Freitag, 7. November 2014

Painted Black-Painted Black (1998)

01-Intro (Lyrical Poetry) (Feat.Mad Myke)
02-Sexy (Hot Girl Remix) (Feat.Mad Myke)
03-Whenever You Call
04-After The Tears
05-So Ya Wanna Be A Playa (South Coast Remix)(Feat.Mad Myke)
06-That's The Way It's Goes (Feat.Mad Myke)
07-My Forbidden Love
08-I Like It (Let Me work It On Up)
09-Tell Me Why I Love U
10-Sexy (Radio Edit)
11-Are You Down (Soundtrack From The Upcoming Movie-Are You Down)
12-Something -N- The Way
13-Why Can't You Stay Home

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