Montag, 23. März 2015

Kindred The Family Soul-In This Life Together (2005)


01-It's Kindred
02-Thru Love
03-Turn It Up (Feat.Archie Eversoul)
04-Do You Remember
05-Where Would I Be (The Question)
06-Woman First
07-Let It All Go
08-Sneak A Freak
09-Message To Marvin
09-Message To Marvin (Feat.The Last Donna)
10-The Quote (Interlude)
11-As Of Yet
12-Aja's Mom (Interlude)
13-Struggle No More (Feat.India Arie)
14-Who's Gonna Comfort You (Definition)
15-My Time
16-In This Life Together
17-Husband My Daddy
18-Bed Time Story

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