Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2017

Gangsta Rhyme Posse-Gangsta Rhymin (1996)

01-Intro (Feat.D.O.P.E.)
02-Gangsta Rhymin' (Feat.Lyesha)
03-True Savage
04-Reel Shit (Feat.Luck Dogg & Velski)
06-Killaz Don't Talk (Feat.D.O.P.E. & Lucky Dog)
07-Livin In Da Point (Feat.KD Bow)
09-In It 4 Tha Money (Feat.Rico)
10-Skunk (Feat.Velski,Mac Shawn,Sugat T & Levitti)
11-On The Unda (Feat.Baby Lee)
12-You Really Want
13-Talkin' Bout You Hoes (Phuck A Bitch) ( Feat.D.O.P.E.)
15-Hate 2 See Me Mackin' (Feat.Happa & Rico)
16-Gang Related
18-Nothing But A G (Feat.Lyesha)
19-Grudge Wit The Cops
20-Skunk (Remix) (Feat.Velski,Mac Shawn,Sugat T & Levitti)
21-Outro (Message 4 You Hataz) (Feat.Jeffrow)

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