Donnerstag, 23. November 2017

Qyiet Cat Productions-Compilation (1999)

01-Welcome To Our World (Intro) (Feat.Q.C.P.)
02-Let Go (Feat.Willa Feat.Lil Sis)
03-Give It To Me (Feat.Alycia)
04-Are You Ready (Feat.Reggie)
05-So Cold (Feat.Kanije)
06-50-50 (Feat.Willa)
07-Tell Me What (Feat.Reggie)
08-Hush Thang (Feat.Willa)
09-Tell Me (Feat.Alycia & Lil Sis)
10-Girls Night Out (Feat.Willa)
11-The Qyiet Storm (Interlude) (Feat.Q.C.P.)
12-Girl Tonight (Feat.Reggie)
13-Should I Not (Feat.Alycia)
14-Tonight (Feat.C-Wright)
15-Thats All Right (Feat.Lil Sis & C-Wright)
16-Bounce To Dis (Feat.K-Dog,C-Wright & Lil Sis
17-I Heard What You Said (Interlude) (Feat.Q.C.P.)
18-Keep It Tight (Feat.C-Wright)
19-Somethin To Ride To Doggy Style (Feat.K-Dog)

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