Samstag, 8. April 2017

T.Green-Organized Kaos Hour 2 (1995)

01-Love Forever (Feat.Robert Lowe)
02-Which Every Way You Want It (Feat.Erick)
03-Tell Me What Went Wrong (Feat.Five Special)
04-Hey Lady (Feat.D.D.Fresh Rhyme)
05-Pick Up The Phone (Feat.Möet)
06-Yo Kiss (Feat.Nylia)
07-Sex Zone (Feat.Robert Owens)
08-On My Own (Feat.Pinnacle)
09-My Love Is On The Rise (Feat.Nylia)
10-Can I Trust You (Feat.Pinnacle)
11-Try Love Again (Feat.The Dramatics)
12-Good Love (Feat.Chontelle)

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