Samstag, 15. Oktober 2016

Woody Rock-Soul Music (2002)

01-My Homey (Feat.Dru Hill)
02-No Matter What (Feat.Case)
03-The Question Is(Feat.Men Of Standard)
04-Everybody (Feat.Gospel Gangstaz)
05-Good To Be Alive(Feat.Mary Mary)
07-I Won't Complain (Mommy Tribute)
08-Believer (Feat.BBJ)
09-A Friend In Me
10-A New Thing (Feat.Natalie Wilson & The S.O.P. Chorale)
11-How Can I Desert You (Feat.Ruff Endz & Ruscola)
12-Clap Your Hands (Feat.Dj Tony Boston)
13-Yes, Lord (Interlude)

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