Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2019

Enois Scroggins-International-E (2010)


01-Hot Summer Days (Feat.Icy9)
02-No Tear No Cry (Feat.Mnmsta & J-Ro)
03-West Coast Thang (Feat.XL Middleton & Winfree)
04-Enois Is Like This (Feat.Boogie Kat & Slim Goodie)
05-Still Standin' (Feat.Yung.J)
06-Some Things Will Never Change (Feat.Sixx Digit & Laura Andis)
07-Dancefloor (Feat.Winfree & Lawane)
08-It's The Week End (Feat.Shade Sheist & Laura Andis)
09-Home (Feat.Elder Nelson)
10-Mother (Feat.Sic & Laura Andis)
11-Stay N' Parlay (Feat.Mnmsta & Dogg Master)
12-Back In The Days (Feat.Lil Dino)
13-Beauty Queen
14-Roll On The Good Side (Feat.Mr. Barker & Winfree)
15-The G In Me
16-That Talkbox Spits Fire (Feat.Funk Master Ozone & Beatz)
17-Enough Is Enough (Feat.Mr.Cas)
18-Deep Inside Of Us (Feat.Soopafly)
19-Stay N' Parlay (Feat.Boogie Kat & Winfree)
20-Real G'z (Feat.BG Knocc Out, Dresta & Kokane)

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