Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

Sho-Strictly Street (2004)

01-Fa' You
02-Come & Get It
03-My Place
04-Why You Hatin
05-Shake It (Feat.Billy Smokes)
06-Sex Talk
07-Love Is A Crime
08-You Say
09-Can't Nobody
11-Leave Me Alone
12-Strickly Street
13-I Got 20's (Bonus Track)

Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

II Luv-Rain (EP) (1999)

02-Tell Me Baby
03-Ol Skool
04-Ride Me
05-R' U Freaky

Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015

High IQ-Pain Is The Power (1993)

01-Little Miss Aphrodisiac
03-My Destiny
04-Girl Like You
05-Sprung Again
07-Rainy Dayz
08-Merry Go Round Syndrome
09-Phone Call Away
10-Pain Is The Power
11-Little Miss Aphrodisiac (Instrumental)

Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

Jeff Hendrick-Bout Time (2006)


01-Know You Better
02-It's All About You
03-Why You Got To Do Me This Way
04-Fine (Late Night Hang)
05-Everything I Want
06-She (2003)
07-Dance With Me
08-They Dont Know About Us
09-What's The Deal
10-She (Original Version)
11-Know You Better (Dr.Octavo Remix)

Dienstag, 27. Januar 2015

Ex-Girlfriend-It's A Woman Thang (1994)


01-X In Your Sex
02-Can I Get A Nasty
03-You For Me
04-Sexual Chocolate
05-I Want You
06-It's A Woman Thang (U Wouldn't Understand It)
07-Yes I'm Ready
08-Falling 4-U
09-Nobody Like You
10-Back Together
11-Takes Me Away
12-Cost Of Love
13-X In Your Sex (X Between The Sheets-F.F. Remix)

Montag, 26. Januar 2015

Shakura-Strange Mood (2001) (EP)


01-Strange Mood (Feat.Annette Watkins)
02-Ayodele (Feat.Arif Hasan Jr)
03-Vegetarian Roots

Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

Naturally Smooth-Stone City (2003)

01-Ladies Say Ohh
02-NS Funk
03-The One
04-Juicy (Remix)
05-Don't Go
06-I Got Her
08-Turn It Up
09-She Trippin
10-Makin Love
11-Come Wit Me
12-Do It
13-(Untitled Hidden Track)
14-Heat It Up
15-Pooh Bear

Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

Strate Forward-All Night (1999)

01-Can You Feel Me
02-How Long
03-Strate'n Out
04-Come On Lady
05-All Night
07-Don't Keep Me Waiting
08-Summer Rain
09-Let Me Show You
10-Temperature Rise
11-When Ever
12-Dam Tight
13-All Your Love
14-It's Your Love

Freitag, 23. Januar 2015

Naturally Smooth-Still Comin' (2001)

01-Scene 1
02-If You Want Me
03-Take Care Of Me
04-Ride With Me
05-How Bout It
06-Do Yur Thang
07-Scene 2
08-One More Night
09-Collar Poppin'
10-Let's Spend All Night
11-Strictly For The Haters
12-Throw Yo' M Up
13-Down Your Body
14-Lil' Miss
15-How You Wanna

Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2015

David Christopher-Romantic Whispers (2000)

02-Because I Need Your Love
03-How Far
04-Ooh Baby
05-Baby Ooh!
06-Luvin Yo' Lovin (Intro)
07-I Luv Your Lovin
08-That's How Much You Mean To Me
09-Yo' Body's Hot (With Sex Appeal)
10-Music Box (Interlude)
11-When Will The Sun Shine Again (The Overture)
12-I Won't Complain
13-Baby Ooh (Remix)
14-Music Box (Interlude Pt 2)

Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

Deborah Cox-The Morning After (2002)


01-Up & Down (In & Out)
02-2 Good 2 Be True
03-Play Your Part
04-Like I Did
06-Just A Dance (Feat.Kurupt)
07-The Morning After
08-Givin' It Up
09-Up & Down (Allstar Remix) (Feat.Jadakiss)
10-Oh My Gosh
11-Starting With You
12-Mr Lonely (Hex-Mac Remix)
13-Absolutely Not (Chanel Mix)

Dienstag, 20. Januar 2015

Boxx-What's N' Da Boxx (2003)


01-(Intro) Da 2nd Comming
02-Cutie Pie
03-Love & Happiness
04-Don't Disturb This Groove (Feat.Gina Rocha)
05-Sex With U (Feat.Greg Rose)
06-The Dedication (To Roger Troutman)
07-Heart Breaker
08-(Interlude) Goldie (Feat.Max Julien)
09-Panties N Bra (L.V. Feat.Prodigy)
10-Scatter Brain
11-If You Play Your Cards Right (Feat.Diane Gordon)
12-School Boy Crush
13-Out Standing
14-Hustler's Groove (Feat.Taniqua Sherman)
15-Always On My Mind (Lil'Romeo Feat.The Isley Brothers)
16-Baby Girl (Triple-C Feat.Shae Love & M.Cooper (Of Con Funk Shun)
17-All The Time (Triple-C Feat.Mary Davis (Of S.O.S. Band)
18-Until I Die (Feat.NB Rydaz)
19-Sweet Memories (Sara.S Feat.Brenton Wood)

Montag, 19. Januar 2015

Boxx-Outta Da Boxx (2006)


01-Jiggle That Booty (Feat.Prodeje)
02-Aint No Stopping Me Now
03-2 Night (Feat.Sara.S)
04-Pop It (Dominator Feat.Young Creeps)
05-Twisted (Feat.Gina Rocha)
06-Missing Satisfied (Feat.Taniqua Shermon)
07-U Can Call Me Daddy
08-Let's Do This (Feat.Terry"Zapp"Troutman)
09-Won't You Dance With Me (Feat.Terry"Zapp"Troutman)
10-Da Underground (Feat.Sara.S)
11-Ridin' High
12-Give It
14-If You Want Me (Feat.Terry"Zapp"Troutman)
15-It's Gonna Be Alright (Mr.Beaujingles Feat.Willie Leon"Pop"Mason)
16-Wishing On A Star (Baby Girl Feat.Lil'Rome)
17-All I Want To Do Is Get With You (Feat.Lil'Rome)

Sonntag, 18. Januar 2015

4U-Vibe Of Love (CDs) (1999)

01-Vibe Of Love (Radio Mix I)
02-Vibe Of Love (Smooth Remix)
03-Vibe Of Love (No Rap)
04-Vibe Of Love (Radio Mix II)

Samstag, 17. Januar 2015

Mike Mike (Michael Bonds)-Unimaginable (2001)

04-How I Made It
09-When Death Calls
11-Ride Hard
12-Wourld Of Sin

Freitag, 16. Januar 2015

Eleanor Grant-Magic (2004)

01-The Love I Gave To You
03-Come Back (Part I Mr.C.B.)
04-Come Back (Part II)
05-Love Without Love
06-Coming On Strong
07-The Love I Gave You (Instrumental)
08-Magic (Instrumental)
09-Come Back (Instrumental)
10-Love Without Love (Instrumental)
11-Coming On Strong (Instrumental)

Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2015

Briss-The Journey (2000)

01-The Journey (Prelude)
02-We Can Party
03-The Time Song
04-Always (Intro)
05-I'm With You Always
06-Can't Get Over You
07-Chariots And Horses
08-More Than The World
09-Have Your Way With Me
10-Nothin' But The Blood Of Jesus
11-Forever With Me (In Memory Of Loved Ones Who've Gone On)
12-When I See Your Face
13-The Melody (Remix)

Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2015

Boxx-Digital Funk (2007)


01-The Boxx
02-Interlude Never Fear
04-Are You Single (Feat.P.Bass.Jones)
05-Break It On Down
06-Pop It (Feat.Dominator & Mr Creeps)
07-Interlude Pimp Civil WAr
08-Just To See You Smile (Feat.Jon Mykal)
09-Do You Wanna (Feat.Jon Mykal)
10-Ur All That
11-West Coast Pimp'n (Feat.P.Bass.Jones)
12-Got To Know You Girl
14-Goin Out Tonight (Bonus Track) (Feat.Sara.S & Dominator)
15-Good Times Bad Times (Bonus Track)(Feat.Crazy Boy & Dominator)
16-Get With U (Bonus Track)(Feat.Lil' Rome & Terry"Zapp"Troutman)
17-Baby I'm Moving On (Bonus Track)(Feat.Andre)
18-Take It Off (Bonus Track)(Feat.Andre)
19-Sexy Mutha Funker (Bonus Track)(Feat.Clarence"Doc"Sutton)

Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015

Gwen Guthrie-Gwen Guthrie (1982)


02-Getting Hot
03-Your Turn To Turn
04-Dance Fever
05-For You (With A Melody Too)
06-It Should Have Been You
07-Is This Love
08-God Don't Like Ugly
09-It Should Have Been You
10-Peek-A-Boo (12'version)

Montag, 12. Januar 2015

The Product G&B-Ghetto & Blues (2001)


01-Morning (Interlude)
02-Tired Of Being Broke
03-Cluck Cluck (Feat.Wyclef Jean)
04-Reap What You Sow
05-Maria Maria (Feat.Carlos Santana)
06-Freak Freak (Feat.Lil'Kim)
07-Dirty Dancing (Feat.Carlos Santana)
08-Evening (Interlude)
10-Whenever You Want It
11-Blood Is Thicker Than Water
12-What U Gonna Do
14-Black Rose
15-Wish You Well
16-Fools Die

Sonntag, 11. Januar 2015

Cliff Dawson-Turn It Up (2014)

01-Turn Me On
02-Turn It Up
03-Seducing Me
04-Must Be Love
05-Make My Move Tonight
06-Looking For That Someone
07-Let's Do It
09-Can't Get Enough
10-Better Man

Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

T-Nice-Summerlove (EP) (2000)

03-No Need For Your Love
04-It's A Partytime (The Afterparty Mix)

Freitag, 9. Januar 2015

Fiji-Evolution (1994)

01-Tuberi Au
02-Nice And Easy
03-U Can Rock Me
05-Never Knew Love
06-Good Thang
08-Symphony Of Love
09-Sister Crystal
11-U Can Rock Me (2 RADICAL4U Remix)
12-Nasty (2RADICAL4U Remix)

Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2015

Rollin On Dubs-The Way We Roll (2003)

01-Rollin On Dubs (R&B Mix)(Feat.Troy Cash)
02-Flashin (Feat.Mooshock & RO)
03-You Can Kill The Flesh (Feat.Mooshock)
04-Sunshine (Feat.Troy Cash)
05-Floss (Feat.RO)
06-Not Tonight (Feat.RO)
07-Virginity (Feat.Eboni)
08-Wan't You Be Mine (Feat.Baby Girl)
09-He Loves Me,He Loves Me Not (Feat.Eboni)
10-Real Hip Hop (Feat.Lord G)
11-Rollin On Dubs (Rap Mix) (Feat.Troy Cash)

Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2015

Soundtrack-Black Nativity (2013)


01-Be Grateful (Feat.Forest Whitaker,Jennifer Hudson, Jacob Latimore & Luke James)
02-Coldest Town (Feat.Jacob Latimore)
03-Test Of Faith (Feat.Jennifer Hudson)
04-Motherless Child (Feat.Jacob Latimore)
05-Hush Child (Get You Through This Silent Night) (Feat.Jennifer Hudson,Jacob Latimore,Luke James & Grace Gibson)
06-He Loves Me Still (Feat.Angela Bassett & Jennifer Hudson)
07-Can't Stop Praising His Name (Feat.H.Doobie Powell & Gospeldelic Choir)
08-Sweet Little Jesus Boy (Feat.Tyrese)
09-Rise Up Shepherd & Follow (Feat.Mary j.Blige & Nas)
10-Fix Me Jesus (Feat.Jennifer Hudson)
11-Jesus Is On The Mainline (Feat.Angela Bassett & Forest Whitaker)
12-As (Feat.Forest Whitaker & Jennifer Hudson)

Dienstag, 6. Januar 2015

Out Of Eden-Hymns (2005)


01-Fairest Lord Jesus
02-Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise
03-I Know Whom I Have Believed
04-Praise To The Lord, The Almighty (Feat.Tree)
05-My Faith Has Found A Resting Place
06-God Will Take Care Of You
07-Vision Of Love
08-Have Mercy
09-Be Still My Soul
11-Better Is One Day (Prelude)
12-Better Is One Day
13-God Will (Reprise)

Montag, 5. Januar 2015

Rome-The Best Of Rome (2005)


01-I Belong To You (Every Time I See Your Face)
02-Do You Like This
03-Cazy Love
04-I Gotta Be Down
05-That's The Way I Feel About 'Cha
06-Do Me Right
07-Let Me Come Home
08-Never Find Another Love Like Mine
09-Feelin' Kinda Good
10-Real Joy

Sonntag, 4. Januar 2015

Stan Patterson-It's Your World (2001)

01-Do I Look Like A Fool (Feat.David Day)
02-Girl I See You Here (Feat.Ramasees Brown)
03-Dancing In The Rain (Feat.Vernon Neilly)
04-It's Your World (Feat.David Day)
05-I'm Falling In Love (With You)
06-It Gives Me Joy
07-My Pleasure (Rap By Daryl Reynolds)
08-Windstorm (Your Love Blows Me Away) (Feat.David Day)
09-Feels So Good
10-I Give My Love To You (Feat.David Day)
11-Alexandria's Song (You Are Love)
12-I Want You So Bad (Feat.Vernon Neilly)
13-Thru The Storm
14-Just Let Me Go (Feat.Vernon Neilly)

Samstag, 3. Januar 2015

Ricky Collins-Isn't The Way (CDM) (1995)

01-Isn't The Way (Original Mix)
02-Isn't The Way (Fischfinger Mix)
03-Isn't The Way (House Mix)
04-Isn't The Way (Nightmood Mix)
05-Isn't The Way (Pure I Mix)

Freitag, 2. Januar 2015

Natra Flava-Natra Flava (EP) (1994)

01-Cherry Pie
02-How Could You
03-Last Night
04-I Want It

Donnerstag, 1. Januar 2015

Shy Girls-Timeshare (EP) (2013)


02-Still Not Falling
03-When I Say I Love U
04-Second Heartbeat
05-Voyeur's Gaze
06-Under Attack

Rudy-Do It Like Us (CDs) (1999)

01-Do It Like Us (Album Edit)
02-Do It Like Us (Radio Edit)
03-Do It Like Us (Instrumental)