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AC The Promoter-AC The Promoter Presents (2005)


01-Intro (Feat.Baby Bash,Romero,Eso Brown,Young Sicc & Ese Grouch)
02-So Why Try ( Feat.Ese Grouch,Cap Nine,Big Dreamr)
03-Stackin Cheese (Feat.Romero & Ese Brown)
04-For My Gangstas (Feat.Ese Grouch)
05-Riding On Haters (Feat.Young Sicc & Ese Grouch)
06-Brown Game (Feat.Kasualdreamr & Shortie)
07-Southwest Outlaws (Feat.Fade Dogg)
08-Neva Stop (Feat.Layzie Bone,Lil Rob & The Raskal)
10-Lost Love (Radio Song) (Feat.Feat.Mistah-X & Ese Grouch)
11-Denver To Cali (Feat.Frog)
12-Ridaz And Playaz (Remix) (Feat.Ese Grouch,Mistah-X & Solo)
13-Second Chances (Feat.Lil Feind)
14-It's Me (Feat.Mizztery & Ese Grouch)
15-Pump Your Breaks (Feat.Dunn Deal)
16-Skandlous (Feat.Cuete Yeska & Eriq)
17-Work That Thang (Feat.Sykk 1)

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