Samstag, 27. Februar 2016

Urban Theory-The Essential Stonegroove RnB Soundtrack (2001)

01-Gotta Get Her (Feat.Derrick Dixon)
02-Everybody On The Dancefloor (Feat.Smooth Approach)
03-Nuttin' Butta Party (Feat.Anthony Anderson)
04-If You Were My (Feat.E-Love)
05-The Dream (Feat.Jarrard Anthony)
06-Over N' Over (Feat.D'Minor)
07-My Kind Of Guy (Feat.Arika Kimble)
08-Reminisce (Feat.Derrick Dixon)
09-I Should Have Told Ya (Feat.Anthony Anderson)
10-Can't Let You (Feat.D'Minor)
11-Candy (Feat.Jarrard Anthony)
12-Risking It All (Feat.Derrick Dixon)
13-All I Do (Feat.D'Minor)
14-So D-Vine (Feat.Jarrard Anthony)
15-No No No (Feat.Arika Kimble)
16-Can't Get Along (Feat.Loreta Prince & E-Love)

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