Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

Brian Alexander -The Show Goes On (2011)

01-Meeting With The Ceo (Pimp) (Intro)
02-Dance The Night Away (Feat.Redknowz)
03-Sugar Sweet Love (Feat.Kingstun)
04-Test Drive (Feat.Swish-G)
05-I Won't Be Denied
06-Paradise (Feat.Mzbreezy)
07-R.I.P. Adrianand & Jesse (Interlude)
08-Rest In Peace (For Those Who Have Passed Away)
09-The Show Goes On (Feat.Chris Barnett)
10-Nympho (Feat.One-O)
11-Knockout Love
12-Your Swag (Feat.Bo Pessi & Mzbreezy)
13-Twilight Zone
14-Dance 4 Me (BonusTrack) (Feat.Annie)
15-Supafly (BonusTrack) (Feat.Cadence)
16-Anywhere (BonusTrack)
17-Moment In Time (Bonus Track)
18-I Wanna Sex You (Bonus Track) (Feat.Scott Dogg, Charm & Swish-G)

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