Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2015

Park Place-Bed Ballads (The Songs Of Paul Tillman Smith) (2013)


01-Heavenly (Feat.Martin Luther)
02-Higher Power (Feat.Tootie Williams)
03-Sharing (Feat.Freddie Hughes)
04-Miracles (Feat.Donnie & Tootie Williams)
05-As You Are (Feat.Phyllis Hyman & Pharoah Sanders)
06-Always Be (Feat.Donnie Williams)
07-Blackberry Kisses (Feat.Avis Nixon)
08-Given You Everything (Feat.Marvin Williams)
09-Beautiful Heart (Feat.Donnie Williams)
10-What Is Love (Feat.Tootie Williams)
11-Invisible Man (Feat.Lenny Wiliams)
12-Listen (Feat.Michael Cheadle)
13-Fire Burning (Feat.Marvin Williams)
14-Show Me (Feat.Chris Fields)
15-The Power (Feat.Vincent Lars)

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