come On (Dance With Me)
08-Free Indeed
09-He Is The Great
10-Fear Not ( Interlude )
11-Stay Strong
12-Got It
13-Friend Of Mine
15-Stop ( Outro )

Donnerstag, 21. September 2017

BabyFace-Playlist (2007)

01-Shower The People
02-Fire And Rain
03-Not Going Nowhere
04-Time In A Bottle
05-Wonderful Tonight
06-Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
08-The Soldier Song
09-Please Come To Boston

Mittwoch, 20. September 2017

Wallace Smith-The Chronicles Of Wallace Smith (2005)


02-The Man That I Am
04-My Everything
05-Cold World
06-Brand New
07-I Live To Worship
08-Shattered Soul
11-Love Agian
12-Something's Missing
14-Show Me The Way
15-Help Me
16-The River
17-Am I Just God
18-My Desire

Dienstag, 19. September 2017

Vorriece-Urban Worship -This Time (2003)


04-Without YO Love
05-4ever U
06-Here AM I
08-Never Alone
13-Keep On
14-This Time

Montag, 18. September 2017

Vorriece-Sacred Mischief (2004)


01-InVtro (Interlude)
02-Missing You
03-Sacred Mischief
04-Lonely Highway
05-Tears Of Joy
08-Tango N Tokyo
11-HmmHmmGood (Funk)
12-Outro (Meditations)
13-Possible (Bonus Track)

Sonntag, 17. September 2017

Gap Band-Round Trip (1989)

01-All Of My Love
02-Addicted To Your Love
03-We Can Make It Alright
04-It's Our Duty
05-Wednesday Lover
06-I Like It
07-I'm Dreaming
08-Antidate (To Love)
09-No Easy Out
11-Let's Talk About Love (Bonus Track)

Samstag, 16. September 2017

El Debarge-Gemini (1989)

01-Real Love
02-Cross My Heart
03-Somebody Loves You
04-Broken Dreams
05-Broken Dreams (Reprise)
06-Turn The Page
07-After You
08-Love Life
09-Broken Dreams (Think About It)
10-Make You Mine

Freitag, 15. September 2017

Ginuwine-The Bachelor (1996)

03-Tell Me Do U Wanna
06-Lonely Daze
07-Ginuwine 4 Ur Mind
08-Only When Ur Lonely
09-I´ll Do Anything (I´m Sorry)
10-World Is So Cold
11-When Doves Cry
12-G. Thang
13-550 What ?

Donnerstag, 14. September 2017

Joe-Aint Nothin Like Me (2007)

01-Get To Know Me
02-If I Was Your Man
03-I Want Her
04-Where You At
05-My Love
06-Go Hard
07-Aint Nothin Like Me
08-It's Me
09-Let's Just Do It
10-Feel For You
11-Just Relax
12-Love Is Just A Game
13-You Should Know Me
14-Life Of The Party
15-That's what I Like

Mittwoch, 13. September 2017

ZanYe-My Story Today (2012)


02-Here I Am
03-Back In Love
04-Dancin With You
05-It's Love
07-Show Me (Feat.Bashiri Asad)
08-One That I Love
09-Back In Love (Live)
10-Here I Am (Acoustic Version) (Feat.Randal Wilson)

Dienstag, 12. September 2017

Orlando Johnson-Funky Time (2011)


01-Drive Me Out Of My Mind
02-It's A Feeling Inside
03-Do You Care About Me
04-You Got What It Takes
05-Two Can Make It Better
06-I Got It
07-Funky Night
08-I Can't Stop
09-If You Come Back
10-Somebody Save Me (Massimo Berardi Re-Work)
11-Turn The Music On (Massimo Berardi Re-edit)
12-I Got It (Harlem Hustlers Twisted Remix)

Montag, 11. September 2017

Greg Walker-Never Better (2002)


01-So Much Better
02-Everyday Of My Life
03-Just Not Me
04-Never Felt Like This Before
05-Wait 'Til Tomorrow
06-Nothing You Can Do
08-Showed Me That You Love Me
09-Dear Mother, My Friend
10-Old Fashioned Love

Sonntag, 10. September 2017

Tony Terry-Tony Terry (1990)

01-Head Over Heels
02-Bad Girl
03-Baby Love
04-Friends And Lovers
05-With You
06-Come Home With Me
07-That Kind Of Guy
08-Tongue Tied
09-Let Me Love You
10-Read My Mind
11-Everlasting Love

Samstag, 9. September 2017

Con Funk Shun-7 (1981)

01-Bad Lady
02-I'll Get You Back
03-Body Lovers
04-Promise Your Love
05-If You're In Need Of Love
06-Straight From The Heart
07-A Song For You
08-California 1

Freitag, 8. September 2017

C.B.G.-C.B.G. (Demo Tape) (1993)

01-Freaky Flow
02-This Is Your Night
03-Do The Nasty
04-Kick It
05-Good Lovin

Donnerstag, 7. September 2017

The Official Steppers Music CD-Steppin Is A Lifestyle (2005)


01-Dance The Night Away (Feat.Marvin.Jr.Jr.)
02-Step It Up (Feat.Da Producers)
03-Loves Gonna Last (Dance Master Clap) (Feat.Ray Silkman)
04-This Is A Party (Feat.Da Producers & Isiaha)
05-Get Up (Feat.Da Producers & Craig Chang)
06-Steppers Paradise (Feat.Da Producers)
07-Windy City (Feat.P.Alston)
08-I Feel Like Steppin (Feat.Alvin Stone)
09-Love Jacked (Feat.P.Richmond)
10-Double Down (Feat.Physical Therapy

Mittwoch, 6. September 2017

Selah 2-Free (2002)


01-Hold On
02-Fallin Down (Holy Spirit)
03-How Could I Ever
04-I Luv U
05-When I Think Of U
06-2 His Love
07-I Wanna Be Free
09-I Call Your Name
10-Salvation Prayer
11-X2 Praise

Dienstag, 5. September 2017

Vannessa Simon-Definitive Source (1997)


01-Take A Look Around (Intro)
02-Some May Have Some May Not
03-Can't Deny It
04-What You Do
06-Your Way
07-Holding You,Loving You (Feat.Noel McCoy)
08-She Gets Crazy
09-Soothe Me To My Soul
10-I Didn't Choose To (Feat.Naomi Aptowitzer)
11-Deja Vu
12-Finding It Hard
13-If It's Over (Feat.K.S.Williams)
14-Don't Stop Loving
15-Fantasy (Outro)

Montag, 4. September 2017

Aleem & Leroy Burgess-Casually Formal (1986)


01-Loves On Fire
02-Two Faces
05-More Than A Million
07-Fine Young Tender
09-Fine Young Tender (Dub Mix)

Sonntag, 3. September 2017

ULD-Nobody (Unreleased) (2001)

02-We Won't Stop
03-Hot Shhh
04-My Niggaz
05-Pure Uncunt
06-What You Mean
08-Who's Luvin You
09-Stick And Move
10-Party Song

Samstag, 2. September 2017

3T-Identity (2004)

04-I Appreciate
05-Party Tonight
06-Sex Appeal
07-Sex appeal (Organized Playas remix)
08-Someone To Love
09-Stubborn (It's A Shame)
10-Stuck On You
12-They Say
13-Without You

Freitag, 1. September 2017

Five Star-Heart & Soul (Special Edition) (1994)

01-(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
03-Writing On The Wall
04-Got A Lot Of Love
05-Best Of Me
06-When You Get Home
07-Going With The Moment
08-Secret From My Heart
09-Show Me
10-I Give You Give
11-I Give You Give (Swung Out Mix)
12-I Give You Give (Extended Remix)
13-I Give You Give (Extended Club Mix)
14-I Give You Give (Fat Mix)
15-I Give You Give (Tuff Mix)
16-I Give You Give (Radio Edit Remix)
17-I Give You Give (Radio Edit Remix #2)
18-I Give You Give (Swung Out Radio)