Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011

Bud-Ballads & Funk (1998)

01-B-U-D (Interlude)
02-Will You Say Yes
04-Never Alone
05-Once Again
06-Gather It Up
08-You Deserve My Love
09-Lights Out
10-Funk You
11-It's For You
12-Lights Out (Reprise)

Samstag, 30. Juli 2011

Ray Bady-Mission K.O.B.(Keep On Believin') (2002)

01-Mission Statement
02-Livin' This Kind Of Life
03-Keep On Believin'(Feat.Percy Bady)
04-Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
05-Interlude Fan Mail
06-Simple Things
07-God Don't Want No Haters 'N The Church
08-He's Able
09-Things That Make U Say Umm!
10-Conversation(Feat.Bishop Paul S.Morton Sr.)
11-Lookin' 4 Luv
12-It's N The Name
13-Can't Find No One Like U!

Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

Tony Kurtis-Things On My Mind (1995)

01-Treat You Right
02-Let's Wait A While
03-Is It Good To You
04-Thinking Of You
05-Do Whatcha Like
06-With All My Heart
07-Promise Me
08-Freaky Things
09-Do Let Me Down
10-Sun Shine
11-Think You

Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

B'Shipe (Of Elate)-Happy (2005)

02-My Love
03-I Luv You
04-I'll Be
05-Summer Heat
06-(Sara) Smile
08-That Lady
09-So Excited
10-Everytime I Close My Eyes

Silky J-Music For The World (1995)

01-Don't Forget The Children
02-A Love So Powerful
03-Miss You
04-My Life, My Love, My Happiness
05-Silky J.
06-Looking For A Love
07-I Want Your Love
08-Free Basin
09-Rappin' Generation
10-I Will Always Love You

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Flooded With Soul-Flooded With Soul (2001)

01-My Men And My Woman(Feat.Keya Smith & Josh)
03-That´s How It Goes(Feat.Sherrie)
04-To Say I Love You(Feat.Mr.Red)
05-Misunderstanding(Feat.Keya Smith)
06-What You Like(Feat.Emerald Al)
07-Let Me Know(Feat.Mr.Red)
08-God Forgiven(Feat.Keya Smith)
09-My Wisdom(Feat.Mr.Red)
10-You Don´t Know(Feat.Keya Smith)
11-Diggin You(Feat.Mr.Red)
12-Rock The Sheets(Feat.Mr.Red)
13-I Seen It All(Feat.Emerald Al)
14-Roll With Me(Feat.Mr.Red)

Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

Darren D1 Hale-Darren D1 Hale (EP) (1996)

01-Lonely(Regular Version)
02-Girlfriend(Regular Version)
03-Waiting Patiently(Regular Version)
06-Lonely(Music & Background)
07-Girlfriend(Music Only)

Montag, 25. Juli 2011

Dennis Taylor-In The Mood (2003)

01-At The Place
02-Now That I Found You
03-In The Mood
04-Don't Wanna Give Up
06-Can't Stop Loving You
07-Better Days
11-You Said
12-Am I Dreaming

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Charles Woolfork & Covenant-2nd The Second Coming (1998)

01-You're All I Want
02-Jesus Will Take Me Home
03-He's Coming (Interlude)
04-One Day Soon
05-Got 2 Be Ready
06-Because You Loved Me
07-Let It Rain
08-I'll Worship You
09-He's Worthy
10-I Shall Wear A Crown
11-God's Been Good
12-Not My Will
13-God's Been Good (Oa Remyx)

Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

Myron-So Fly (CDs) (1997)

01-So Fly (SBM Mix)
02-So Fly (Myron Mix)
03-So Fly (Myron Instrumental)
04-So Fly (SBM Instrumental)

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

One On One-Deep (CDs) (2002)


Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

Keith Floyd-Slowly But Surely (1997)

01-Slowly But Surely
02-Meet You
03-Mega Jones
04-Hold Me
05-Baby How Long
06-Just Kickin' It
07-At The Bedside
09-We Must Get Together
10-God's Gift
11-Mega Jones (Remix)

Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2011

Joe Thomas-Live From Japan (2010)

02-Where You At
03-If I Was Your Man
04-Why Just Be Friends
05-Miss My Baby
06-We Need To Roll
07-My Love
09-Ride Wit U
10-Let's Stay Home Tonight
11-I Wanna Know
12-All That I Am-No One Comes Close
13-Worst Case Scenario
14-All The Things
15-Good Girls
16-Majic-The Love Scene-Don't Wanna Be A Player-Table For Two
17-Can't Get Over You

Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

Mike E-Master Plan (2000)

01-Master Plan
02-Look In The Water
03-Dont Change Your Mind
04-One More Chance
05-Nubian Queen
06-Caught In The Bedroom
07-Hey Where You Been
08-Liar Cheater
09-What You Wanna Do
10-Lettin Go
11-You Aint Been
12-No More Daddys Girl
13-Do You Know Where Broken Hearts Go

Men On A Mission-Men On A Mission (1997)

01-On A Mission
02-I Need You
03-Use Me
04-Love One Another
05-Hard Times
06-All The Way
08-Don't Be Ashamed
09-Can't Get Enough
10-Give Me The Strength

Montag, 18. Juli 2011

Troy Hinton-Troy Hinton (1989)

02-Love Me To Death
03-What About You
04-That's What Love Is
05-Can You Hear Me
06-Do You Feel My Love
07-I Wanna Get To Know You
08-Sure-Fire Feeling
09-Eat Your Heart Out
10 Where's The Fire

Kool Skool-Kool Skool (1991)

01-Waste My Time
02-My Girl
03-Never Thought I'd Miss You
04-Take Me
05-You Can't Buy My Love
06-Mercy Me
07-My Bed
08-Now That She's Gone
09-Do You Really Want Me
10-Get To You
11-Make Up Your Mind

Genobia Jeter-Genobia (1986)

02-Peace Of Mind
04-Blessing In Disguise
05-Just Want What's Mine
06-We Got Love
07-All Of My Love
08-Take A Look

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Jasper-From My Perspective (2004)

01-The Way II
02-Nobody Else
03-Hoody Goody(Feat.E.40)
04-Like Me
05-Freaky With You
06-Walk Away
07-I Love You
08-Close To You
09-That's The Girl
10-Make Me Feel Good
11-I Would Do Anything
12-Not Every Man
13-Let Me Be The One
14-All About You
15-Hops Off Da Meat Rack
16-Wake Up G-Cell

Samstag, 16. Juli 2011

Jasper-Mello Centric (1999)

02-Are You Ready(Feat.Suga)
03-Don't Hesitate
04-Get Up On It
06-Freaky With You
07-Hurry Up And Come
08-The Way
09-Be With You/Feat.Juanita Wynn)
11-Ooh I Love
12-Love Lude
13-I Love You
14-Tonight (Remix)(Feat.Shade)

David Black-Loving Ain't Easy (1992)

01-It's My Nature
02-Nobody But You
03-Wildflower (It's Been A Long Time)
05-Lost In Your Love
06-Wait A Minute
07-Found True Love
09-(Stay) For The Rest Of The Night

Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

Darian Keith Horn-Every Time (2005)

01-My Prayer
02-He Told Me
03-Move Into Your Season
04-Can't Stop Thanking You
05-Restoration (My Prayer) (Remix)
06-There When I Need You
09-Feel Me
10-New Life
11-What The World Need Now
13-Thank You
14-My Prayer (R&B Remix)

Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Very Artistic-One By One (2001)

01-I Want You For Myself
02-Nobody Else
03-Don't Ya Hate It
04-I'm The Man
05-Next To Me
06-Take Care Of Yourself
08-I Don't Make No Sense
10-You Could've Called
11-It's Cool
12-We Make Love
13-Pretty Girl
14-I'm Done
15-I Want You For Myself (Acoustic Remix)

J Reale Ft. Xplicit-Just In Tyme (1993)

01-Sleepless Nights
02-Bye Bye
03-I'm Laughing
06-Do Ya
07-Closet Freak
08-Watch Me
09-Just In Tyme
10-Wake Up
11-Lovin' U Ain't Easy
12-Sleepless Nights (Accapella)

Deponce-From My Window (2000)

02-When I See
03-Anything U Want
04-Jus The Way U Are
05-Every Goodbye
06 Whatever Happened
08-From My Window
11-Seperate Ways
12-Our Song (1958)

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

NuDé-A Nu Millennium A NuDé (2000)

01-It´s A NuDe (Interlude)
02-It´s Possible
03-Don´t Stop
04-Lovin (I Need)
05-It´s On
06-That Door
07-Freak Tonight
08-I´ll Be Playin
09-I Can Tell
10-Old School
13-Keeps Me
14-Last Night
15-I´ll Be Playin (Remix)
16-Old School (Remix)

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Nesto Velasquez-Personality (1992) (CDM)

01-Personality (Radio Mix)
02-Personality (M.O.B. Mix)
03-Personality (Radio Mix WO Rap)
04-Personality (Bajay Mix)
05-Personality (Rich Mix)

Midwest City-MWC (2008)

01-One Love
02-Rriing Rriing
03-A Man
05-Tought It Was Me(Feat.Twista)
06-Don't Be Mad
08-Let Em Know

Montag, 11. Juli 2011

G´ane-Can You Say G' ane (2002)

01-All The Things
03-So Sweet
06-How Can U Leave
07-Don't B Late
08-Never Will I
09-Everything Is Alright
10-Get Up

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Kevon Edmonds(Of After 7)-24 7 (1999)

01-24 7
02-A Girl Like You
04-Baby Come To Me
05-How Often
06-I Want You More
07-Love Will Be Waiting
08-Never Love You
09-No Love (Im Not Used To)
10-Sensitive Mood
11-Tell Me
12-When Im With You

Jomanda-Nubia Soul (1993)

02-Don't Deny
03-Just A Little More Time
04-I Like It
05-I Cried The Tears
06-Does The Music Love You
08-What You Go Through For Love (Silly Games)
10-Don't Fight The Feelings
11-Kiss You
12-Back To You
13-Gotta Be With You

Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

Phinace-In Memory Of (1993) EP

01-One Chance
02-Hangin' On
03-Paint Me Down
04-Seasons Come & Go
05-One Chance (Live In Nashville)
07-One Chance (Acapella)

On Point-On Point (2002)

01-On-Point Poem
02-I Need You
03-Never Say
04-Just Ain't Right
06-Radio Show (Interlude)
07-O.P. Freestyle
08-Be With Me
09-What's Up Tonight
10-Summer Rain (Interlude)
11-Forever Love
12-So Real
13-Show, Club, Party
14-Thank You

Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

Dameen-For The Rest Of My Life (2000)

01-By All Means
02-Open Arms
03-So Smooth
04-For The Rest Of My Life
05-Episode For Two
06-Do It Live
07-It Was Meant To Be
08-I Won't Tell
09-Back To Me
11-Special Type Of Lady
12-More Love
13-Where Hope Lies

Cheryl Pepsii Riley-...All That! (1993)

02-Love Of My Life
03-Guess I'm In Love
04-Everything I Need (I Found It In You)
05-So Good
06-I'll Be There (Whenever U Need Me)
07-I'll Carry On
08-Forgive And Forget
09-Someday You'll Know
10-My House Of Love
11-Stranger In My House
12-I Kinda Knew All Along

Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

Company-Devotion (1993)

02-Love's In Need Of Love
03-More Today Than Yesterday
04-Sweeter Than Sweet
06-A Love That's Real
07-U Make It Right
09-Someone's Praying For You
10-How You Make Me Feel So Good

Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

Entouch-All Nite (1989)

01-All Nite
03-II Steps 2 The Right
05-II Hype
06-Scratch My Back
07-Crazay 4U
08-Just A Little Bit Of Luv

D'natural-R&B Truth (2005)

01-Thug Ghetto Queen
02-Say I Do
04-The Rite Time
05-Thug Ghetto Queen(Remix)
06-I Should've Thought About
09-If This Is What It Feels Like
10-No One Can Compare
11-Thank U
12-My Cry

Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

Erick Matthews-Friend 4 Always (1997)

01-Friend 4 Always
02-For All We Know
03-Lord I Love You
06-Everything Will Be Alright
07-His Eye Is On The Sparrow
08-No One Else Like You
09-I Surrender All
10-You Deserve The Praise (You're Worthy)

5th Ave-Richh Kiddz (2004)

01-On Fire (Remix)
02-You Are The One
03-So Crazy
04-Hands Up
05-Lody Dody(Feat.Kuzin)
07-Everything Is Everything
08-Pop Twist Dance
09-Hey Shawty(Feat.Kuzin)
10-Ooh La La
11-Still In Love

Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Tayste-Be Still (2001)

01-Drive Me
02-469 Do Me
03-Answering Machine
04-Are U Lonely
05-If U Want It
06-Treat U Right
07-Somebody's Man
08-Be Still
09-Fill Me Up
10-Ring My Phone
11-9th Floor
12-Mitch's Interlude
13-Are U Lonely (Remix)

Talent-Bull's Eye (2000)

01-All Up In This Ride
02-Brakin' Up
04-Every Which Way
05-Everywhere I Go
06-I Belong
07-My Heart Will Go On
08-Scription Of Love
09-Til' The Angels Sing
10-Together We Stand
11-Turn To Lies

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

Fortune-And The Winners Are (2004)

01-Get Open (Interlude)
02-They Don't Know
03-Play A While
04-Thug Lovin (Interlude)
05-Thug In Me
06-Mr. Right
07-U & Me
08-I Love U
10-Oops!!! (Interlude)
11-A Damn Thang
13-Holla At Me (Interlude)
14-Winner 2004
15-U Need A Man
16-I Love U (Remix)

Samstag, 2. Juli 2011

Khalil-Let Me In (2006)

01-Reed Dancin'
02-Playas Don't Cry
03-Let Me In
04-Wantempta(Feat.III Scientist)
05-The Way
06-Give You All My Love(Feat.Aluta & Budda)
07-Temba (For The Fun Of It)
11-Experience (Instrumental)
12-Could You Be Mine
13-Ordinary Man
14-Coffee Table
15-Lil' Mo
16-Tell Me How You Feel

Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

One Accord-The EP (1997)

01-Shortie Girl(Feat.Dj L)
02-You Are The One (Remix)(Feat.Drawz)
03-Don't Wanna Be Alone(Feat.Shaquille O'Neal)
04-Rivers (Interlude)(Feat.Shaquille O'Neal)
05-Don't Stop, Don't Quit

Co-Ed-Utopia (2001)

01-Welcome To Utopia
03-Where U Are
04-Roll Wit Me
05-Sumthin' On U (Interlude)
06-Sumthin' On U
07-It's On
08-1st Time
09-Made 4 Me
10-Fantastic Fantasy
11-You Are What You Listen To
12-Just Between Us
13-Let's Take A Ride
14-What U Gonna Do
15-Utopia(Feat.Beenie Man)
16-Been Around
17-Be Alone
18-My Place
19-Thank You
20-Good Bye For Now
21-Ghetto Dream (Roll Wit ME 2K1)(Feat.Big Gipp)

Patrick Green-Here Am I (2001)

02-You Love Is Precious
03-Here Am I
04-Old Fashion Love
05-Try Me
06-Sweet Patoo
07-One Last Kiss
09-Gift Of Your Love
10-Money & Power