Samstag, 19. November 2016

Soundtrack-Oakland Soul (1997)

01-Gotta Get My Drank On (Feat.Rik.G)
02-Tossin 'N' Turnin (Feat.Dwayne Wiggins)
03-Holla At Me (Feat.Digital Underground)
04-Sendin You A Signal (Feat.Saafir The Saucy Nomad)
05-Slow Hittin (Feat.KZO)
06-Pow Wow Chowie (Feat.Mad Man)
07-On Th (SL) Under (Feat.Rik.G)
08-Don't Disturb This Groove (Feat.Money.B & Duece)
09-Hide 'N' Go Get It (Feat.Blu & E-40)
10-Always (Feat.Force One Network)
11-Representin (Feat.MC Renegade)
12-What's Your Sign (Feat.JoJo & Dwayne Wiggins)
13-Fuck The World (Feat.Mad Man)
14-Mackin Thang (Feat.MC Renegade)
15-Dead Or Alive (Feat.S.E.V.E.N.)
16-It's All Good (Feat.Big Brutha Soul)
17-Raise Up Off These (N.U.T.S.) (Feat.Tupac Shakur,Akil & Ashley)

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