Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2015

Jeff"Fuzzy"Young (Of Something For The People)-My Love Is The Shh (2002)

01-Femininity (Remix)
02-My Love Is The Shh!!! (Feat.Trina & Tamara)
03-Last Call (Feat.Xzibit & The Tash)
04-Soon Or Later (Feat.Jae)
05-K.I.S. (Keep It Sexy)
06-Talkin In Yo Sleep
07-Take It Off (Feat.Luke)
08-Al I Do (Remix)(Feat.Phife)
10-F'n Around
11-Forever Ain't Long Enuff
12-My Love Is The Shh!!! (Remix)(Feat.Daz Dpg)

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