Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015

Mirahj-Behind Closed Doors (2002)


01-Playin Games
02-R U Ready?
03-Excite Me
06-Cry No More
07-Best Friend
08-Stressin Me
09-Boy Talk
10-Freaky Lover
11-Behind Closed Doors
12-Can't Get Enough

Montag, 29. Juni 2015

Aaqui-Aaqui (2002)


02-Top Of The World
03-Rock It
04-Loose Control (Feat.Bacardi)
05-A Little Bit
06-Chest (Feat.Drastic)
07-My Brother
08-Rock It (Remix)(Feat.Nez)
10-Pop Drop

Sonntag, 28. Juni 2015

Wayne Hernandez-Telepathic (1987)

01-Dancin On The Edge
03-Corners Of The Sun
04-Say (You Want Me Tonight)
05-Someone Believers In You
06-Livin Without Your Love
07-Let Me Call You Angel
08-Why Sleep Alone Tonight?
09-Got This Feelin
10-Run Into Your Daddy`s Arms

Samstag, 27. Juni 2015

Coco Short-Krazy 4 U (199x)

02-Coco Chun
03-Freaks Say Yeah
04-Crazy 4 U
05-Freaks In The House
06-Nobody But You
07-When U Get To Know Me
08-Naught Not Nasty (Interlude)
09-I Like
10-Ima Gonna Getcha
11-Somebody Else's Girl

Freitag, 26. Juni 2015

Choyce-Slowly Risen (1994)

01-Settle Down
02-Come Back
03-I Thought U Loved Me
04-Lay Your Body Down
05-Freak U Tonight
06-U Didn't Know

Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2015

Another Episode-Baby Don't Cry (EP) (1995)

01-Baby Don't Cry
02-Do You Know
03-What's Going On
04-Baby Don't Cry (Acapella)
05-Do You Know (Interlude)

Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

New Macedonian Singers-Something Within (1986)


01-Glory Hallelujah!
02-God Will Never Fail
03-Something Within
04-God Will Do The Rest
05-Call Jesus
06-He`ll Work A Miracle
07-You Can`t Hurry God
08-Closer Walk With Thee

Dienstag, 23. Juni 2015

Michael Cloud-Love Brought Me Back (1989)


01-Dear Jesus I Love You
02-You Been Good To Me
03-You Gotta Be Patient
04-Whats Going On
05-Precious Lord
06-Moving On Up
07-He Hears Your Every Prayer
08-Whats Going On Reprise

Montag, 22. Juni 2015

Heaven Send-Heaven Send (1990)


01-Sanctify Me
02-Be Ye Holy
03-Love Is Calling
04-Grateful To You
06-His Eye Is On The Sparrow
07-The Praise
08-When Jesus Comes
09-Tell It

Sonntag, 21. Juni 2015

Howie T-Excuse My Language (2004)

04-Love Symphony
05-Feel Me
06-Float Away
07-Tough Kid
09-One Night Stand
10-Excuse My Language
11-How We Get Down
12-Stop And Think
13-Voicemail Skit
15-Mi Amiga
16-What Is This
18-The Comeback

Samstag, 20. Juni 2015

Jerome-Too Old For Me (Unreleased Bad Boy Album) (1998)

01-Too Old For Me (Feat.Mario Winans)
02-No Disturb Sign (Feat.Heavy.D)
03-Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone
04-Never Dreamed You Would Leave In Summer
05-Dear Yvette
06-Crush On You
07-If You Need Me
09-Come Around My Way Again
10-How Could You Leave Me
11-Too Old For Me (Bad Boy Shorty & Nore Remix) (Main Mix) (Feat.Noreaga)
12-Too Old For Me (Bad Boy Shorty & Nore Remix) (Main Mix Without Rap)

Freitag, 19. Juni 2015

Terry Lynn-Feels Like The First Time (1997)

01-Never Had A Chance
02-I Have A Heart
03-Got Lovin' For You
04-I Believe
05-So In Love
06-Poetry Man
08-Waiting Here For You
09-You Won't Get Hold Me
10-Still Apart
11-Read My Mind

Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2015

LeJit-The Lost Album (199x)

01-Shake It
02-Sexy Lady
03-Swing It
06-How Would You Like
07-Don't It Feel Better
08-My Love (Feat.Devante)
09-Favorite Girl
10-Father's Love

Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2015

Pauli Carman-It's Time (1987)


01-Memory Lane
02-In The Heat Of The Night
03-It's Time
04-We've Never Called It Love (With Karyn White)
05-I'll Be Fine
06-If It Takes All Night
07-Heartache No 9
08-Still Feel The Same

Dienstag, 16. Juni 2015

Nicole McCloud-Rock The House (1989)


01-Rock The House
03-Let's Talk About Love
04-So Lost Without Your Love
05-Jam Packed (At The Wall)
06-Two Hearts Are Better Than One
07-Everlasting Love
09-He's So Romeo

Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015

Rude-Crazy Love (2008)

01-Ooh Wee
02-Show Me Baby
03-Let Me Love U
04-No Time For Mystery
05-Zydeco Train
06-Swingout (Feat.RP Blues Band)
07-Good Thang Man (Rude Remix)
08-Crazy Love (Feat.Zapp)
10-I Wanna Make Love (Feat.Zapp)
11-Happy In Love
13-Let Me Love U (Alternate Mix)
14-Singing Ding Ling (Feat.Frank Lucas)
15-Singing Ding Ling (Feat.Frank Lucas & Lil Dog Lucas)

Samstag, 13. Juni 2015

Wayna-Moments Of Clarity, Book 1 (2004)

01-So Long Heartache (Feat.W.Ellington Felton)
02-This Ol Grudge
03-Mama's Sacrifice
04-Doubting Destiny
05-Straight Up (Feat.Kalyn)
06-Rose Colored Glasses
07-Exposed (Feat.Cy.Young)
08-Slums Of Paradise
09-Secret Identity
10-Desperation Days (Feat.Theodoros Tadesse)
11-Past Future Eternal
12-Redemption Song

Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

Devante-Vibin U (1995)

01-Say Hey
03-Growing Up
04-Girl Next Door
05-At Da Beach With Dukey
07-You Are Not Alone
08-Just 4 U
09-Cannot Wait
10-Lay Your Body Down

Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2015

Various-Kimberlite (2004)

01-Tell Me How Much (Feat.China & Christopher Williams)
02-Elle Represente (Feat.LS,Afrodisiac & Kim Rae)
03-Tonight Is The Night (Feat.Vibe & Mark Middleton)
04-Make Me Say (Feat.Riverside)
05-Can't Walk Away (Feat.Busta Flex & Darria Reed)
06-No Time 4 Love (Feat.Welcome Charles & Lovey)
07-Be My Girl (Feat.K.Reen & Avon Marshall)
08-Weekend (Feat.Leah & JJ)
09-Come To Party (Feat.Melgroove & Das EFX)
10-This Is Love (Feat.Trade Union & Michelle Valentibe)
11-I Don't Know (Feat.Jalane & Cedric)
12-Bad Boy (Feat.Wallen & Shamlee)
13-Prisonnier Du Temps (Feat.Abysse)
14-Say Bye Bye (Feat.Aaron Skyy & Lady Laistee)
15-Can't Walk Away (Club Version)(Feat.Busta Flex & Darria Reed)
16-Tonight Is The Night (Club Version)(Feat.Vibe & Mark Middleton)

Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2015

The Stylistics-Love Talk (Japan Release) (1991)


01-Love Talk
03-Hang Your Teardrops Up To Dry
04-I Just Don't Know What To Do
05-I Don't Need This
06-Hits Medley
07-Always On My Mind
08-Let Me Show You What Love Is
09-You're My Woman, You're My Lady
10-Goin' Out Of My Head-Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Dienstag, 9. Juni 2015

Con Funk Shun-More Than Love (2015)


01-Your Night
02-More Than Love
03-Dance N With A Grown Man
04-It's Time
05-No Place Like Love
06-Big Girl
07-I Miss You
08-Say Yo
09-Move On Up
11-It's On Tonight
12-Make Me Over
13-Once I Get In It
14-Nite - Liters

Montag, 8. Juni 2015

52nd Street-Children Of The Night (1985)


01-Tell Me (How It Feels)
02-Never Give Up On You
03-You're My Last Chance
04-Abandon Love
05-Children Of The Night
06-Look I've Head
07-I Can't Let You Go
08-Smiling Eyes
09-I'm Available
10-Le's Celebrate
11-Tell Me How It Feels (Extended Remix)
13-Look Into My Eyes
14-Cool As Ice (Jellybean Mix)

Sonntag, 7. Juni 2015

Sandi Edwards-Something Good For You (1996)

01-Where`s The Party
02-Something Good For You
03-I Want You
04-Rainy Day
05-Make It Right
06-Candy Man
07-The Groove Is Mellow
08-Something Good For You(It All Comes Down To The Money)
09-Low Down
10-Wouldn`t You Like It
11-Real Love
12-I Wonder Where You Are
13-Lulla Bye

Samstag, 6. Juni 2015

Sonya-Are U Down 4 Me (1993)

01-On And On
02-Are U Down 4 Me (Remix)
03-Let's Talk About Love
04-Too Cold
05-Love Is Gone
06-Can You Feel It
07-Nothing Hasn't Changed
08-Are You Down For Me (Original Version)
09-I'm All Yours
10-Love From The Heart
11-Nothing Hasn't Changed (Trumpet Mix)

Freitag, 5. Juni 2015

Elliott-Collage (2002)

01-Talk To Me
02-Come On
03-No More
04-So Good
07-Cry Now
08-Let Us Luv
10-Move Mountains
12-Night Light
13-Praise Gospel

Donnerstag, 4. Juni 2015

Mixtur-Mixtur (EP) (1998)

01-California Summas
02-Slow Jam
03-Never Knew
04-California Summas (Remix)
05-Slow Jam (Remix)

Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2015

Bobby Washington-One More Round (2014)


01-Come Over
03-Romantic Vacation
04-Body Shot's
05-One More Round
06-Lady My Love
08-One And Only
09-Breaking In These Sheets
10-Any Ole Reason
11-The Love I Need
12-No Bad News
13-Brown Eyes
14-Give You What You Want
15-Things You Do

Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015

The Stylistics-That Same Way (2008)


01-That Same Way
02-Born To Step Together
03-Painted On The Sky
04-Change Is Good Sometimes
05-You Bring Out The Best In Me
06-Over Getting Over You
07-Laughing Out Loud (LOL)
08-Sad Tomorrows
09-False Alarm
10-Ebony Eyes
11-Your Love Turned My Life Around
12-Easy Loving You
13-I Just Wanna Know You

Montag, 1. Juni 2015

Tramaine-The Search Is Over (1986)


01-Heaven's Gate (Interlude)
02-Fall Down
03-Child Of The King
04-In The Morning Time
05-With All My Heart
06-How I Got Over
07-The Search Is Over
08-Everybody Ought To Know
09-I Know Him