Samstag, 10. März 2018

G-Funk Is Here To Stay Vol. 1 (2006)

01-Emotions (Feat.2 Of The Crew)
02-Love For The City Of Hub (Feat.Crimies)
03-Rollin Wit Dane (Feat.Dana Dane)
04-3 Wheel Motion (Feat.Ganksta-C)
05-Cali Iz Active (Feat.DPG)
06-Bounce And Turn (Feat.Lil Keke)
07-Boyfriend (Pimpin)(Feat.Suga Free)
08-About My Money (Feat.Psycho Gangsta)
09-Rag Top (Feat.Lil Fly)
10-Gangsta Luv (Feat.Big Prodeje)
11-If You Only Knew (Feat.Sean-T)
12-Can I Strike Through (Feat.Mac & Ak)
13-So Fly (Feat.Suga Free)
14-Countin Money (Feat.Big Mack)
15-Times At There Hardest (Feat.B.O.M.)
16-Punk Ass Niggaz (Feat.Cool Nutz)
17-Get Gone (Feat.Sean-T)
18-Soldiers Prayer (Feat.Swoop-G)

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