Samstag, 19. Mai 2012

Marcus Vance-Caught Up (2001)

01-Come By 2 Night (Interlude)(Feat.Ta Ta Parker)
03-Forgive, Forget(Feat.Raab)
04-Like That
05-Good Man
06-Baby Mama Drama(Interlude)(Feat.Ta Ta Parker & Renetta Ashley)
07-Caught Up(Feat.Raab)
08-Tease Me Tonite, Ride
09-Wanna Be
10-Freakin' It
11-WDDR Radio(The Love Doctor)(Feat.Larry Steele)
12-If You Were Here Tonight
13-All On You
14-Hush (Dirty Down Remix)
15-It's Your Move(Feat.Raab & Ro)
16-True Story
17-Trust In The Lord
18-Caught Up (Outro)

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