Mittwoch, 8. November 2017

Death Row Records-Too Gangsta For Radio (2000)


02-Friends (Feat.2Pac)
03-Gangsta Rap (Crooked I Feat.Treach & Scarface)
04-I Ain't Fuckin' Wit Cha (Feat.C.J. Mac)
05-Everywhere We Go (Feat.Above The Law)
06-Fuck Hollywood (Feat.Tha Realest)
07-Murda For Life (Feat.Ja Rule)
08-In Too Deep (Feat.Ruff Ryders)
09-Fuck DRE (Feat.Tha Realest, Swoop G, Twista & Lil C Style)
10-Thug Nature (Feat.2Pac)
11-Death Rizzo (Feat.Crooked I)
12-Projects (Feat.Swoop G,Keita Rock & Juice)
13-Gangsta'd Out (Feat.K-9)
14-Give It Up For Compton (Feat.Dre'sta)
15-Real Type Gangsta (Feat.Mac Shawn)
16-The Coff (Feat.G.P.)
17-This Is The Thanks You Get (Feat.The Relativez & The Nuttz)
18-Too Gangsta (Feat.Dre'sta & Young Hoggs)

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