Mittwoch, 24. Dezember 2014

Various-Rare Slow Jams At Christmas Vol.1 (2014)


01-Your Day (Feat.3RB (3 Real Brothers)
02-Lovin Me (Feat.ATR (After The Rain)
03-Tonight I'm Lonely (Feat.Black Vibe)
04-Do You Like It (Feat.C.C)
05-It's Gotta Be Real (Feat.Cedric D'vine)
06-Can't Get Enough (Feat.Christopher Denson)
07-This Time (Feat.Forbidden & Viv)
08-Is Your Love For Real (Feat.Geno)
09-Heaven`s Bond (Feat.H20 Phlo)
10-You're Mine (Feat.Karla)
11-What Would You Do (Feat.Kevin Strickland Aka Krook)
12-My Cry (Feat.Laflow)

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