Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

Masters Of Funk-24K (Japan Release) (1998)

01-I Got Skillz (Feat.G-Money & Aaron G)
02-Make The Believe (Feat.Robbie Danzie)
03-My Ex GirlFriend (Feat.Aaron G & Doug Lex)
04-Blowing Up In THis World (Feat.Doug Lex)
05-Fallin' (Feat.Robbie Danzie)
06-Too Many Games (Feat.G-Money)
07-Droppin' Bombs (Feat.Mac 10)
08-Hopeless (Feat.Robbie Danzie)
09-She Keeps On Passing Me By (Feat.Aaron G)
10-All I Ever Wanted (Feat.Robbie Danzie)
11-The Sickness (Feat.Mac 10)
12-My Ex Girlfriend (Late Night Club Mix) (Bonus Track) (Feat.Aaron G & Doug Lex)
13-Make Me Believe (Drums&Bass UFO Mix) (Bonus Track)(Feat.Robbie Danzie)

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