Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

Atl-The Atl Project (2004)


02-Calling All Girls
03-Make It Up With Love
04-Let Me
05-It's Us (Feat.Ciara Harris)
06-Shawty (Feat.Cassidy)
07-Holla At Ya Boy
08-You Are
09-I Wish (Feat.Ciara Harris)
10-No More

Dienstag, 29. November 2016

Act Of Faith-Release Yourself (1996)


01-Release Yourself
02-All Over Now
03-If U Believe
04-From Me To You
05-Do It Right
06-Find Your Love
07-Do U Remember
08-Only A Child
09-Lost In Love
12-Forever More
13-If U Believe(Reprise)
14-Only A Child(Drum & Bass Mix)

Montag, 28. November 2016

John White-Night People (1987)


01-I Need Your Love
02-(Can't) Get You Out Of My System
03-Night People
04-Forbidden Love
06-Don't Let It Be Too Late
07-Fooled Around (And Feel In Love)
08-Mood For Love

Sonntag, 27. November 2016

Rude Boys-Rude House (1992)

01-Rude House
02-Tell Me What You Like
03-My Kinda Girl
04-Messin' Around
05-Go Ahead And Cry
06-Miss You So Much
08-This Love
09-True Apology
11-There's No Doubt
12-Praise Song

Samstag, 26. November 2016

Portrait-Share My Love (2004)

02-Share My Love
03-Let's Dance
04-Luv U Better
06-Leavin Today
07-Life Without You
08-Dry Your Eyes
09-Slip And Slide
10-U Know
12-Spend The Night
13-Easy Rider
14-Midnight Hour

Freitag, 25. November 2016

Portrait-All That Matters (1995)

01-Here's A Kiss
02-I Can Call You
03-All That Matters
04-All Natural Girl
05-Friday Night
06-(Interlude) Michael's Mood
07-Hold Me Close
08-Lovin' U Is Ah-Ight
09-Much Too Much
11-Lay You Down
12-Me Oh My
13-How Deep Is Your Love

Donnerstag, 24. November 2016

Phillip Leo-Today (1993)

01-Hypnotic Love (Feat.C.J. Lewis)
02-False Alibis
03-House Of Life
04-Personal Reasons (Feat.C.J. Lewis)
06-Butterflies Are Free
07-Light Of My Life
08-On The Radio
10-If Only
11-Don't Ever Change
12-This Special Day
13-Something Wrong
14-Shangri La
15-I Miss Your Love
16-No Control (Feat.Jimmy Jewell)

Mittwoch, 23. November 2016

Gerald Alston-Always In The Mood (1992)


01-Love & Happiness
02-Good To Go
03-One Touch
04-Always In The Mood
05-World Of Ours
06-Send For Me
07-Hell Of A Situation
08-What's The Colour Of Love
09-I'm Still In Love With You
10-Someone Like You
11-Any Day Now (Remix)
12-Peace Of Mind
13-I Appreciate Your Love

Dienstag, 22. November 2016

Tony Terry-I Tony 6 (2015)


01-All I Need
02-All Lives Matter (Social Anthem)
03-Baby Calls
04-Bedroom Banger
05-Classic (Feat.J.Elise)
06-Hypnotic (Feat.E.Lee)
07-Should A Man Cry
09-Talk Show Host
10-Loveaholic (Feat.E.Lee)
11-Loveaholic (Charlie Dee Remix)

Montag, 21. November 2016

R. Kelly-12 Nights Of Christmas (2016)


01-My Wish For Christmas
03-Home For Christmas
04-Mrs.Santa Claus
05-I'm Sending You My Love For Christmas
07-Once Upon A Time
08-The Greatest Gift
09-It's Christmas Day
10-Christmas Lovin'
11-Flyin' On My Sleigh
12-12 Nights Of Christmas

Sonntag, 20. November 2016

Five Star-Between The Lines (Special Edition) (1987)

01-Somewhere Somebody
02-Whenever You're Ready
03-Strong As Steel
04-Read Between The Lines
05-Live Giving Love
06-Ain't Watcha Do
07-Made Out Of Love
08-You Should Have Waited
09-Knock Twice
10-Hard Race
11-Somewhere Somebody (Shep Pettibone Remix)
12-Somewhere Somebody (Shep's Dub Beats)
13-Whenever You're Ready (The New York Mix)
14-Whenever You're Ready (Crazy Dub Jammy)

Samstag, 19. November 2016

Soundtrack-Oakland Soul (1997)

01-Gotta Get My Drank On (Feat.Rik.G)
02-Tossin 'N' Turnin (Feat.Dwayne Wiggins)
03-Holla At Me (Feat.Digital Underground)
04-Sendin You A Signal (Feat.Saafir The Saucy Nomad)
05-Slow Hittin (Feat.KZO)
06-Pow Wow Chowie (Feat.Mad Man)
07-On Th (SL) Under (Feat.Rik.G)
08-Don't Disturb This Groove (Feat.Money.B & Duece)
09-Hide 'N' Go Get It (Feat.Blu & E-40)
10-Always (Feat.Force One Network)
11-Representin (Feat.MC Renegade)
12-What's Your Sign (Feat.JoJo & Dwayne Wiggins)
13-Fuck The World (Feat.Mad Man)
14-Mackin Thang (Feat.MC Renegade)
15-Dead Or Alive (Feat.S.E.V.E.N.)
16-It's All Good (Feat.Big Brutha Soul)
17-Raise Up Off These (N.U.T.S.) (Feat.Tupac Shakur,Akil & Ashley)

Freitag, 18. November 2016

Christopher Williams-Changes (1992)

01-All I See
02-Don't U Wanna Love
03-Good Luvin'(Feat.Mary J.Blige)
04-Come Go With Me
05-When A Fool Becomes A Man
07-Where Is The Love
08-Let's Get Right
09-Where Are U Now
10-Every Little Thing U Do
11-Please, Please, Please
12-Dreamin' (Bonus Track)

Donnerstag, 17. November 2016

Deniece Williams-Special Love (1989)

01-Special Love
02-Fire Inside My Soul
04-I'm Free
05-Every Moment
06-Who's Who
07-His Eye Is On The Sparrow
08-Give It All To You
09-Somebody Loves You
10-We Sing Praises
11-Do You Hear What I Hear?

Mittwoch, 16. November 2016

B.U.K.M.-4 Seasons (2002)


02-Hate If You Wanna
03-You Didn`t Know
04-What If
06-Married Woman
08-Hipped To Game
10-We Comin
11-The Other Woman
14-The Industry
15-From The Ghetto To Riches
16-What Have I Done
17-Next To You
18-My State

Dienstag, 15. November 2016

Change-Change Of Heart (1984)


01-Say You Love Me Again
02-Change Of Heart
04-True Love
05-You Are My Melody
06-Lovely Lady
07-Got My Eyes On You
08-It Burns Me Up

Montag, 14. November 2016

Dazz Band-Jukebox (Expanded Edition) (1984)


01-Let It All Blow
02-Keep You Comin' Back For More
03-She's The One
05-Dream Girl
06-Undercover Lover
07-I've Been Waiting
08-Main Attraction
09-So Much Love

Sonntag, 13. November 2016

Wendy Moten-Time For Change (1995)

01-Your Love Is All I Know
02-Forever Yours
03-Change Of Heart
04-Hear The Angels Cry
05-Comin' Back
06-Time For Change
07-Consider This Love
08-This Will Never End
09-When You Love Someone
10-Sharin' My Love
11-All That My Heart Can Hold

Samstag, 12. November 2016

Xaviera-Sunshine (2004)

01-Sunshine (Intro)
03-Gotta Get With You
05-I Can Make It
06-You Got It
07-You Don't Have To Worry
08-Let's Party
09-I Can't Get Over
10-Sunshine Outro

Freitag, 11. November 2016

Xscape-Off The Hook (1995)

01-Do Your Thang
02-Feels So Good
03-Hard To Say Goodbye
04-Can't Hang
05-Who Can I Run To
06-Hip Hop Barber Shop Request Line
07-Do You Want To
08-What Can I Do
09-Do Like Lovers Do
10-Work Me Slow
11-Love's A Funny Thing
12-Keep It On The Real

Donnerstag, 10. November 2016

Rheel Menn (Ex Ol' Heads)-Keepin It Rheel (2004)

01-Dirty Mind
03-Hot Summer Night
04-Don't Say A Word
05-Special Blend
06-Down On My Knees
07-Keepin It Rheel
08-Chose You
09-Do You Wanna
10-Sweet Surrender
11-Before You Go
12-Dirty Mind (Remix)
13-Doesn't Have To Be Like This
14-Don't Make Me Wait

Mittwoch, 9. November 2016

Anita Baker-Giving You the Best That I Got (1988)


02-Lead Me Into Love
03-Giving You The Best That I Got
04-Good Love
06-Good Enough
07-Just Because
08-You Belong To Me

Dienstag, 8. November 2016

Elaté-Elaté (1996)


01-Get Up
02-Taste Of Your Love
03-What's Wrong
04-My Room
07-All Night
08-Quiet Is Kept

Montag, 7. November 2016

Az-1-Az-1 (1992)


01-Play Me Out
02-Trust In Me
03-With You
04-I Like It
05-Missin U
06-Let My Love Inside
07-Full Swing
08-2nd Chance
09-2 Night (Our 4 Ever)
10-Trust In Me (Jeep Mix)
11-Shout Outs

Sonntag, 6. November 2016

Terri & Monica-Systa (1993)

01-Uh Huh
02-Over It
04-Next Time
05-I've Been Waiting
06-I Need Your Love
07-The Way You Make Me Feel
09-Where Are You Now
10-When The Tables Turn
11-Uh Huh (Soulpower Radio Mix)

Samstag, 5. November 2016

Solo-Solo (1996)

01-What A Wonderful World
02-Back 2 Da Street
03-Blowin' My Mind
07-It's Such A Shame
08-He's Not Good Enough
09-Another Saturday Night
10-Where Do U Want Me To Put It
11-Keep It Right Here
12-I'm Sorry
13-Under The Boardwalk
14-In Bed
15-Like Never Before
16-Prince Street
17-Holdin' On
18-A Change Is Gonna Come

Freitag, 4. November 2016

Smoothe Sylk-Smoothe Sylk (1994)

02-Let Me Touch You
03-Give It To You
04-Someone Is Me
05-The Closer I Get To You
06-Show Me The Way
07-U Keep Giving It
09-Something About Your Love
10-One On One
11-You Are The Best
12-Just When

Donnerstag, 3. November 2016

Honeyz-Wonder No. 8 (2000)

01-Honeyz Intro.
02-Finally Found
03-Do Me Baby
04-Keep Me Hanging On
05-Love Of A Lifetime (Rude Boy Mix)
06-Just Let Go
07-In The Streets (Ignorants Mix)
08-Seems Like
09-Good Love
10-Somebody To Love Me
12-Wonder No. 8
13-What Does She Look Like
14-End Of The Line (Rude Boy Mix)
15-Finally Found (Reprise)
16-Love Of A Lifetime (DJ Watarai Remix)
17-Finally Found (U-Nam Remix)

Mittwoch, 2. November 2016

Damian-199sex (1996)


03-Who Are U
05-Don't Go
06-4 The Love Of U
07-Guess U Didn't Know
08-Interview (Part 1)
09-N My Sex
10-Sex Friend
11-Freak 'N My Nature
12-Cool Shit
13-199Sex Jazz
14-Interview (Part 2)

Dienstag, 1. November 2016

5.A.M. Praise-Testify (2006)


03-I Smile
04-No More Rain
05-Don't Be Afraid
06-He'll Work It Out
07-I Just Wanna Love You
08-Every Time I Call Your Name
09-Give You Glory
10-You Don't Know
11-I Just Wanna Love You (Radio Edit)