Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2018

Big Tone-The Code Of Silence (2009)

02-The Code Of Silence (Feat.Feat.B.Dawg)
03-Part Of The Game (Feat.Davina)
04-Hustla (Feat.Messy Marv,The Jacka & Ricc)
05-Yoc Life Got Me Like This
06-Young Hoodstar
07-Supposed To Be (Feat.The Jacka,Lex & Priscilla Valentin)
08-It Ain't Over
09-Yoc Town Gangsta (Feat.Laced)
10-She's In Love (Feat.Mad Dog & Lil Raider)
12-A Hustla's Addiction (Feat.Davina & Lil Raider)
13-Cruzin (Feat.Laced & Davina)
14-Straight G'z
15-Go Get It (Feat.Lexx & Ricc)
16-R.I.P. Woodie (Bonus Track) (Feat.Lil Dee,B.Dawg,Davina,Lil Los,Megan,Shadow & A-Wax)

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