Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

7669-7669 East From A Bad Block (1993)


01-Heree Ah Cumm
02-The Session (Interlude)
03-69 Ways To Love A (Black) Man
04-Ma, I Luv Him (Interlude)
06-Shoot The M.F. In His Kneecap (Interlude)
08-Conversation Fo Yo Ass (Interlude)
09-R.M.A (Will U Remember Me)
10-Crossover Message (Interlude)
11-The Last Song
12-Who Dez Bytches anyway (Interlude)
13-So High
14-Tic Away
15-By Your Side
16-The Cabaret (Interlude)
17-Cloud 69
18-1-800-Dial F... (Interlude)
19-King Size Bed
20-Shmoken' Em Up Y'All (Interlude)
21-Phillies, 40's & 69

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