Montag, 30. Oktober 2017

Triple-C (Central Coast Clique)-Underground 805 For Life (2004)


02-Leva Die (Feat. Dominator,T Dre & Lil Rob)
03-I'll Kill You (Feat. Dominator,Mr.Shadow & Lil Rob)
04-Brand New Mission (Cali Life Style)
05-Straight Up Chingon (Feat.Brownhood)
06-Down For The 805 (Feat.Brownhood)
07-Get Down On It (Feat.T.Dre & S.D.)
08-Between The Streets (Cali Life Style)
09-Brown Pride
10-Fuckin With Tha Clique (Feat.Prophecy)
11-Fake Mother Fuckers
12-Take A Ride With The Triple C (Feat.Sara.S)
13-Are You Ready (Cali Life Style)
14-Do You Wanna Get High ((Remix)
15-Cental Coast Cali (Feat.T.Dre)
16-The Curb ((Remix) (Feat.Sara.S)
17-Ya Get Blown Away (Feat.Dominator & T.Dre)

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