Dienstag, 17. Juli 2018

G-Funk Is Here To Stay Vol. 2 (2006)


01-Gangsta (Feat.Realite Gangsta)
02-Heart Of A Hustler (Feat.D.E.A.)
03-On The Grind (Feat.Bohn)
04-Roll (Feat.P.K.O.)
05-Let It Go (Feat.Mr.Ill)
06-Tru Player (Player Mix) (Feat.King George)
07-Conversation (Feat.Big Toine)
08-Driftin (Feat.Jewel-T)
09-Only God Knows (Feat.J-Flexx)
10-Freak Da Fonk (Feat.Fast-1)
11-Remember Me (Feat.One Gud Cide)
12-No Love (Feat.Potent.C)
13-Fo Sure (Feat.Lil Keke)
14-Rollin On The East Side (Feat.Royal.C)
15-Streets Deeper Than The Grave (Feat.O.T.R. Clique)
16-Fancy Thangz (Feat.Big Mello)
17-Family Reunion (Feat.11-11)

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